The Best Friend’s Contract

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Chapter 16


”You’ve got to admit, that was funny.” Dimitri says as soon as I enter the apartment, rolling my eyes but slowly curving my lips up into a smile. ”He was turning all red if you didn’t show up,” He adds before leaning his head back into laughters.

Remembering back of the way Noah started to get frustrated just by Dimitri’s respond was quite funny, it’d be a lie to say that I wasn’t slightly enjoying it because that was indeed worth it. No matter how hard he tried to convince him about seeing me, Dimitri kept on leading him on and trying to fool him into thinking there’s no one named Kenna who lives here.

”When you come to think about it … yeah,” I reply with soft chuckles escaping my lips as I make my way towards him, both still laughing.

Just as we continue to burst into laughters, Aidan appear from the kitchen with a frown plastered on his face; not quite understanding why both of us are red by trying to control ourselves from rolling on the floor. Then again, Dimitri and I are always the type to roll on the floor and slap each other’s arms when we laugh.

”What’s so funny?” Aidan asks, raising an eyebrow.

Dimitri’s eyes are tearing up, ”You should’ve seen the look on his face when I was convincing him that Kenna didn’t live here. It was hilarious!” He says before running his fingers through his thick dark hair as he clutch onto his stomach with his other hand.

”Who was he?” He asks, again as he takes a few steps closer towards us. Both of his brown eyes landed on me who is currently trying to stand up straight from the amount of laughters and the slight pain in the stomach—leaving me breathe heavily.

Bro, it was the ex-boyfriend. Alert, crazy stalker.” Dimitri winks at Aidan, sending him a signal that I can barely comprehend.

”It was Noah and no, he was not being a crazy stalker. He came to congratulate and that’s it. Dimitri is just making things up,” I say with a smile on my smile, looking directly at Aidan who is still slightly confused but he nods, returning back the smile—making him head towards the back and take a few boxes before putting them near the front door.

”You can never trust the ex-boyfriend,” Dimitri smirks.

”Why is that?” I cross my arms as I raise an eyebrow, waiting for a respond.

Oh … you know,” He squints his eyes before looking at his nails, pretending to be blowing them. ”I’m just guessing that it’s one of his tactics to try and win you back. Congratulating you and apologising so that when you have an argument with your one-year-husband, you’ll be reminded of him and how nice he was,” He pouts, making those puppy eyes.

”That would be true if he was the one who broke up with me but it was actually the other way around,” I reply which causes his smirk to grow wider.

”Wow, you were a bitch. He did seem like a nice guy,” He frowns.

Just like that, I grab onto the nearest object beside me which is one of my cushion pillows before throwing it directly towards his direction. It landed onto his face and the impact causes his body to lean backwards, making him touch the side of his cheek immediately, finding a tiny cut.

The tiny cut seems almost invisible unless someone pays a closer look but the look on his face shows how much he’s surprised and left speechless. Both of his eyes widen at the stinging sensation on his cheek before grabbing onto the pillow and aiming it at me, landed straight onto the ground … nowhere near me.

”You’re going down!” He shouts before running towards me and with a groan, straggle me down onto the ground by hitting my body continuously with the same pillow.

”Why are you so heavy?!” I shout at him, trying to push his body off of me but he seems to be planting himself onto the ground without making any movements. ”Man, are you trying to kill me or something? You’re twice the weight of my car!” I add, frustratingly.

”Wait, Kenna. Do you smell that?” He mumbles near my ear as both of my arms fall down onto the ground before letting out a deep sigh. Even with a hard push or a kick, he might not want to move away—he’ll just keep on leaving the whole weight of his body on top of mine.

”Smell what?” I roll my eyes.

”A gentleman,” He says before lifting his face and wink at me which causes me to smack his head, leaving him quickly sitting up straight—rubbing onto the exact spot.

