The Best Friend’s Contract

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Chapter 21


My eyes wander to find Aidan sleeping soundly beside me, his eyes closed and his lips are slightly apart but what attracts me most is the length of his eyelashes. They are thick and long enough to make me feel envy … but in a good way. Not only do I feel envy but I feel lucky, waking up next to someone beautiful for at least a year of my life.

The exact same guy who pushed me down the swing when I was little, also the same guy who made an agreement with me which involves marriage for an agreed amount of time.

”You can keep staring at me if you want but take a picture … it’ll last longer,” He mutters under his breath as his eyes flutter open, meeting mine. They are both staring back at me with the same intensity that would cause anyone going weak on their knees but I have my mind set up properly, not going to just stare back at him in awe.

I scoff, ”As if. You were drooling and it was disgusting. Why on earth would I be staring at you?” Both of my hands push away the sheets from covering my body before sitting up straight, seeing his lips slowly curving up into a smile; showing off his perfectly straight teeth, not really believing me.

He grabs me by the waist, freezing me.

Then, within seconds, he is already hovering on top of me as both of his eyes gaze deeply into mine. I wouldn’t mind the gazing intensity but due to being so close to him … it starts to make me shift uncomfortably at my spot, trying not to feel nervous. Then again, I can’t shake off that feeling.

”What are you doing?” I ask, my eyebrows furrowing in confusion as I stutter.

All I can hear is the sound of my heart beating utterly fast as he continues to lean in, closer and closer towards me without showing any signs of backing further away. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I can’t seem to push him away or kick his ass for trying to mess around. It feels as if I want him to lean closer, place his naturally pink lips on mine and get things heat up.

Especially when both of us are in bed.

Just as I feel his lips brushing against mine, I quickly close my eyes … my body gladly receiving the amount of pleasure slowly creeping in but it’s cut off short as soon as he pokes onto the side of my waist, causing me to immediately flinch.

My weak spot. Aidan would poke onto the side of my waist whenever I’m giving him the silent treatment and unfortunately, he poked me for no good reason; letting my body fall onto the bed as he continues to laugh, placing both of his hands on my hips before tickling me.

”You … son of a bitch!” I uncomfortably move around, controlling my laughters. ”Get off of me!” I add, seeing that we’ve moved towards the middle of the bed yet he shows no sign of stopping. My eyes widen as he lifts my shirt up to my stomach and continue to tickle me without mercy.

He laughs, ”You hate that, don’t you?” Both of his hands are gripping onto my wrists, planting them into the bed above my head as he hovers on top of me. My laughter starts to die down … realising the little situation we’re in is quite intimate as our faces are only inches apart which can lead into something more.

”Kenna … ” He breathes out, slowly leaning in towards my face and down to my jawline; planting soft and quick kisses down my neck which causes me to lift my head up, closing my eyes at the breathtaking pleasure. Slowly, I feel his grip on my wrists loosening before moving one hand down, on my hip.

Even though his kisses are soft and quick but they only send shiver down my spine, leaving some sort of electricity or more likely, sparks behind. They cause me to feel heat burning in my body as he goes on without stopping, instantly making me know this can lead into something … intimate.

”Oh my god,” I moan near his ear as he bites onto my neck, a sudden wave of pleasure hits me.

”You don’t want me to stop, do you?” He lightly whispers, his hand going down to my thigh, heading towards in between my legs. Just like that, our eyes meet in an instant, ”Right now … right here, I want to make you feel the heat going through your body, hear you scream my name as soon as you feel an uncontrollable pleasure and grip me hard as you let it explode,”

Mmm,” I close my eyes at the way his voice utters those words, only provoking him for more.

”Do you want that?” He nibbles onto my ear, caressing my inner thigh; letting our fingers entwined with his free hand. ”Huh, yes is all I need.”

”Yes. I want that,” I answer before feeling him kissing down my neck to my collarbone while his left hand is busy drawing circles in between my legs, the pleasure building up intensely. Just as I’m about to let out a soft moan, he leans in to kiss me on the lips.

Aidan bites onto my lower lip, instantly letting him in; leaving me to feel an unexperienced amount of pleasure, building higher and higher. It’s causing me to shift and grip onto something, it’s as if I’m going through something mind blowing … not even giving me a chance to take a breath as it comes.

”Wake up, Kenna!” My eyes widen at the sound of someone shouting my name, causing me to turn around and see Aidan standing beside the bed after throwing a pillow onto my body. ”For god’s sake, how deep asleep were you?” He lets out a sigh.

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

That pleasurable and unending moment was just a dream? Everything felt real and undeniably worth going further but then again, come to think of it … Aidan and I are never going to that stage in life even though we’re married because this marriage will end in a few more months and we’ll go back to being best friends like we always were. Still are.

