The Best Friend’s Contract

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Chapter 12


”You really need to work on your vows,” Dimitri says as he takes a seat, cringing at the papers in Aidan’s hand—leaving me chuckling.

Aidan and I are currently working on our vows for our wedding, tomorrow. Believe me, other engaged couples would probably work on these kind of things a little bit earlier than we do but there’s not much of a choice. In fact, getting married was also not a choice for him.

”Come on, they’re not that bad.” He replies, rereading them.

A couple of hours have passed ever since we started but we haven’t came across any less cheesy vows to be said. Most of the vows that are shown online, states how much love and how marriages are an everlasting thing but for some reason, saying that in front of everyone there including our families will be such a lie. A huge one.

Dimitri just arrived an hour ago and has started to condemn everything especially on Aidan’s vows. It annoys him more than it should but he’s doing a great job not throwing those crumpled papers onto his face—which is an improvement on his anger management issues.

”Try reading them out loud,” Dimitri takes the paper away, ”Kenna, would you please do the honour and listen to the vow that your future husband was going to say to you tomorrow but luckily … your second-best-friend came to help and save the day,” He smiles.

”Fine, give it a go.” Aidan sighs, deeply.

Dimitri clears his throat as he starts to read, ”You know me better than anyone else in the world and somehow you still manage to love me. You are my best friend and one true love. There is still a part of me today that can’t believe that I’m the one who gets to marry you,” He continues to look at me, waiting for my respond as I furrow my brows.

”Wait, that’s it?” I raise an eyebrow, expecting something more than just simple words to come out of his mouth.

”That was it and that was from the internet,” Dimitri replies, causing Aidan to lean back on his seat as he takes another sip of his water. ”I mean, it was from the internet—you could’ve at least put a little bit more effort. Try looking for something more … appealing than just stating the obvious words we all know about your relationship,” He scoffs.

”I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say!” Aidan points at his laptop, vows and vows listed by other married couples.

”Maybe, something cheeky or funny. You don’t need to suffocate people with endless love or words that are worthy of puking. Relate to yourselves … best friends for like what, twenty years and still can’t crack a joke? That’s lame,” He shakes his head before putting the paper down on the table, remaining to look at Aidan.

The two men begin to have a glaring challenge of their own. It’s something they do whenever one of them feel a slight displeased and it’s not something I’ve never seen before, after spending years together. They’re men and men are sometimes, quite predictable.

”Want to hear mine?” I offer, causing both of them to turn and look at me.

”Go ahead because I’m sure yours will be much lovelier,” Dimitri replies with a smirk on his face after glancing towards Aidan’s direction.

Within seconds, Aidan has already crumple a piece of paper before throwing it directly onto Dimitri’s face—leaving him trying to protect his face from the impact yet it was too late. Then again, these two has never failed me by their childish acts. At times, I would also join them.

There’s just something about Dimitri that would liven up the spirit that once died as puberty hits us. He has this … passion or maybe, it’s just his sense of humour that would bring out an undeniably childish attitude within ourselves. It’s like he has a second soul because truth be told, he’s good in a lot of things.

Women is one of them.

A soft chuckle escapes my lips as I look down at my well-written vows before choosing one to read, ”It is clear to me now that everything in my life has led me to you,” I look up at Aidan who has both of his eyes focusing onto me, ”I think back on all my choices and consider even the bad ones blessed, because if I had done even one thing differently, I might never have met you and become your wife,”

His eyes are somehow piercing into my soul, leaving me think of how his gaze would affect someone’s peace of mind. Yet, there’s just something about those brown eyes, something very unlikely to figure out without an explanation, itself.

”On this day, I’d like to admit how wrong I have always been. Love is not blind, in fact love sees all. I love all of you—your faults and flaws cast a beautiful light—like the flaws of a precious jewel. You are my best friend, my joker and I love you for all time.” My lips curve up into a smile as I drop the paper down onto my lap, surprised to see both of their reactions.

”Don’t you think you should save that for a more genuine occasion?” Dimitri asks.

Both of us laugh, ”It’s okay because I can always find more. Thanks to the internet,” I reply before looking up at Aidan—seeing him blinking a few times as he looks away from me.

