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Locked Out

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Coasting through school and life in the background has always been Shadow's main goal in life. Never to get noticed. She hides behind her loud best friends at school and at home, she hides behind her music to avoid the fact that her parents don't want anything to do with her. Not since they lost hope in her. Not since she stopped going out all those years ago. Shadow is finally coasting through her last year of high school when she accidentally runs right into Cody Walker. Then her tech club get placed to make music for his team. She gets placed right on his radar. Cody wants her. He wants her music skills for his team. He wants her to help him in his failing pre-calc class. But most of all he wants her. What Cody Walker wants he gets. Even if he has to weasel his way through her defences.

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"There's a couple of new kids at school!" Ginny gushes as she leans past me to eye the office's door. Her eyes keep flickering over every inch of the office. A small bead of drool drips from her chin.

"There are always rumours about that," Sammy whines loudly as she shoves her locker door closed with all her might. It has trouble locking after she tries to close it. Sometimes it pops back open. Sometimes she has trouble opening it in the first place because some kid spilled pop in it one year probably.

Ginny pouts before adjusting her art portfolio in her arms. "Shady believes me, right?" She casts her blue eyes over to me.

I give a simple shrug before pulling out my pre-calc textbook. This is how we always are. Ginny and Sammy argue while I never pick a side. It's been like this since Kindergarten.

"Ha," Sammy points her finger in Ginny's face. "Shady didn't agree."

"So?" Ginny flips her straight as straw hair over her shoulder. The dirty blonde and blue eyes work for her. "Shady never agrees with anything we ever say. Not even if the cafeteria food sucks." She shrugs simply.

Sammy rolls her green eyes. "Just give up already. We aren't getting any new kids. Who moves in Grade 12 anyway?" She flips her light brown hair over her shoulders.

"We will discuss this after class!" Ginny hisses before she stalks off to art class.

Sammy rolls her eyes. "She just never gives up?" Sammy walks off mumbling to herself and shaking her head.

I slam my locker shut, turn and head to my pre-calc class. I hope Mr. Hooper is sick today. Maybe just a small cough? Anything to get a sub.

Someone screeches down the hall. I peek over my shoulder to see one of the cheerleaders practising a cheer in the middle of the hallway. She kicks her leg up in front of her. Right before it pulls her leg out from under her. Oof. She lands on her butt-

I slam into a wall.

I should've been paying attention, I scold myself as I start falling backwards. I was just commenting on the cheerleader fall, and I ran into a wall. Great. Charma is just being-

Steel bands wrap around me. It propels me away from the floor... and back into the wall. I close my eyes as I land on the wall.

Wait. Since when has there been a wall in front of the office? Is this the part in the book where I figure out I ran into an athlete and they ruin the rest of my high school career?

Peeking my eyes open I see a red shirt. My heart plummets down in my shoes as I slowly peek up. Um... my head is at this person's... boob/chest area. Angling my head up even higher I meet cold hazel eyes.


I subconsciously realize the steel bands are his arms wrapped around me. One is around my back and the other one is wrapped around my waist. My fingers are squeezing the life out of his shirt as they clench at his stomach.

I blurt the first thing that comes to my mind. "Sorry!" It comes out as a whisper though.

He drops his arms away from me. I take a quick step back. My fingers absently miss his soft, soft shirt. I wrap my arms around the binder and textbooks on my chest.

His eyes are soul-searching deep hazel. He has dark chocolate brown hair. The rest of him is all sharp and angle-y. His nose is straight as an arrow with a sharp jawline. He fills out his shirt nicely. All muscles and hard. No wonder I thought he was a wall.

When I see his smirk I realize he saw me checking him out. Bad. Bad. Loud red alarms are blaring in my head. This is so bad. Bad.

Mr. Guach, the vice president comes out of the office with two other equally buff guys. Mr. Guach is a no-nonsense solely academically focused guy. he couldn't care if you play for a school team as long as you meet the academic standards. He also happens to be sixty with greying hair and a small belly protruding past his belt line. His eyes are a warm brown. He's more like to stern Grandpa around school than anything else.

"I see you met your first student from St. Ledger High," Mr. Guach chuckles as he sees us. He settles me with a funny look. "Aren't you supposed to me in class?"

I stare at the floor. Squeaking out a quiet "sorry" I step around him and race to my pre-calc class.

I guess Ginny was right. There is a new kid at school. Three to be exact.

"Art class was brutal," Ginny whines as she sits down. The soup in her bowl sloshes over the edges and onto her tray. Ginny pointedly ignores her soup.

Sammy rolls her eyes before taking a big bite of her sandwich. "try having a meeting with the cheer coach and being told 'it would be in your best interest to stay off the fatty foods.'" Sammy air quotes with her fingers.

Ginny nods her head. "Fine. You beat me this time."

Sammy flips her hair over her shoulder to point out her win. She smiles as she nibbles away her sandwich. Her eyes danced with enjoyment.

I open up my backpack and pull out my pre-made smoothie. Yummy. Sipping it I open my laptop to add the finishing touches up to the song I promised Sammy I'd make for her. It sounds decent.

"But, I won about the new kids." Ginny proclaims as she nods to the doors of the cafeteria. "Three times to be exact." Ginny flips her hair victoriously.

Sammy whips around in her chair to spot them. She almost falls over as she sees them. Her mouth drops down to graze the floor. "Holy Mother Trucker!" Sammy squeals as she spins back to level a stare at Ginny. "They're ripped."

Ginny grins. "Does that give me extra points?"

"No." Sammy deadpans.

"Fine." Ginny frowns as she continues to watch them. "Why do cheerleaders always get the good ones?"

"Because we're the best," Sammy smirks.

Ginny rolls her eyes super dramatically. "Whatever. At least I don't have competition with my guy."

Sammy and I both frown. "What guy?" Sammy asks.

Ginny opens and closes her mouth a couple of times. "Whatever. Shady and I have to beat the lunch rush to get to class." Ginny slaps my laptop closed before pulling me out of the cafeteria with her. Sammy follows behind us as she heads to her next class.

Kenny and Jacob from the tech club stop me and Ginny in the hall. "Hey," Kenny calls stopping in front of us. "Did you hear? We're covering the music for the football team this year."

"It'll be epic," Jacob nods his head. His thick blue glasses bob up on his nose. "We can even make music for the practices. It'll be great for spreading club awareness."

Ginny scrunches up her nose. "We always lose. Won't that ruin the epic music plan?"

"Not with the new kids on the team." Kenny smiles dreamily. His eyes cloud over and he smiles over my head.

Jacob nods. "I can't wait to meet them. There's a rumour going around that they already got scholarships after graduation. It's still months away."

Kenny nods. "I just hope they treat us with a little more respect than that Freddy football player."

We stay silent for a minute. One time we were supposed to create a video to showcase our football players and how amazing they were. Freddy declined the interview where he only needed to say a few words. He even went far enough to dump his Gatorade all over that person. They ended up quitting the tech club. The video never got finished because after Freddy turned down the interview everyone else did too.

My mind swings around 180 degrees when I remember what Jacob said. My brain freezes. I can see the moment Ginny realizes what Jacob said as well. Her face lights up and her eyes cloud over. My brain starts up again and terror grips me.

I have to meet them. Bad. Bad.

"Sign us up," Ginny squeals. She claps her hands as she bounces on her feet. Her hair swishes around.

"But you aren't in tech club?" Kenny frowns. His face squishes up like he would feel bad if he missed her in the club.

Poor Kenny.

"Well, I am now."


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