My New Neighbour

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Chapter 71

I looked past my right shoulder and frowned. No way. I did hear someone approaching. I’m hundred percent sure that someone has been following me since I left school. I turned back around and quickened my pace. I gulped hard and speedily walked while skipping once in a while to get away.

Why? Just why did I have to stay back at school to revise for my upcoming exams? Why? It’s so dark out here and that stupid Max did not even come to fetch me. He left me alone to fend for myself and who was making big big talks about protecting me. Protection, my foot. I mean, who even needs protection? I’m fine by myself, yeah right. See, I’m even wandering around in dark tunnels. I shuddered once I entered inside. Who knows what might be residing in the darkness?

It’s only the first semester, and who’s even gonna revise for this? His voice ringing clearly in my mind. I should have listened to Max. This exam is not even our final exams. I think I have taken it a little bit too seriously.

You think?

Shut up.

Why do I feel like it’s taking me an eternity to get home? I want to cry. Where are my parents when I need them? Oops! They are back at work and that too in Singapore this time. That’s when something clicked in my mind, yes! Liam. I can call Liam and ask him to come and get me.

I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and scrolled through my contacts when someone snatched my phone out of my hands. Thinking about thieves, I opened my mouth to yell out when someone else grabbed me from behind, closing one of their palms over my lips, cutting me off. However, I still screamed out in fright but my voice was muffled. I tried to struggle but the grip around my waist and arms was way too tight.

Talk about being the best foolish person who has ever walked the streets. That would be me at the moment. You might be asking why, well, I took a long breath. You might even ask, well, what’s so wrong about this? Everyone does it to live. It’s a natural thing. However, any person in their right state of mind would have known that you shouldn’t breathe in whenever a wet piece of cloth is being pressed up on your mouth and nose, so that’s why I should be given the best foolish person award, because I am. I did breathed in and that thing kicked in almost instantly. I could feel myself losing consciousness, everything starting to blur. Slowly, slowly, slowly. And, then bam, everything turned pitched black as if it wasn’t already dark inside this tunnel.

Max’s point of view;

I paced back and forth in my room while glancing back towards Shelly’s bedroom window. I sighed dejectedly again and again. Where is she? This has been like this for the past thirty minutes. I know that she’s safe, I mean she’s at school and there are also some students who had stayed back to study for the exams. At least, she’s not alone but I don’t know why I’m having this weird inner gut feeling right now. My insides were twisting and churning like crazy. Something just does not seem right. Why hasn’t she call me yet?

I froze when something crossed my mind, my heartbeat suddenly increasing. She wouldn’t have left school already, right? I don’t think she’s that foolish. Well, as much as I know Shelly, that’s how she is. She would not think twice before doing whatever her stupid mind would tell her.

Immediately, I removed my phone from it’s charger to call her but as soon as I did so, my phone began ringing. Thinking that it might be her, ordering me to come fetch her, I chuckled imagining her doing just that while swiping right on my phone screen, answering the call without even looking at the caller. That’s when I stopped breathing. It almost felt like someone dumped a bucket filled up with ice cold water on me, well, that’s how I felt.

I wished I had never answered this call because I heard a voice, one that I recognized almost too quickly, one that I can never forget. The voice that I never wanted to hear ever again since that horrible night. The night which just does not seem to have erased from my mind! Everything that had occurred on that night came flashing again and again in my mind and everything felt so livid, so real, that I flinched.

“Daddy’s back, son.", the person on the other side sneered, mockingly.

No, I thought. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and gulped hard.

I’m no longer the weak boy that I once was. I need to be strong for my mother and for my little sister. I can’t let this man control us ever again. I will face him, even if I have to die but as long as I take him along with me so that I will rest in peace after being able to give my family the life that they’ve always wanted, a life full of happiness, hope and solace. They won’t have to keep on living while looking behind their backs again and again, in fright that this man might come in their lives, causing trouble again.

I tightened my hold on my phone, my knuckles turning paper white in anger while removing the device from my ear but stopped when I heard him muttering something that I could have never imagined hearing from him.

“I would never do what you’re about to do if I was in your place, son. Wouldn’t you like to know where your little girlfriend is right now or you couldn’t care less about her -

“Shut the fuck up, you bastard.", I whispered icily through clenched teeth.

“Watch your tongue, you little brat. I’m your father.”, he yelled back in anger.

I chuckled darkly while rolling my eyes, “You’ve stopped being my father since that night and you are dead for me... for us.”, I raised my voice even more higher than his and then trailed off when a cruel memory of this man beating my mother like a dog, came crashing in my mind.

He began laughing darkly, his hysterics bringing a cold chill down my collar bone. I punched my study table in anger, causing a loud boom to echo in the empty house.

“Getting angry, aren’t we? Seems like you don’t wanna see your girl alive, huh? So, tell me, what should I do with her? Slice her pretty throat while watching her body giving out slowly or cut her corpse into tiny bits of pieces and deliver it at your door step? You know there’s another option and you know which one? Well, my men here, have been wanting to get a taste of this nicely piece of creature, so, which one do you prefer? Make sure you come alone and yeah, don’t you dare inform the police, well, I’ll let you decide. Your time starts now. Tick tock, tick tock...“, the line went blank before I could utter another word.

I sunk down to my knees before pressing the heels of my palms on my eyelids and slowly massaged them. No, I quickly stumbled and got up before clicking on the latest phone number resting above all of the previous phone calls in my phone logs that I had during the day.

I swallowed and waited, waited and waited. Bloody hell! No one was answering the call. I tried calling again, it rang once, twice, thrice... that’s when the call was received and without giving him the chance to speak, I began talking.

“You do anything to her, you’re dead. Are you listening to me -

“I knew you’ll call back. You know what, let’s do something. If you don’t come meet me at your racing tracks in one hour, I’ll do anything with your girl, anything. I -

“Don’t you dare touch her with your filthy hands, you -

“Uh-huh! Your time starts now.", he deadpanned and scoffed.

“You a - the line went blank... again.

I ran my left hand through my already messy hair in frustration and quickly punched in the phone numbers of the person who I knew will be very pleased to deal with my so-called father. Once I heard his groan on the other line, I uttered the only words that he’s been waiting to hear since the last few months.

"He’s here and I have the perfect plan.", I seethed out in between clenched teeth and after explaining everything that has happened just now to him, he snorted in response, that’s when I realized something, he still hates Shelly, believing that she’s my weakness. Well, I guess, he just proved me wrong when I had rebuked his words, Shelly did prove to be my weakness but I know, he’ll do his level best for me, even though it would bring a huge change in the plan that had already been calculated months ago.

“Are you ready?“, he snickered, like what he’s about to do is only a piece of cake for him and well, I guess, it is, in his case. I’m glad that he did not raise up the matter about Shelly again but I also know that he’s too focused on his revenge right now to ponder over such a petty matter. However, I definitely know that I would never hear the end of this later on for the rest of my life because that’s how he is. Such a sexist.

“Never been this ready in my life before. Let’s do this.", I whispered in response with only one thing in my mind, Shelly.

I tried to compose myself. I could not stop thinking about whatever negative things that may be happening to her right now. Please, please be safe, Shelly. I shook those negative thoughts out of my mind and closed my eyes. Whoever dare touches you, babe, I swear I would not hesitate to kill him with my bare hands, police around or not...

I’m coming for you, love.

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