”I need to take this call,” Aidan says as he starts to pick up the call before making his way towards the balcony, closing the sliding doors behind him.

My eyes remain focusing onto his back and broad shoulders, seeing him running his fingers through his brown, thick hair carelessly. Even standing there with a tight maroon shirt and grey sweatpants, he seems to look just as attractive as when he’s standing in a suit and tie.

There’s just something when it comes to Aidan … I’ve not yet experienced it.

”Are you excited?” Dimitri asks, making me turn to look at him; seeing that he’s currently turning one of the papers into an art of origami—something I can never do even if I try to stay focus when learning, he has taught me quite, frankly a lot but I always seem to fail.

He has successfully made a swan.

”For what?” I ask, back.

His eyes meet mine, ”Tomorrow. Do you feel anything about it? Maybe, because it’s going to change your life … for a year and it’s quite a big step. You know, you’re going to have to know how to act or what to say in front of his folks to keep your cover, don’t want to blow it.” He adds.

”Honestly, I’m scared. Not because of the wedding or being married but because of lying to their faces. Getting married and kissing in front of their eyes, it’s like I’m betraying them and not just my family but also his,” I mutter as I glance down at the papers again, ”Even though we are getting married for a year but it’s not something that people forget,” I say.

”You’re having second thoughts,” He replies.

No doubt, I am. It’s not that I don’t want to help my best friend in his ’life-crisis’ but there’s just something when it comes to lying. Something hurtful to happen in the future that can ruin everything, especially a good and healthy family relationship.

”Well, Dimitri … I’m not you,” I continue to speak. ”You’re the kind of person that takes a lot of chances when you get one while I hesitate and doubt myself for making wrong choices. I know that I won’t back out on this because I want to help him but what if things go wrong and take a huge turn? What if I’m not capable of handling that?”

”You’re wrong, Kenna. You are simply sitting here and thinking about the future. It’s not wrong to do that but it’s not confirmed to happen—how can you expect the worst?” He frowns.

”I’m just being cautious when it comes to my life. Look at you, you took the chances and you were happy but you got hurt in the end. Yet, you’re still putting yourself out there to look for more capable chances of falling in love with someone. I can’t be you and I can’t expect the best to happen,” I reply, causing him to sit back and watch my sudden outburst.

”I loved Chloe. She was everything to me,” He replies, slowly and almost inaudible. ”No matter what she did to me and no matter how badly she hurt me, I will never stop living the life I once lived. She’s not going to be something that comes in between myself,” He adds.

Chloe, the woman he has ever loved more than himself. Everything about them screamed total perfection and I’d be lying if I say I didn’t envy them when they were still together because they were simply, in love. Simple as that.

Their love was strong, it was enough to convince him and let his guard down but to only receive and ultimate pain at the end. Maybe, he’s just stronger than me, emotionally because he is where he should be—with his son, living happily together.

”I didn’t make a wrong choice by marrying her but instead I made a right one because if I didn’t confess my love to her or ended up being her husband, I wouldn’t know how hard it is to find true love. The kind of love that would accept you for who you are, through thick and thin and not just through the happiness that we once had. So, Kenna … you’re wrong, I don’t regret taking chances in my life,” He says, silencing me.

He’s right. I am wrong.

”I’m sorry,” I mutter under my breath before drinking my water.

”Don’t sweat about it. I know how women are,” He replies with a slight smirk which causes me to chuckle, liking how he would always know how to cheer up the moment.

Aidan walks back with a sigh escaping his lips as he takes a seat, putting his phone on the table before cracking his knuckles—leaving both Dimitri and I to stare at him. We both know that he’s seriously tense about work and he’s never at ease whenever he takes a day off or more. He would even work from home because it pleases him to at least, work.

”I think my mother is going to be the cause of my death,” He says which causes Dimitri to scoff before bursting into laughters.

”Not a surprise,” Dimitri replies.

”I thought you were getting a call from work?” I ask.

”I was and she called me afterwards,” Aidan continues to speak. ”Started to remind me about tomorrow, my tux and all the stuff I don’t want to repeat. She even asked me to list the important things—I forgot one and she asked me to start again from the top,” He adds.

