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Noah Williams , is a carefree, happy go-lucky kind of guy. He is gay and is happy with who he is . That is until it caused the greatest heartbreak of his life. Afterwhich, he became much more introverted and is determined to complete his senior year and get the hell out so he can attend college and have a new beginning where no one knows anything about him. Where he can have a clean slate. Where he can put it all behind him. Where he can finally forget about him. Mathew Summers , is as straight as they come. He's the new kid that just transferred in and starts dating the popular Jane. He's never really cared about anyone or thought about having a real relationship. Until he meets Noah. What he doesn't anticipate is the effect that the pale skinned, sharp mouthed classmate of his , has on him and it confuses the hell out of him. Will he come to accept it and embrace it, or will he continue to push everyone away.. including Noah? NOTE: THIS IS A BL BOOK! (BOY X BOY) Meaning there is intimacy between men. If you do not like it...kindly refrain from reading.. Thank you!

Romance / Drama
Hyun Ji
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Chapter 1

Noah POV

I mentally groaned as I heard my alarm clock ringing.. I reached out and whacked it off the nightstand, hearing a thud and the sound stop.

I sighed as I brought my arm over my eyes... the absence of that annoying ringing sound , also meant I had to get up. Summer was over, and as much as I dreaded it.. I had to go to school.

Don't get me wrong.. I sort of liked school.. the assholes and narrow minded people that attended it.. not so much.. I couldn't fathom why people found it their life long goal to make others' lives a living hell.. why couldn't everyone just mind their own business for once??

Since this was my senior year, I was determined not to let their dumb remarks and comments get to me.. I was going to remember this year and have a blast.. screw them all!!!

I got up , and made my way to the shower. After standing underneath it for almost an hour, I finally got out and dressed myself in black skinny jeans and a blue denim shirt and I rolled the sleeves, something I always did.. I ran my hand through my hair a couple times and looked at myself in the mirror..

I would say I was average looking.. I had pale skin and almost plump, red lips.. people always accused me of wearing lip balm to make them so red, but they were naturally that colour, not that anyone believed me..

I had dark, almost black hair, that I always kept short. I wasn't very tall, maybe about 5.3 or 5.4 ..though I think I grew a bit over the summer..

After I got dressed, I went downstairs , to find my mother making breakfast and my Dad, sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper, the way he did every morning..

"Hey kiddo.. sleep well?" My dad asked , still reading the newspaper..

"Yup.. and you" I said sitting down at the table and eating my breakfast... I saw him nod as he continued to read the paper.

"Honey do you want to go shopping with me this afternoon... I could pick you up from school, then we could go to the mall?" She asked as she sat down next to me..

"Mom just because I'm gay doesn't mean I automatically like to go shopping.. I happen to dread it actually.." I said as I stuffed my mouth with eggs.

"Come on.. it'll be fun.. we can get waffles." I just nodded , seeing her smile those huge smiles of hers and continued eating. I knew it was pointless in debating with her, she always had a way of making me feel like a bad son for not wanting to spend time with her.

I came out to my parents when I was fifteen,well more like , was forced to.. but that's a story of its own.. basically they weren't happy about it in the beginning, mostly my Dad, but gradually they came to accept me and even had my wedding planned out..

Well, I had to first find the groom..

Since then, I have had a quiet a few hookups , but I can say without a doubt, that I have never fallen in love..no one has ever captivated my heart and attention enough for me to do so..

I finished my breakfast and left before my mother decided to make us wear matching outfits.. Sometimes I felt the need to comply with her outrageous demands since I was the only child..

When she was pregnant with me, the dumb doctor told her she was having a girl, thus, she mentally prepared herself for her new best friend, I'm sure she even planned out our salon sessions together and everything.. to her disappointment... boom! Out came a boy..

So in a nutshell, I sometimes felt bad, since she couldn't do the things she wanted to do with me because I was a boy.

I unlocked my car and slowly drove to school. I turned on the radio and started singing to whatever was playing..

Since I was a kid, I loved singing.. I was practically singing before I could even talk.. I would say that I was pretty good at it, though I never actually sang in front of anyone before, not even my parents. I felt like it was something intimate about myself , that I didn't want to share with anyone.

As I neared the school building, I turned the radio off and parked the car. I sat in my car for about a minute gathering my thoughts and composing myself for the shit I was about to deal with soon..

I might be a senior and all, but this school was still filled assholes who acted like kids..

After getting out of my car, I locked it and walked across the parking lot to the main entrance. I adjusted my backpack on my shoulder and went in.

It looked the same as it did three months ago. Then again, what was I actually expecting??

I walked down the halls, ignoring the same looks I always got since that incident three years ago, you'd think by now people would have gotten over it already, not that I cared anymore, it was in the past and I had moved on, moved on from him, and I'm certain he did the same.

I walked to my locker and dumped my books inside, taking what I would need for the first three periods.I however, didn't fail to miss the looks I got from Carter ,who was known as the school bully, and his squad, who stood a few feet away from me.

After I took out the things I would need, I closed my locker and turned around, only to find Carter standing behind me with his boy squad behind him. I raised my eyebrow at him, in a way that indicated I wanted to know what the hell he wanted.

He laughed and walked towards me. I refused to move an inch and instead stayed in my place despite his advances.. making him squash me against my locker.

"Still gay huh.. I thought you'd finally straighten out this summer" he said laughing, causing his boy squad to laugh as well.

I didn't see the joke, they probably didn't either, but they probably felt compelled to laugh since he was laughing, which if you ask me, was the dumbest thing!

I looked at him straight in the eye and smirked.. I raised my thumb to his nose and wiped away a bit of the powder I saw. I ignored the slight flinch he made when I touched him.

It wasn't like I was going to rape him like everyone thought gay guys did!

"Still a crackhead huh.. I thought you'd finally go to rehab over the summer" I laughed and walked past him , as I heard him yell after me..

" Go suck a dick Williams!"

I raised a middle finger at him and carried on walking down the hall, without looking back. As I neared the corner, I turned around and smirked at him saying...

"I'm told that I'm good at it!" ..

I almost laughed at his pale expression, almost like he was daring me to say something next.. but I left him with that and walked to my class...

Lord! G ive me patience this year!

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