I sit up slowly, eyes wandering around the room as I turn to look at Aidan, seeing him all dressed up and showered … ready for the day. ”I had a really weird dream,” I mutter under my breath but loud enough for him to hear.

”Don’t tell me. Was it about monkeys?” He raises an eyebrow, putting on his wrist watch.

My eyebrows furrow, ”Why would it be about monkeys? It was just a weird dream and I don’t think I ever want to dream about it again,” I reply.

His eyes are gazing at me as if I’ve lost my mind as he stands still, ”Sure … don’t even have to. Just go ahead and take a shower, okay? Head downstairs as soon as you’re done,” He says, his hand running through his hair before walking out of the room.

Phew,” I let out a breath of relief as I lay my head onto the bed, recalling back the exotic dream. I mean, come to think about it … it was kind of hot but also cringe worthy at the same time.

I run my hand to my neck, remembering back how the dream worked out; his lips all over my skin, letting me feel an extreme amount of pleasure before shaking the thoughts away, not wanting to remember them anymore. I’m sure they’ll be gone soon.

Without wasting any time, I take a quick shower and clean myself up before changing into a plain loose blouse and jeans, something casual but stands out as if I’m also ready to head out when needed. I look at myself in the mirror, going through my daily skincare routine before applying a thin amount of makeup.

As soon as I’m fully satisfied with how I look, I head downstairs to hear laughters and voices filling the room, causing me to slowly creep in; turning to see Alain walking out of the house with two bags in his hands, out of my sight.

Mia turns to look at me after walking out from the kitchen, ”Good morning. We’re going camping,” She says with a small smile plastered on her face as she tries to bear with the heavy bag in her hand.

”Camping?” I raise an eyebrow, confused.

The last time I went camping was probably when I was ten. It was a great experience … did a lot of adventurous things but as I grew older, those kind of things never really came up to my mind especially when I’m busy with work instead.

”Yeah … Aidan didn’t tell you? Actually, mother planned it because she said it’d be great for us all to spend some quality time together.” She continues to speak, not realising Aidan stepping in before grabbing onto the bag she was holding; standing in between us.

”I’ll be outside if you need me,” She adds as she steps out of the house, leaving Aidan and I.

Aidan looks down at me, ”You up for camping?” He asks, both of his brown eyes are looking at me without bothering to look at anyone else. ”I just found out about it this morning and I understand if you don’t want to join. I know how you are when it comes to things like this,” He adds, slowly.

”What if I don’t want to join?” I ask.

”Then … I’ll stay at home with you. We can have the whole place to ourselves,” He leans in closer as a smirk appears, winking afterwards which causes me to chuckle; realising that it’s actually quite tempting even though it’s only a joke.

”How … tempting,” I wink back, not realising the distance between us have lessen as he chuckles.

”So, what’s your choice? Out camping or stay at home with me and we can spend ’our’ own quality time,” He laughs even louder before teasingly placing his free hand on my waist.

”The thought of staying home with you when you have it all sorts of ideas is creeping me out. So, bud, we’re going camping.” I reply, walking past him as he follows beside me, his chuckles getting louder and louder with every step he takes.

The sun is shining brightly above our heads as we walk towards a shady tree; catching up with Alain, Marc and Mia. My lips curve up into a smile at the sight of Alain running around with Mia, teasing her without giving her a chance to run away.

”Idiot brother!” Mia shouts, laughing.

”Put it over there,” Marc says, pointing near the tree; gesturing for Aidan to place the bag there.

The morning seems to have passed rather quickly than expected as we both prepare ourselves. Aidan and Alain were busy putting up the tents for tonight while Marc and Diana were prepping chickens for the barbecue in a couple of hours. As for Harley, Mia and I … we gathered firewoods.

My eyes wander down to my wrist watch and see it’s fifteen minutes before four; leaving me to look up, seeing Aidan near our tent.

”Want some help?” I ask as soon as I’m close enough, causing him to look up and meet my eyes.

Within seconds, I’m already crouching to match his current position. ”I’m just finishing. By the way, I want to show you something.” He replies before standing up, gesturing for me to follow him.

”What are you going to show me?” I ask, bumping onto his arm.

He chuckles, ”It’s a surprise. It won’t be one if I tell you,” He replies, looking down at my hand that has been hitting onto his for the past couple of minutes which has probably annoyed him.

To my surprise, he starts to grab onto my hand which causes my eyes to widen before looking up at him but he doesn’t seem phased. His eyes are looking down as he walks without even bothered by how or more shocked I am by the sudden gesture.

Not only does his hands are perfectly warm to ease the coldness from creeping in my body but it seems to also fit perfectly with mine.

”There. That would keep you still,” He continues to speak, referring to my hand while I try my best to hide away the smile from appearing on my face. For some unknown reason, I feel happy for the way he’s treating me now even though it’s not any different than the way he used to treat me.

”So … ” I awkwardly mutter.