”A gentleman does not hit a woman,” I respond before whipping my hair and throw him the largest grin he has ever seen, immediately leaving him shiver at the sight before softly chuckling at my childishness. Truth to be told, if Brody ever sees us fighting like this, he might confuse us as kids.

My eyes wander around the room before landing on Aidan who is currently looking at both of us, ”I’d like to ask why were you two strangling each other but I know that the answer would be pointless because you two … are always fighting. I’ve never come to understand why,” He says as he messes with my hair like a puppy, leaving me groan.

”You don’t even know the whole story,” Dimitri starts to speak. ”There was this one time when Kenna and I were out for lunch. We started to argue about the damn menu … like, we were both literally—”

”—I didn’t ask.” Aidan cuts him off which leaves him picking up his jaw from the floor while I start to chuckle before seeing Aidan slowly standing up. Then, he is already walking out of the apartment with one of the boxes, placing them in the car’s trunk.

”He has never done that to me,” He mutters.

”Stay strong,” I say before slowly standing up and walking out of the apartment after picking up one of the boxes.

Aidan turns to look at me as he squints due to the sunlight. It has been awhile since I’ve seen him all dressed up in a plain shirt and jeans because we would always meet up during work hours—only seeing him in suits instead of casual clothes. The simplest he has been when we meet up during lunch or dinner would be in his button-up shirt and slacks.

His hair is also messily combed, with their natural curly ends. I still remember when his hair was the best one during high school—girls were head over heels over him just because of his hair. They said he can wake up five minutes before school and still look perfect without putting any effort, at all which is a confident boost for someone like him.

Within seconds, I’m already standing on my tiptoes before messing with his brown hair. No matter how much he hates it whenever I do that … I’d never stop. Just like I expected, the same reaction from him which is the same frown on his face.

My lips curve up into a smile, ”Smile a little. Turn that frown upside down,” I say before poking in between of his eyebrows, making him slap my hand away but starts to slowly smile which causes me to lean closer, nudging my elbows near his waist.

”We’re buying dinner on the way home,” He says, turning his body to fully face me.

”What are we having for dinner?” I ask, starting to think of some grilled chicken wings which causes my stomach to grumble but luckily, unheard. Then again, Aidan would prefer something more healthier such as baked salmon, fruit salad or even steamed chicken.

He chuckles, ”What would you like for dinner?”

”If you ask me … there’s a long list of what I want for dinner. Probably some chicken wings or if you’re generous, might as well the whole grilled chicken. Then, maybe a few slices of baked potatoes, fries dipped in cheese … oh my god,” Both of my hands are resting on my stomach as I imagine to be in food Heaven, eating different kind of food according to different cultures.

To my surprise, he starts to pinch my arm which causes me to flinch. He raises an eyebrow, ”Where did all the food go?” Then, he places a hand on my stomach before slowly moving to my waist—leaving me hold in my breath, not wanting him to feel the existent fat.

”It’s called food digestion?” I smile.

Aha!” He exclaims as soon as he feels the fat on my stomach, leaving me slapping his hand away and pull up the biggest pout he has ever seen which causes him to laugh. My cheeks are beginning to heat up as they turn red—embarrassed by what he just did.

It’s not like I’m embarrassed because I embrace my body as the way they are. No one is perfect but some can look near as perfect. I blame myself for not working out or spend my time at the gym for the past years to achieve a perfectly toned body but then again, I never regret eating all of those high-fat foods like fried chicken.

At times, I feel intimidated by his body because no matter how much time he spends at the office working, he would always have a lean and toned body. Yes, he goes to the gym for at least once a week to maintain a healthy and better-looking body and whenever he asks me to join him, I’d always give an excuse to stick out.

”You’re cute when you’re flustered,” He leans near his car as I look up into his eyes, not expecting him to say that.

”I may not be skin and bones but my body is way better than the rest of the girls that you’ve ever dated except for Imara,” I recall back the images of Imara, by far the most beautiful woman he has ever dated—with her dark skin and perfectly structured face, it was a shame to see him ending things with her. Not just that, her body was to die for!

