Deception (MxM) [UNEDITED]

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Chapter 2

Wyatt POV

"Stop. You're going to break something." I told him, watching as he shoved around his food with his fork, muttering curse after curse as he stabbed a few things, both of us knowing exactly who he was imagining those things to be.

"You know, I don't fucking get it! I checked every answer ten fucking times! Nothing was wrong or even misspelt!" He snapped at me and glared at me.

I sighed and raised my can of soda to my lips, taking a sip of it as I watched him snarl and spew out more curses as he ranted on about coming second yet again. I shook my head as I smiled at him.

He was just so cute when he was angry..

Mason and I had been friends since we were kids. We had done absolutely everything together and it all started the day he moved into our neighborhood. I could still remember it as though it had happened yesterday. This cute shy kid sitting all alone on the bench at our neighborhood park, while we all played soccer together.

He had clasped the book he was reading so close to his chest as though it was his lifeline, glaring at everything and everyone who looked at him. I remember thinking he looked so adorable when he glared at everyone and couldn't help walking up to him and introducing myself.

We were about seven then and that very moment marked the beginning of our friendship.

As the years went on, it didn't take me long to realize that being number one in everything was all that really mattered to Mason. It was like that was all he lived and strived for, and while part of be blamed his parents for it, another part of couldn't help but wonder if that was actually his personality.

I first noticed it when he began to compete with me for the post of the Captain of our football team and since I was so head over heels for him at the time, him being my very first crush, it was only natural that I gave up and let him have that title, just like I wanted him to have everything he wanted, mainly because I loved seeing that smile on his face every time he achieved what he wanted. wanted nothing more than to constantly bring that smile across his face, whatever the cost.

"Are you even listening to me?" He asked as he waved his fork in my face brining me out of my mental thoughts and looked at him.

"Sure sure, you were something about-" I trailed off as I watched his stern glare and laughed when he looked like he was about to choke me at any second.

"You weren't listening were you." He asked as he said each word through clenched teeth making me actually sit back a little and give him some space.

"Look, I can't say I understand because I don't, I mean why fret over one mark but then again it's you we're talking about, anyway.. come on. It's not like you failed or something. Relax. It's only mid terms. " I said as I shrugged and sipped my soda watching him narrow his eyes at me which he only did when he was deep in thought.

And that couldn't be good..

"You're right." He answered, causing me to sigh out of relief as I smiled at him only for him to smile that devilish smile back at me.

"Oh no. I know what you're thinking. It didn't end well the last time.-"

"Only because you backed out the last time" he added making me roll my eyes at him and watched him smirk at me in triumph.

I watched his gaze travel toward the door of the cafeteria, his whole demeanor changing as his smile now turned into a glare. I frowned and followed his gaze, watching as the source of his earlier snap at me, walked in with his head lowered. None other than..

Alexander Brown..

The socially awkward nerd of the school that never said anything beyond two words to anyone. Always had his head stuck in a book or sitting so far back in the classroom, no one even knew he was there.

And unfortunately, he was also Mason's target, given the fact that he had taken the first position in our school in everything since he arrived here in the eighth grade, then immediately making himself Mason's rival.

I watched as Alexander walked through the crowd of noisy teenagers, clutching his books tightly against himself, pushing his glasses up his nose every ten seconds as he finally made it to the table at the far end of the cafeteria where he dropped his books on the table. He reached into his back pack and pulled out a brown paper bag that must have contained his lunch and started eating his sandwich while he read a book.

I turned my gaze and watched as Mason gritted his teeth, clenching his fists, the blood vessels on his forehead beginning to show due to his anger.

"So I see glasses stole your light again" said that extremely annoying voice making me roll my eyes as I turned my head and watched Gabe drop down on the seat next to Mason.

"Fuck off dipshit! I'm surprised you can actually read!" Mason snapped as he yanked the arm that Gabe had thrown over his shoulders off and glared at him.

"Ouch. You wound me cutie." Gabe answered , his hand against his chest in such a dramatic manner, it actually made me want to snap his neck.

Gabe, whose real name was actually Gabriel, given the fact that he grew up in a staunch Catholic household and was probably named after the arch angel and whose father was pastor, never failed to hide the infatuation he had with Mason and actually displayed at every second he got and even went as far as to openly flaunt it.

One would think that having a pastor for a father would actually make him want to piss his pants every time he thought of a man sexually, imagine everyone's surprise when we learnt that his father was one of the few pastors that actually supported LGBTQ rights.

Our school too, had a no tolerance policy when it came to bullying, especially gays which sort of gave us the freedom to express ourselves, not that I needed that. I would gladly beat the shit out of any fuckhead that gave me shit for my preferences.

"Gabe I swear to God if you fucking touch me again I will-"

"Relax hotstuff, I actually came here to give you this" he answered as he winked at Mason and handed him a flyer before he walked off. Mason glared after him and grabbed the flyer, reading it before his signature devilish smirk spread across his face.

He turned the flyer around so I could it and raised and eyebrow when I read the invitation to a party held at Gabe's house, wondering why he seemed happy at that when what he was thinking dawned upon and I looked at him.

"You cannot be serious."

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