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Summer Camp (BL)

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Nothing came easy for Luke Henderson. After his parents died his older brother Felix Henderson took care of him. Having little money and a run down house, Felix had no choice but to send Luke to summer camp so he didn't have to worry about him. Being the type of person to have no friends, Luke went from a loner to a popular boy in less than a week. Is this what he wanted though? [Id also like to mention that in this story, Luke has a voice in his head that talks to him. Almost like how humans with wolves have a wolf in their head.]

Romance / Drama
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Day 1

Living with his older brother was hard but it certainly had its perks for Luke. Although they didn't have much money, Felix still tried his hardest to get Luke whatever he wanted.

"Your kidding right?" Luke isn't to happy about being sent to summer camp, being someone who doesn't interact with people much.

"Please Lu, its just 2 months. I don't have the money to take care of you right now so it would help me alot to know ur not here alone." Felix pleaded with his 16 year old brother, holding an envelope in one hand and an empty camping bag in the other. For an 8 year difference, they certainly looked like twins.

"Fine. 2 months." And with that, Luke took the bag and made his way upstairs to pack. He's leaving the next morning so with such short notice he made the most of it.

The two boys have been living alone for 6 years after their parents got into a car accident and died. Luke was only 10 at the time, while Felix was 18 so it helped that Felix was old enough to legally take custody of the boy. Even with parents that didn't pay much attention to them or cared for their needs, they still grieved over the loss. Luke was diagnosed with quite a few disorders including bd and also anorexia. Felix also had severe depression but surpassed it for his brother.

He didn't have much so all he packed was clothes, and the book he's been reading. Before putting on pajamas and going to sleep.

~next morning~

Atleast its only 72 degrees, so its to hot wearing a hoodie, just like another day Luke decided on a black hoodie with shorts and his favorite pair of convers.

"If u need anything I'm one call away. I'm sorry about this but it'll help me out alot knowing ur not home alone while I'm at work. I really appreciate this Luke." Felix still felt bad but it was just 2 months.

"Thanks. I'll see u soon." He got out of the car grabbing his bag out of the back and waved by to Felix.



"Luke Henderson? Your in cabin 3." Atleast 3s my lucky number. "Heres ur camping kit. Your sharing with 3 other boys." Just great.

"Thanks" I took the kit and my bag and walked out of the office twaord cabin 3.

Thankfully there was no one inside so I had some time to unpack. I guess 3 is my lucky number because a bottom bunk was open for me. I took out my clothes putting them into the closet that was half filled with who ever was my bunk mate, and put my book on the night stand next to my bed.

I don't really feel like talking to people right now so I just lay down. I face the wall with my hood up blocking the sun from my view. It didn't take long to fall asleep.



"MOMMY! MOMMY WAKE UP! DADDY!" whats going on. Why isn't mommy or daddy waking up. Where's Felix?

I look around patting with tears and blood everywhere. "FELIX!"



Another nightmare. I don't know how long I was out but it wasn't that long because I immediately woke up from a nightmare panting. But to my suprised when I tried to get up something was holding me down and when I turned around it was a guy.

He looked so peaceful sleeping. He had golden brown locks and a perfect jaw line. And his bod- stop.

Did he know I was having a nightmare? I've never felt so safe in someone's arms.

As I continued to admire his looks, I watched his face start to scrunch a little as he opened his eyes. As if on que my face started to burn a crimson red and I looked away and said, "hi."


Another summer at camp. "Hey Kade, did u hear? There's a new boy in ur cabin." A new camper? Huh. "Lets go meet him" thats Jasper, my best friend. We met 3 summers ago at this camp. "Ye let's see." Oh boy.

We made our way to my cabin. Honestly I thought It was gonna be some other out going guy but when we entered the cabin, he was asleep. "Oh he's asleep, maybe we should come back later." Jasper left but I couldn't help but stare. He was curled up in a black hoodie and shorts. His hood covered his head but I could still see his silky black hair covering over his forehead and particlaly eyes. And his parted li- okay snap out of it.

I was brought out of my day dreaming when he started shaking and groaning. He must be having a nightmare. "Mom.. wake up" definitely a nightmare. What do I do. I'll startle him if I wake him up. Maybe I can try to calm him down.

I gently moved his legs straight and wrapped my arms around him holding him to my chest. He's very skinny, not that I'm judging but its unhealthy to be this skinny. Hm.