Mmm, first of all … I never dated. Second, Imara was alright but she was not my type. Sure, the first few weeks with her was fun—then again, it was just fun. Last but not least, I’m talking about you. Not the other girls I’ve been with. No matter how presentable they look in your eyes … you might as well take a closer look at yourself. They’re nothing compare to you,” He says which leaves me speechless before he starts to make his way towards the front door, taking more boxes to be placed in the trunk.

What was that? Was that a sincere compliment? Was he only trying to make me feel better about myself than sobbing at night?

I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear before turning to see him crouching to check the box, wanting to make sure it’s tightly sealed. My eyes wander up to his arms, seeing them flex as his veins are pretty much visible … making me shake my head, pulling myself back into reality.

”By the way, are you hot?” He asks, confusing me.

Huh?” I furrow my eyebrows as I eye him putting the remaining boxes in his car’s trunk after putting the rest in mine.

Aidan’s brown eyes are staring directly at me, ”You’re sweating. Do you want to change? You should go inside if you’re feeling uncomfortable,” He continues to speak while I scoff, pulling onto the hair tie around my wrist—with him eyeing my every movement.

”Let me,” He interrupts me before grabbing the hair tie away from my grasps. He starts to turn me around, lifting my hair up and away from my face … slowly running his fingers on my neck, trying to take all of my hair. Then, he is already tying my hair into a ponytail.

Without me expecting, he appears in front of me to take a better look at my hair and my face as he tucks a strand of baby hair at the back of my ear before smiling to himself. There’s just something about that smile and it’s somehow making me try to find gravity.

”Can we go already? We spent hours packing,” Dimitri’s voice has somehow awaken me from my sudden trance as he takes a few steps towards us, looking at both Aidan and I.

”Right, let’s go. Dimitri, where’s your car?” Aidan asks.

”I took a cab here so I can third-wheel when we get to your house. Besides, I’d like to know what’s for dinner.” He replies with a smirk on his face.

”Great, you can drive Kenna’s car. Just follow behind me,” Aidan hands him my car keys which causes him to roll his eyes but head straight towards my car without muttering a single word, leaving Aidan and I standing behind his Range Rover Evoque.

Both Aidan and I are already entering inside his car after checking one last time in my apartment before locking the door. My eyes wander to Aidan who is currently having his left hand on the steering wheel while the other on his lap, holding onto his phone—leaving me to look away, out the window.

Own It by Drake goes up on his Spotify which is connected to his car as I lean my body in the passenger’s seat, not really knowing what has overcame me ever since he started to tie my hair because all of a sudden, I am running out of words to say.

”Can I change the song?” I ask, my hand reaching out.

He glances towards my direction before making a left turn. ”You don’t need to ask for my permission but yeah … go ahead,” He replies with a small smile plastered on his face.

”Maybe I should just turn it off,” I quickly press the button and place my hand on my lap, avoiding his glances as I pay attention to the other cars on the road. Somehow, deep down, I’m regretting my previous action for turning it off because now … we’re left in silence.

”Since when do you hate Drake?” He asks, starting a new conversation.

”I don’t hate him. In fact, I love him but I just don’t feel like listening to music, right now. Maybe later,” I reply and turn to look out of the window again as we come to a stop at the red light—him resting both of his hands on his lap before letting out a deep sigh.

”On second thought, I change my mind.” I quickly say before pressing onto the button again and change the song on his phone, finding Jon Bellion. At the side, I can hear Aidan softly chuckling as he presses onto the gas pedal, turning on the indicator to make a right turn then stopping near one of my favourite restaurants.

”Do you want to wait the car or do you want to come with me? It’ll take a few minutes for them to prepare the food,” He says.

”I’ll wait in the car. I want to listen to music,” I reply.