”So?” He raises an eyebrow, ”How’s this holiday in Texas for you? Brings back some old memories?” He asks, wanting to start a conversation instead of keeping quiet.

”If you think the memories are like when you ran around naked in the backyard … then, yeah. Good unforgettable memories are really haunting inside my head but if you’re talking about how we used to go around looking for flowers, I still remember how much you liked daisies.” I reply.

Aidan responds by laughing, ”I think when it comes to running around naked or seeing each other naked when we were kids, it’s pretty much a win-win situation. You’ve seen me naked and I’ve seen you naked … don’t you think we were fated since we were kids? Fated to see ourselves naked?” He laughs even louder, leaning his head back as he doesn’t even try to control his laughter from getting louder.

Both of us ends up staring at each other with smiles plastered on our faces.

”Here we are,” He interrupts, pointing down the river; causing my eyes to widen at faded memories that starts to appear, again.

I see a younger version of Aidan and I playing by the river as we both laughed, enjoying the wind blowing onto our skin while both of our mothers were watching us. They had smiles on their faces; showing how much they liked seeing us together even though we were kids … as if they had imagine us being more than just friends when we grow older.

”Come on!” He says, grabbing onto my hand as we run towards the flowing river.

Both of our laughters fill the surrounding as he let go of my hand to take off his shirt and pants, leaving him standing there in his boxers. What attracts me most is the beauty of his body; lean and somewhat toned, not too bulky but just perfect. My eyes wander down to his abs, staring a bit longer than I should without him realising, eyeing his every movement as he jumps into the river.

”Are you coming in or what?” He asks, turning to look at me; seeing that I’m still frozen at the same spot. He has a smile plastered on his face, causing me to smile back before slowly taking off my blouse, seeing him eyeing my every movement, too.

As my hands move down to unbutton my jeans, he seems busy eyeing my upper body. Once I’ve stripped down and only leaving me in my bra and underwear, I start to make my way towards the river before jumping in; splashing water at his direction.

It doesn’t take us long to start splashing water at each other as we laugh out loud, enjoying this moment as we did when we were kids. To my utter surprise, he grabs me by the waist before pulling me in the water, causing me to scream as I drag him with me.

As soon as I’ve floated to the top, I immediately wrap my arms around his neck as he instantly wrap his arms around my waist, letting me wrap my legs around his waist. Both of us are busy laughing, not realising how our position would actually affect our feelings to flutter but I spoke too soon, he realised.

His brown eyes are piercing into mine, slowly his laughter starts to die down, leaving me smiling up to the sky afterwards before looking down to meet his eyes, again. They are eyeing my entire face, somehow remembering my every features.

Slowly, he leans in to brush his lips against mine. Within seconds, we’re already kissing each other as I close my eyes to the rhythm of our kiss. There’s something going through my veins by the way he kisses me ever so softly, as if attracting us further. Just like that, I unwrap my legs around his waist but my arms around his neck remain tight, letting him place both of his hands on my hips.

Without me realising, his lips are already moving down to my jawline and my neck, letting me lean my head up; letting myself enjoy the passion. He’s not kissing me eagerly but slowly, as if he wants this very moment to last … as if he’s afraid of it ever ending too soon.

As we both pull away, he lets out a deep sigh as he leans his forehead against mine; eyes closed before a smile creeps in, ”I’m sorry … I don’t know what got to me,” He looks up at me, saying.

”Me too,” I mutter.

We both pull away, letting the distance between us to increase before turning to look at Mia, after hearing her voice calling out our names. She has a relieved look on her face as soon as she sees us here, together. ”The sun’s setting. Are you guys coming?” She asks, making me frown.

”What’s wrong with the sun setting?” I ask, feeling a little bit curious.

”You’ll see. Come on,” Aidan pulls me out of the water as we both quickly get dressed after slightly drying our bodies. Then, we make a run for it back into the same path we took to come here.

Just as I’m about to ask a question, Aidan stops running, causing me to follow his gaze; seeing him eyeing the sunset. My eyed widen in surprise at the beautiful colours of the sky, turning orange and a little bit tint of pink. The spot we’re standing right now is the most beautiful spot to see the sunset which is by far … extremely calming.

”I never know about this,” I mutter under my breath. ”It’s so beautiful, here. You can see it clearly,” My voice causes him to turn and look at me with a small smile plastered on his handsome face.

”We found out about it a few years back. By, we, I mean Alain, Mia and I. We were busy wandering around and somehow … we were led to this exact spot.” He replies, slowly taking a seat on the grass.

”I’m glad you found it,” I smile, continuing to eye him; even though he doesn’t realise me staring but it feels better that way. I can keep on watching him without being bothered by him catching me staring, because for some reason, I want to remember this moment … this moment where I’m sitting here watching the sunset at the best spot in Dallas, with my one-year-husband.

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