Dimitri laughs, ”Believe me, man. She’s secretly a devil.”

”She just wants everything to turn out perfect. That’s all,” Aidan runs his fingers through his hair, again. This time, a bit more rough than previously as he sighs, deeply.

My eyes wander to Dimitri who seems to think of something, cheeky. With both of his eyes are focusing onto Aidan as his lips curve up into a sly smirk, ”At times like this … there’s only one solution. You won’t like it, Kenna but there’s only one. One small solution,” He says.

”Why won’t I like it?” I ask, confusingly.

Aidan and Dimitri begin to stare at one another as they both chuckle, exchanging smirks and glances before clearing their throats. ”But, I can’t. An agreement is an agreement and I’m a man of my word,” He replies, meeting my eyes.

Sucks to be you,” Dimitri rolls his eyes, ”Honestly speaking, we would be hanging around or even in bed with someone instead of sitting here and talking about your wedding vows. I’m not trying to be a satan but I really do miss my hunt buddy,” He refers to Aidan, no doubt.

The word ‘hunt’ doesn’t seem to ease me, either. These two are men and when I say, men, they’re filled with unfilled lusts and somehow an obsession towards other women. No matter how much I try to deny the fact that Aidan and Dimitri are always out hanging around with different women every other night, but that’s just how they are.

Were, for Aidan but Dimitri, he’s passionate with women. I’ve heard and seen him trying to flirt with them and he has never once failed to utter romantic words out of his mouth or even try to run his hands on their skin, letting his warmth mix with theirs.

Casanova, womaniser, playboy, you name it. Dimitri is a mix of them all. Truth be told, Aidan is, too. Really have no clue on how he got away with different women all the time and trying to figure out a whole lot of excuses but he’s just good at it. He gets what he wants.

Whenever things get a little rough with the one night stands, he’d turn to me for help. He would ask me to pretend to be his girlfriend or even his sister who seems to have caught up with his nightly activities. If I have to pretend to be his girlfriend, I’d have to be the crazy one by being very possessive with slight mental issues.

They always seem to work.

No matter how many times, he’d get slap in the face or spilled drinks over, he still manages to scoop different one night stands for every occasion which is pretty impressive. Not everyone knows how to win a woman’s heart by gazing or words but he’s good at it, very good.

Probably the main percent of his success would be from his appearances. More clearly speaking, his face. The beauty he holds, the way he talks or walks, he seems to be attracting women very often by that. At times, they tend to throw themselves at him and he’d be glad to please them in bed … without a doubt.

Then again, they’re sometimes just two childish men who craves for attention or even some fun activities other than being in bed with someone, doing the freaky.

I’m the only woman they show off their childish side in which I’d recall myself as one hell of a lucky young woman—luckier than the women who has been in their beds.

”Coming from you two, it’s not really a surprise. Of course, the only solution to solve your problem is to sleep with someone other than watching a movie or hang out with friends like other normal people but I definitely understand,” I start to speak, ”Except for you, Aidan.”

Slamming my hands onto the table before standing up and leaning forward towards him, causes his eyes to widen as he looks up at me, leaving Dimitri eyeing us with a smirk. ”You will follow the conditions I’ve given you or else. No matter how badly or how much you want to have sex with someone … you’re going to have endure it. If I ever find out that you are betraying me behind my back, you’re going down. This engagement ring—will be shoved in your eyes,” I reply with a smile on my face, slowly leaning back.

Oh, cold showers would always work.” I add.

Dimitri smiles, ”You’re going to have a lot of cold showers.”

”This is actually a very good idea, Kenna. We’d be able to test his patience and his ability to stay focus in life when one of his ’routine’ is out for a year,” He laughs, enjoying the suffering of his best friend as he shakes my hand, agreeing. ”Well, good luck with that, buddy.” He adds.

Dimitri and I turn to look at Aidan who seems slightly annoyed by our gestures before letting out another deep sigh, leaving us chuckling to one another.

”Let the games begin, then.” He challenges, crossing his arms.

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