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Christy, a sexy bar manager that is sick and tired of hooking up with losers she meets at the bar. She’s had plenty of one-night stands but never experienced a real connection with a guy. She realizes there is something missing in her life but has no idea how to find it. Her sexually charged roommate Angie was in the same boat, but recently found her soulmate Jim, of course Christy can’t help but be jealous of what they 29 years old and ready to settle down, Christy resorts to an online match-making dating website & immediately feels a connection with Tyler, a hot lawyer. After several days of texting Tyler, a strong connection between the two prompts them to meet in person at Christy’s bar. When he stands her up, she meets Shannon instead & learns that she’s Tyler’s lesbian sister, that catfished her on the site. Shannon had noble intentions of helping her brother find a nice date, but really connected with Christy. Christy & Tyler finally meet & get to know each other with Shannon’s reluctant help. Christy hilariously schools Tyler on how to please a woman, & he’s starting to do a nice job. Shannon’s jealousy is revealed one night when she finally seduces Christy. With flooded emotions and sexual confusion, Christy focusses on work, dumps Tyler and shuts out Shannon. After weeks of being miserable, Christy turns the tables, embraces her sexuality and catfishes Shannon.

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Chapter 1


Christy is lying flat on her back and looking up at the ceiling, bored and unimpressed. All she hears is snoring, and she can feel the vibration of the body lying next to her. Jeffery Jones has been her steady boyfriend for almost a month, yet it seems like they’ve been together much longer. He is sweet and a successful stockbroker, but Christy can’t seem to get past his loud snoring, teeth grinding, overly sensitive, overly attentive, and always right attitude. In that moment, Christy realizes she is longing for something deeper. Something forever. A committed relationship with her soulmate. She wants to share the joys and burdens of daily life. She wants to come home to someone, rather than go home to get away from someone.

“Am I too picky or not picky enough? What does my forever person look like?” she says to herself. “Jeffery is not IT!” Christy says as she gets dressed and sneaks out of Jeffery’s apartment while he continues to sleep.

Christy takes the short drive back to her apartment and walks through the front door as Maurice is about to walk out.

“Hey, Maurice, nice to see you again. Have a good day,” Christy announces.

“You too, hot stuff,” he replies and shuts the door. Christy walks into Angie’s bedroom and lies on the bed with her.

“Ugh, are you going back to sleep or staying up because I am going to take a nap. Fucking Jeffery kept me up all night,” Christy says as she sighs and closes her eyes.

“Girl, you get it. Jeffery doesn’t look like the stamina type, but I guess looks aren’t everything,” Angie replies, smiling and staring at her roommate.

Christy opens one eye and looks toward Angie.

“Girl, are you kidding me? He was snoring. Jeffery can’t last longer than a teenage boy while looking at his porn mag.”

Angie giggles and puts her arm around Christy to hold her. “Well, you could join Maurice and me, because he has enough for the both of us. I am so sore. I am afraid to get up and walk. Something might fall out.”

Christy looks over to Angie, “Don’t brag.”

They lie still with their eyes closed and on the verge of falling asleep. “You know, Ang, aren’t you just sick of this stuff?”

“Of what? Having the best sex of my life…umm yeah,” Angie says sarcastically.

“No, having these meaningless relationships and just settling. Jeffery is a good guy, but he is not my soulmate. Don’t you want that, your soulmate?”

“Oh shit, are you going to get sensitive on me and cry, because I am not awake enough for that,” Angie replies with a snarl.

“Fuck you. No, I think I’m going to try a dating site, or just something different, and stop dating the same ol’ loser guys that go to my bar.”

“I know, I met Maurice at your bar, and Jack, and Trent, and almost all of them. I either spend too much time at your bar or date too many losers.”

“Well, I love having you at my bar. But for real, I think I am going to try Union.net. Have you heard anything good about that dating site?”

“Umm … not really, but it has to be better than Meetme.com, the hookup site. Look, I need to get ready for work. Let me know if you make a profile because I want to approve it, especially the pictures,” Angie says while kissing Christy on the head and getting out of bed.

“What? Why? What’s wrong with my pictures?”

“I just want to make sure you look hot and not boring and desperate with a bunch of family and cat pictures,” Angie concludes as she steps in the shower.

Christy crosses her arms with a saddened look on her face as she calls her cat, Gemma. The cat jumps on the bed, and Christy begins petting her. “Maybe just one picture,” she says out loud to herself as she strokes the black and white cat.

Christy makes it into her room and shuts the door with Gemma beside her. She turns on her laptop that is on her desk and next to her bed. Christy takes a few more pets of the cat’s fur and then moves her away.

“Alright, let’s do this,” she says to herself as she types in the website “Union.Net.” Christy begins setting up her profile and moving pictures from Facebook to the site. She answers all the profile questions and starts putting in her likes and dislikes.