Shit. I didn't even realize I fell asleep. How long was I out. I opened my eyes only to be met with his beautiful gaze. His deep green eyes staring up into mine. He turned his head as his face turned a shade of pink. He mumbled "hi" and looked back up at me.

Our gaze broke when someone knocked on the door. He sprung up quickly.

I walk over to the door. "Oh hey jake" I say. Jake's one of the camp councilors. "Hey, dinners in 10. Is Luke in there? Haven't met him yet." I looked over to Luke who was sitting on the edge of his bed looking at me. I nodded to him go come over here. "Luke this is Jake, the favorite camp counselor." He gave a small shy smile to Jake who kindly returned it telling him dinner is in 10.

"So ill see u both at the main cabin." We said bye and I shut the door looking back at Luke who was already looking at me. Again he looked down.

"Thank you.."

"For what?" Whys he thanking me? "For- uhm.. earlier.." Oh. "Hey its no problem. Are you feeling better?" He just nodded and walked back to his bed grabbing his shoes.


Hes so cute. But what if he's not gay. Shit. Whatever its not like he'd like me back.

I finish putting my shoes on and catch him staring at me.

Or maybe he does. Shut up. Jeez sorry.

I walk over to him and he opened the door for us to leave.

It was a very short walk, all the cabins are somewhat in a u shape with a camp fire in the center with logs and rocks surrounding it. At the main cabin there were lots of tables inside with a kitchen and another room with books and tv..etc.

I don't eat much so I just walk over to an empty table and watch as other people interact. There's a total of 10 cabins, 6 sleeping, and this cabin plus the main office. Also the cabins with activities and crafts in the other room.

"Luke over here." I look up to find Kade waving me over to a table full of boys. Hesitantly I get up making my way over with my hood still over my head. "Hey come meet my friends." I sit down next to him and the rowdy boys settling down introducing themselves.

"Sup man I'm Tony. Im also in cabin 3."

"I'm max, cabin 4"

"Karl, cabin 4. Nice to meet u."

"The names will, cabin 3."

"And I'm kade, but you already knew that." I smile at the group of boys who seem to all be about my age if not older.

"Luke. Luke Henderson." I heard a couple gasps

"THE LUKE HENDERSON?! AS IN THE HENDERSON BROTHERS?!" I just nod awkwardly. Even tho we don't have money, we're still well known because of the accident. Our family was very rich before but I don't get my enheritence till I turn 18 so right now were struggling to live.

"Well, well, well. Whats a snobby little rich boy like you doing here? Shouldn't you be somewhere else." I don't know who the voice is but he's coming from behind me.

"Leave him alone dude." Karl snapped at the boy.

"Where's ur parents? Oh thats right." I started to shake.

Don't listen to him.

"Stop." I mumbled.

"What was that? Couldn't hear you." He continues to taunt me.

"I said stop." I said a little louder than before.

"Or what, ur gonna cry to ur mommy?"

Don't do it. Just forget about him.

I felt Kade grab my hand and start telling the boy to shut up, but what he said next really ticked me off.

"Why are you defending him. He's the reason his parents are dead." Thats it. Before anyone could comprehend what he just said I was already out of my seat with my fist bashed into his face knocking him back. Did I forget to mention I have anger issues? Oops.

"Shit man."gasps came from all over the room and I heard the adults coming in rushing twoard us. But before anyone could get a hold of me, I ran out, into the woods to cool down.

In these kinds of situations, Felix would hold me and tell me everything would be okay. But he's not here so I resort to taking out my bottle of pills and take the ones that help with my anger. Then I start to rapidly punch a tree before I hurt someone else.


Its been a few hours so I head back to my cabin, by now its dark outside and everyone's by the fire telling stories and eating stores but I just walk to my cabin not in the mood.

When I enter I get met by a pair of arms wrapped around me. "Hey are you okay? I was worried about you. Where have u been?" Its Kade. No ones ever cared this much for me. Other than Felix.

"Ye I'm fine. Just needed some air." He grabbed a hold of my hands and as soon as I winced at the pain he noticed the blood on my hands from the trees. He pulled me over to my bed sitting me down and grabbing the first aid out of the closet to clean and wrap my hands.

"Thank you." I muttered. I don't understand why he cares so much. As if he read my mind he started talking.

"I know I've only known you for a couple hours but it feels like I've known you forever. I'm sorry if I make you feel awkward at all but just know I'm here for you and I will protect you." A tear fell from my eye. Only Felix has made me feel cared for. I've known this boy for only a couple hours but I feel like I can trust him.

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