Seconds ago, I was the one who turned the music off because I said I didn’t want to listen to music but now … I want to wait in the car because I actually want to listen to music. What the hell is wrong with me? Maybe, I just need a little smack from Dimitri to make me wake up.

”Okay. Lock the doors,” He says before stepping out of the car with his phone and wallet in hand. My eyes focus onto his broad shoulders as he makes his way towards the restaurant, pulling the door open and slowly disappearing from my sight.

Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay goes on which causes me to tap my fingers on my lap, slowly enjoying the song. It’s actually one of my favourite songs with Aidan because we seem to enjoy the beat and the rhythm—truth be told, we actually have the same taste when it comes to music which makes it easier for us to attend concerts or music festivals.

”Got me feeling drunk and high,” I mumble before flinching at the sudden knock on the window which leaves me to unlock the doors, letting Aidan in.

The smell of food calms me down immediately, leaving me leaning deeper into my seat as both of my eyes are focusing onto the food. He places them on my lap which to my surprise, causes my lips to curve up into a smile—silently wrapping my arms around it, protecting from any harm like a seatbelt.

Aidan presses onto the gas pedal and starts to drive down the road, glancing at my direction for a few seconds.

”Do you remember about the friendship bracelet that you got for me when we were both seventeen?” He asks, turning to look at me as I turn to look at him, slowly recalling back the memories of ever buying him a bracelet as a token of our friendship.

Yeah, the one you lost a couple of days afterwards. That friendship bracelet?” I raise an eyebrow, my lips curving up into a smirk before seeing him smiling as he turns to look down the road.

That friendship bracelet,” He nods his head.

He stops talking for awhile, ”Well … I didn’t actually lose it.” He adds, leaving me to turn and look at him. Both of my eyes are widening at his respond before trying to seek for any lies by his expression but nothing. He seems serious about it as he turns to look at me, too.

”What do you mean? You gave it away?” I ask.

A soft chuckle escapes his lips, ”No. I still have it lying in one of the drawers in my room. There’s a reason why I told you I lost it when I didn’t and you’re not going to be very happy when you hear the truth,” He breathes out, tapping onto the steering wheel according to the beat of the music.

”Do tell because I think that I deserve to know,” I join him, chuckling.

”So … you still remember about it, right? The design, the shape with our names on it, the colour?” He raises an eyebrow, making me furrow mine. ”Well … the colour was the reason.”

Our friendship bracelet was beyond cute. It was perfect. Most of the girls at my school had cute matching bracelets with their best friends when I was left with none because apparently, my best friend is a guy … but that didn’t stop me.

”What’s wrong with the colour?! It was pink,” I exclaim.

”You know how my friends were back then. They like to tease each other and when they started to see me wearing the bracelet, they were teasing me, too. They wanted to tell the whole school that I had fallen head over heels for my own best friend and I didn’t want crazy girls to run after you or send you death notes,” He replies.

”So, you pretended that you lost it?” My arms are crossed on my stomach before turning to look at him, narrowing my eyes.

”Yeah … during football practice. Then, we spent a few hours after school to look for it. I was just going with the flow because I wanted to make it look real and I didn’t want to upset you but I couldn’t find a better excuse of not wearing it,” He continues to speak, defending himself.

Bro, I made that bracelet!” My voice raising which causes him to immediately press brake, in the middle of the road—other cars are honking behind us, including Dimitri. ”It took me the whole week … one hundred and sixty-eight hours to be exact but you were embarrassed to even wear it because it was pink?!” I look directly at him.

”You said you bought it!” He turns to face me.

”Well, I lied!” Just like that, I start to turn around and look out at the window as he starts to drive the car, again.

”I’m sorry, Kenna. Will you forgive me? How can I make it up to you?” He asks, slowly grabbing onto my hand before soothingly running his thumb at the back of my hand, leaving me trying my best to keep my anger high up but it’s disappearing just by his finger’s movements.

Both of our eyes meet, ”Find that bracelet. Wear it for the rest of your life,”

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