“What would I want on a deserted island?” Christy says and then begins to type in Gemma but suddenly stops when she realizes that wouldn’t be good.

“Ok, don’t be weird,” she mentions to herself. Christy finishes her profile and jumps in bed to begin her nap.

On Thursday evening, Christy is at Dougan’s bar during happy hour, and it is hopping. Dougan’s is a local pub in Boston, Massachusetts, and Christy is the general manager. She tends to work long hours. She has an office, and that is where she spends most of her time except at happy hour and busy times in which she is out on the floor bussing tables, taking orders, and collecting payments.

Christy wears nice slacks and a bar t-shirt along with dress shoes or tennis shoes on the weekends. Christy gives Maurice a 2-finger peace sign as she walks by. He is in the back of the bar, throwing some darts with two guys and a girl. Christy is keeping an eye on him because he seems to be flirting with the female. She grabs her phone from her back pocket and texts Angie.

Angie is an IT technician and will usually swing by the bar on the way home from work after staring at a computer or components all day. Angie replies and lets Christy know that she will come by. Around 8 p.m., Angie walks through the busy, standing-room-only Dougan’s bar.

She looks around but is having a hard time finding anyone she knows. Angie spots her best friend Christy bent over the bar and talking to a good-looking guy. She has her right hand under her chin and is leaning into her arm.

“Really? It’s been half a day and you are back at it,” Angie says as she wiggles up next to the guy talking to Christy. Christy gives her an evil eye and a motion to stop.

“Half a day of what? What do you nice ladies have going?” the gentleman asks, looking at both.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just girl stuff,” Christy replies, smiling big, then continues, “Excuse us for just a moment.”

Christy walks around the counter and takes Angie by the hand and leads her to her office.

“The beds still warm, Chris,” Angie laughs.

“Yeah, I know, but I broke up with Jeffery last night through text. So hey, Maurice is here, but don’t worry about that because I need you to look at my profile. I got on Union.net,” Christy explains as she lifts up her laptop to log on.

Angie sits on the side of Christy’s desk in her dress slacks and a buttoned-up collared shirt.

“Ok, but don’t get mad at me for the criticism,” Angie states. Christy looks over to Angie, wondering what she will think and say. The site loads, and Christy logs in. A selfie profile picture pulls up next to her name.

“Ok, not bad.”

Then Angie uses the cursor to navigate through the rest of the pictures and bio. Angie is not saying a word.

“What!? Say something,” Christy says. “The pictures aren’t bad, but they are all selfies. You look selfish and like you have no friends and then BAM! There’s the cat, and the guys are going to be like, “Oh, a cat lady with no friends.”

Christy turns her head to the side and gives Angie the evil eye once more and then the finger.

“And then your bio reads like you are a butch lesbian,” laughs Angie. She is pointing and explaining herself. “Low maintenance, you like sports and fishing, and then there’s camping which equals butch lesbian.”

“Oh my God, you’re right, but I was trying to look active and fun.” Angie tells Christy that they need to go out to the bar and take some pictures with the staff and customers and post them, so it will make her look fun and friendly.

Christy gets into her purse and puts on lipstick and fixes her hair.

“Alright, girl, you look hot. Let’s go,” Angie says regarding her hazel-eyed, brunette friend. Both ladies are 24 years old and are beautiful and successful. The ladies have been childhood friends since grade school. While living close in the same city, they went to school and were cheerleaders together through high school. They always said they would stay friends and they have. Although they attended different colleges, the buddies ended up together in Boston and as roommates. The financial benefits of having a roommate is always good. Neither one has been in a serious enough relationship to split the two, because they have been concentrating on their careers for the most part.

Christy and Angie go out on the bar floor and hook up with the bartenders and patrons to take some photos.

Angie has Christy’s phone and is the one capturing the pics. She tells Christy to move towards the pool tables and games, so she doesn’t look like an alcoholic around the bar and all the drinks. When taking some more pics, she sees Maurice kissing another girl and captures it on the phone. Angie hands Christy the phone and then goes over to Maurice to confront him.

“So, that easy, huh? You just move right along,” Angie says, walking up behind him. “I thought we could date other people,” he replies.

“We never talked about it, but I guess that’s what you want, so sure. But why don’t you take me out of your love haram,” Angie chirps and walks away. “Fucking jerk!”

She goes over to the guy that Christy was talking to earlier and starts up a conversation. Christy watches part of the debacle as she finishes up her photos. She heads over to the two, “Last one,” says Christy, getting close to Angie. She kisses Angie’s cheek and clicks the button.

“Now, that will be a good one,” Christy says. She leaves Angie with the guy and then continues walking around and doing her job.

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