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The Prophecy

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Romance and friendship bloom in a world where power-hungry individuals try to achieve their goals by any means possible. The legend is to be awakened, history to be repeated. A world of magic is faced with chaos. Will it end in a tragedy or will it be saved once again?

Romance / Fantasy
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As the human world realized the existence of supernatural creatures living among them, a new tension arose, changing the very nature of society and life as humans knew it. The world was now inhabited by every supernatural creature man had ever heard of, living and breathing among them. This led to a number of conflicts and struggles, as each species tried to find its place on this bountiful planet. However, due to the inhuman characteristics of the supernatural or mythical creatures, it was soon evident that humans would be the ones who would suffer the most.

Time passed, and a new social order was established around the world, where the hierarchy was now based upon the amount and nature of the power a specific species possessed. The greater the power, the higher is the position of that species in this new order of life. Money lost its position as the ultimate signifier of influence; it was now the various supernatural abilities innate to every metaphysical being living on Earth. This rendered the human race and many supernatural creatures such as witches, dwarfs, etc. as the new bottom dwellers of the new chain of power.

Yet, this social system proved to be a failure as it could not maintain peace among everyone and chaos erupted at the first sign of a threat. It started with small battles and then built up to the final war which destroyed almost half the total population. Greed for power increased tremendously and as everyone fought to achieve that elusive privilege, humanity lost its grip. Blood, massacre, and death reigned over the earth as the war raged on.

Still, creatures fought to become the ultimate ruler of this world. And as more and more people battled against each other, the darkness grew. Evil formed firm roots in such an environment, leading to the birth of the ultimate wickedness. Born out of the blood, bones, and flesh of various celestial beings, the Beast was the supreme form of devilry. Through powerful magic, the Beast was forced to follow the command of the supreme leader which led to another battle as to who could become the supreme leader, eventually causing the Beast to be freed from control. And as that last thread of restraint was lost, the Beast reverted to its true nature and destroyed anything that came in its path. Every day thousands of lives were lost as the Beast preyed on them. Entire races of species ceased to exist, including the human race.

Yet, just as everyone thought that this is the end of everything, a spark of hope flared when a few people, who still had some humanity and morality left in them, came up with a solution. Again, through magic and blood of various species, a weapon was created. Since the Beast was a too powerful being, killing it was not possible; hence the weapon was formed to put the Beast into an eternal sleep.

Finally, through lots of sacrifice and battles, the beast was subdued and sent into oblivion. However, chaos still reigned and it took a great deal of time and effort to bring back any semblance of society and peace. It took decades before humanity could once more rule the world. But, as it is said for one thing to exist, its antithesis must exist too. Thus the binary of good and evil is always present.

And just like that dark forces once again devised to wake up the Beast, putting every effort to achieve their goal. Would they succeed? Or will goodness once again be able to win? Can a world without humans hold on to the concept of Humanity? This won’t be a simple battle between good and evil; it’s a war that’s going to test every possible human emotion and relationship known to mankind.

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