Deception (MxM) [UNEDITED]

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Wyatt Wade, notorious playboy and football quarterback has it all. Looks as well as fame to go with it. He doesn't have a problem flaunting his homosexuality and is ready to break anyone's nose who has a problem with it, not that anyone could ever hate the sexy Wyatt.. There isn't anyone who wouldn't do anything for him, boy or girl, and yet, he has his eyes set on his best and childhood friend, the vindictive Mason who only cares about being number one in everything and cares not who he hurts or what he does to get it. There isn't a thing Wyatt wouldn't do for him, something Mason knows all too well. Alexander Brown, a quiet subtle boy, always his nose deep in a book with his eyes covered in glasses, has always looked at everything from the sidelines. Never been invited to parties or to hang out and play video games like everyone his age usually did. He never interacts with anyone at school, mainly due to everyone plaguing with the typical "nerd" stereotype, and being gay didn't help much in that department. He has never had any of the teenage experiences usually experienced during high school, heck he has never even gotten drunk before! Imagine his surprise when he finds himself being invited to hang out by the notorious playboy Wyatt Wade! NOTE: This story will contain a homosexual storyline so if you are someone of homophobia, kindly do not read any further.

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Hyun Ji
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Chapter 1

They stood next to each other, shoulders grazing as they looked up at the score board, displaying the mid term scores. Two of the most famous boys in all of Walton High, extremely handsome, tall with an athletic build. Some would even go as far as to describe them to be godly handsome, and they knew it.

One of the two boys scoffed as he looked at the score board, a scowl appearing on his handsome face as he gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He could feel the anger and rage boiling inside him as he turned around stormed down the hallway, leaving the other boy to raise his eyebrow at him and shake his head as he followed him down the hall.

Everyone moved out of his way as he walked, a permanent scowl on his face as his threatening glare met everyone who dared to step in his way, after all he didn't get his nickname for nothing and everyone knew it.

The Vindictive Mason.

Mason pushed through everyone, curses flowing pass his perfect lips as he made his way to his locker and almost ripped it off. He opened it and shoved his books inside, pausing slightly when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder.

"Come on man. It's just one mark. Relax." His friend Wyatt had said, which only fueled his anger even more. He turned around and glared at him.

"One mark! Don't you fucking tell me about one mark! That stupid mark costed me the first position!" He snapped as he pushed his friend out of his way and stormed down the hallway.

Wyatt shook his head and pinched the bridge of his perfect nose, readying himself for the rant and curses he was about to receive throughout lunch. He ran a hand through his hair and gazed down the hallway, seeing Mason push people out of his way.

A smile broke across his face as he watched the boy he had known all his life and despite Mason's terrible temper, he was still everything to Wyatt. Something, not many understood.

What was there to like about Mason despite his good looks?

After all, they didn't know him like Wyatt did, nor did he feel the need to tell him, for he alone wanted to know Mason like that.

He grabbed his Chemistry book and darted down the hallway to catch up with Mason. A few girls giggling when they saw him, yet he didn't even spare any of them a single glance for he had only person on his mind, and what a duo they made.

The Vindictive Mason and Playboy Wyatt...

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