The Best Friend’s Contract

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Chapter 14


”We can do this. How hard can it be?” Kenna says as she takes another sip of her wine before closing the door behind us with her foot, leaving us all by ourselves in a suite. ”We’re both adults in this situation. We’re not kids anymore,” She continues to speak.

”Exactly. I’m not doubting us in any way possible,” I reply. My eyes wander around to look at her as she chuckles, showing off her perfectly straight teeth; knowing Kenna, the only way she would act like this is when she’s drunk. She’s never good in handling alcohol and that’s maybe because she doesn’t drink much in her past years.

She giggles which causes both of my eyebrows to furrow. Kenna would never giggle because she’s just not that type. To my surprise, she starts to wrap her arms around my neck before pulling me closer as she leans her head back into laughters, ”I mean … come on, Aidan. It’s not like we haven’t done this before—we’ve been with different people. You’ve been with a lot of different people and you’re very experienced,” She runs her index finger across my cheek.

”Why, thank you, Kenna. Women do tend to compliment my skills,” My lips curve up into a smile as we start to walk towards the middle of the suite. ”I’m surprised to see you admit how experienced I am when it comes to things like this,” I add, slowly.

With both of her blue eyes looking deeply into mine, ”Don’t bring up other women in front of me. Starting from now … I’ll be one to judge,” She smirks, cutely.

Most of the time, drunk women are very unpleasing to my sight but for some reason, Kenna’s drunk state appears much more pleasing. The way her eyes glint with calmness as she shows her true self, it’s something I don’t mind seeing every day because she’s much more at ease and stress-free than she has always been.

”Why is that?” My voice came out more like a whisper.

She glances down at my lips as she cups my face, causing myself to place both of my hands on her waist. ”Do you see this ring on my finger? Till death do us part, baby.” The words slip out of her mouth which causes both of us to laugh, uncontrollably as we let go of each other.

Her laughter seem to fill the silent room as she leans her head back and slowly letting herself drop onto the ground, running her fingers through her loosely curled hair. My body has somehow reduced the amount of stress from the sudden outburst of laughters, letting ourselves lay lose.

”We’re terrible at role-playing. Oh my god,” She continues to laugh as she places a hand on her cheek, feeling warmth radiating.

That’s another fact about Kenna, whenever she’s drunk or has too much to laugh about, her cheeks would warm up. She’ll start to feel warmth radiating from her cheeks and they start to turn slightly red—it’s one of the things that she hates about herself but I’m very fond of it. She thinks of it as … a flaw when I think of it as adorable.

”It’s now or never. We have to do it,” I say and she looks up at me, our eyes are staring deeply into one another. Just like that, I’m already slowly making my way towards her without breaking our gaze and as soon as I’m close enough, I let our faces remain inches apart.

”I’m asking you again … do you want this?” I ask, my eyes glancing down at her lips as they pucker to the front before curving up into a smile. ”Do you really want this? There’s no turning back from what we’re going to do,” I add, leaning closer and closer near her neck.

She purposely brush her nose against mine, ”What’s the point of waiting, anyway? Sooner or later, it’s going to happen. It might as well happen now,” She whispers, pulling onto my tie.

”Rock, paper, scissors!” We say in unison and our eyes widen at the result before looking down at our hands. The result shows it clear … the winner is me. Kenna was defeated by a pair of scissors as she was a piece of paper which causes her to groan and running towards the bed in which I quickly catch up, not wanting her to reach it before me.

”No!” She exclaims as she bumps onto the nearest sofa which causes her to groan in pain while I make my run straight towards the bed, jumping up and letting my body fall before letting out a breath of relief.

”Victory is mine!” I grin, watching her making her way towards me as she continues to pant. She has her left hand on her waist while the other starts to rub onto her thigh which had received the impact from bumping onto the sofa. ”You can sleep on the couch,” I pretend to flip my hair which causes her to roll her eyes, in annoyance.

”Are you seriously making me sleep on the couch? Aidan, it’s too hard.” She leans her body forward towards the bed as she pouts, trying to make me feel a slight sympathy for her but I just feel the sweet success of claiming the bed as mine.

You see, what exactly happened is that, we made a deal. Whoever wins a round of rock, paper, scissors would get to sleep on the bed while the loser has to sleep on the floor or on the couch. Believe it or not, she was the one who suggested the game because she said it’d be a lot more fair if we do it that way. Now, she’s trying to make me let her take the bed.

The grin never fades away from my face as I lay back on the soft mattress, letting myself let out a deep sigh. My arms spread wide—pretending to make a snow angel while Kenna stands with envy in her eyes, staring at me.

”Don’t blame me. You suggested the game,” I sit up straight, crossing my legs. Then, both of my eyes are following her as she circles the bed with her lips pouted. ”To be fair, you have to sleep on the couch. You can’t just persuade me to let us exchange places,” I frown.

”But, I’m your wife.” She pouts again, trying to grab my hand but I’ve already pulled away which causes her to groan. ”We’re equals. Besides, you’re a gentleman and a gentleman should never let a woman sleep on the couch … it’s very uncomfortable. What if my back hurts?” Her eyes are going wide, trying to make those puppy eyes in order to make me give in.

Letting out a deep sigh, ”I vowed to help you in your dreams and desires. Not to consider whether I should let you take the bed or not,” I reply.

”But … my dream is to sleep on the bed. My desire is to sleep on the bed,” Her lips curve up into a smile before poking onto my arm, making me flinch as she continues to do for a few more times, ”Fine. I’ll just take the couch,” She breathes out, her head low as she walks.

My eyes remain onto her body as she takes slow steps towards the sofa, giving me time to actually reconsider. She glances at my direction for a few seconds before playing with the tips of her fingers, trying to make herself seem utterly cute … undeniably is currently working.

”Okay,” I mutter under my breath but loud enough for her to hear which causes her to turn and look at me with hope in her eyes, letting me sigh. ”You can take the bed and I’ll just take the couch … how does that sound?” I ask, pulling my body away from the bed and slowly making my way towards the couch as I see her immediately jumping in joy onto the bed, holding tightly onto one of the pillows.

”You’re making me happiest woman, alive!” She chuckles.

Yeah, I’m sure your mother would be very happy, too.

”I’m going to take a shower,” I say without turning to look at her before slowly untying my tie and placing it onto the nearest coffee table. Then, I unbutton my shirt, leaving my body bare and clearly seen by Kenna but it’s not like she hasn’t seen me shirtless before. As soon as I turn, I see her quickly looking away, holding her hand up to cover her sight which causes me to let out a breathy chuckle.

The warm water has never failed to ease me or calm me down. There’s just something about the temperature that would cause my body to relax and prepare myself for a deep sleep. After cleansing my face and scrub off all the dirt on my body from sweating, I dry my hair and body with the towel before changing into a long-sleeved shirt and sweatpants.

With the towel in my hand, I step out of the bathroom to find Kenna removing her makeup before glancing towards my direction. ”Go and take a shower,” I say.

Within seconds, I already hear the water running as I take a couple of pillows before placing them on the sofa with a blanket which is too small for my body. Then, I lay my body on the sofa to try and make myself comfortable but failing, miserably. Well, I wouldn’t complain sleeping on the couch but right now … I’m much more uncomfortable than I can explain.

One hand above my head and the other on my stomach, I begin to close my eyes after glancing at the wrist watch—noticing it’s nearly one in the morning. When the guests were leaving, both of our families took a couple of hours to drink but then, we were too tired to continue. Especially Ava, she was exhausted from all the excitement.

Kenna must’ve changed into her pyjamas as I hear her slowly getting into bed but both of my eyes remain closed, not bothered to open them. From the sound, I can hear her typing on her phone; she’s never really the one to turn off the keyboard clicks, even though I’ve done it a lot for her, she would just turn it back on.

Minutes have passed but I can’t seem to fall asleep.

”Aidan?” I hear her calling out for me, making me open my eyes and try to adjust my sight in the dark before turning to look at her. Both of her eyes are looking directly at me, ”Were you already asleep?” She asks, her voice low.

”No,” I respond. ”What’s wrong?”

She starts to clear her throat as she pats onto the empty side beside her, ”There’s a lot of space up here for a single person. Do you … want to sleep on the bed with me?” She asks, her eyes wandering away while I try my best to hide the smirk from appearing on my face.

”Why? Couldn’t stay away from me, already?” My questions came out as a tease as she rolls her eyes, letting me smile—knowing she would always do that when she tries to cover her own embarrassment or anything in particular.

”Well, I was just offering. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’ll just count to three and then the offer’s up,” She leans her head back onto the pillow as I sit up straight, holding tightly onto the two pillows. ”One, two … ” She continues to count.

Just as she’s about to finish counting, I have already climbed onto the bed with her. My body is inches apart from her as her lips curve up into a smirk, not expecting me to accept the offer as if it was a life and death situation. ”Just so you know, I deserve it.” I mutter.

Kenna doesn’t say a word but I can already imagine her trying to hold back a smile as she clears her throat, leaving me glance towards her direction and see both of her eyes are closed. Within seconds, I am already adjusting my body to a comfortable position with a pillow in between us—not wanting to make her uncomfortable by my presence.

I’ve been in bed with women before and nothing as being nervous has ever happened to me but right now, I can’t help but think of the presence beside me. I can’t stop thinking of her breathing and the sound of her heart beating if I pay further attention or lay closer but I manage to hold myself back by turning my body to the side.

It doesn’t take me long to finally fall asleep.

All of a sudden, I feel someone pushing onto me which causes me to open my droopy eyes, looking in the dark. My eyebrows furrow in confusion but the figure beside me won’t even stop pushing me—letting me turn around, seeing Kenna having most of the bed to herself.

”Kenna, stop pushing me. You’re going to make me fall,” I mutter, sleepily. My eyes are slowly closing back after pushing her back, letting myself take back my own space.

Just as I’m about to fall asleep again, she starts to push me, further. With a groan, I start to sit up straight and remove her leg which was wrapped around my waist. ”Kenna, you’re taking the whole space. Just move a little,” I say, earning a groan from her as a respond.

”Go back to sleep,” She mumbles in her sleep.

”How can I when you’re taking the whole bed? I was on the edge,” I reply before pushing onto her body and letting her face the other side before laying down again. As soon as I find the comfort to sleep, she has already wrapped her arm around my body and her leg around my waist which leaves me to open my eyes, ”Are you serious?” I try to loosen her grip.

”Kenna, you’re choking me!” I say a little bit louder and she starts to open her eyes, looking directly at me before realising that she has been pulling me in a tight grip.

”Why were you hugging me?” She groans, pushing me slightly.

”For fuck’s sake, you were the one hugging me. No, you were trying to kill me—do you even know how tight you were gripping onto me? God damn it, we haven’t been married for twenty-four hours yet and you’re already trying to kill me.” I mutter before pulling onto the covers.

After not receiving any respond from her, I begin to turn my body to the left in order to face her and see that she has fallen asleep but seconds before I can turn around, she has already grabbed onto my hand; pulling it closer towards her chest, not showing any signs of letting go.

”Kenna, you need to let go of my hand.” I say but she continues to remain asleep, causing me to sigh deeply before poking onto her forehead. Without me realising, I’m slowly falling back to sleep—completely forgetting having our fingers entwined.

Everything seems to past surprisingly fast. Dreams are cut short and my body is somehow restless. Maybe, it’s because I’m not much of a heavy sleeper like Kenna and she just keeps on pushing me or even pulling me close towards her. It’s quite a surprise, really … I never really notice her sudden ways of sleeping like this when I fell asleep with her on the sofa in her apartment but now, she’s like a different person.

Slowly opening my eyes, I start to take a few deep breaths before turning to look at Kenna; seeing her sleeping soundly beside me. My eyes wander down to her face and suddenly realise, a slight drool near her lips which makes me lose interest in staring at her much longer.

”Wake up,” I pat onto her butt, causing her to open her eyes.

”What time is it?” She asks, her voice deep and a little bit husky.

Luckily for her, she had a good night’s sleep while mine was terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I would prefer some cuddling once in awhile but what she did to me was not cuddling. She was choking me until I was at a point, I can barely breathe.

”Time to wipe off that drool and take a shower,” I reply, stretching my arms as soon as I’m off the bed before glancing at her direction, again; seeing her wiping away the drool from her lips as she drops her head back onto the bed—groaning.

”You know what … I can’t believe I’m saying this but I had an awful night. You were a terrible person in bed and I should’ve let you sleep on the couch instead of on the bed. Maybe, it would be better if I didn’t accept your offer to sleep on the bed with you.” I start to speak which causes her to furrow her eyebrows, trying to pick up the pieces.

”So … it was a bad wedding night?” She raises an eyebrow, her eyes squinting.

”Terrible. Horrible,” I think back of what happened last night as I shiver, causing her to curve her lips into a smirk; completely enjoying my suffering as I walk towards the bathroom.

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