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Chapter 2

Noah POV

I sat in my place twirling my pen around as people began to pile in , in small groups. I decided to read over the material just incase we did anything besides introductions.

I heard that we were getting a new teacher this year, since our old one left on maternity leave. I sighed as I read through the pages briefly...

This year was really going to drag...

I just wished I could get the hell out of here and head to college already.. where no one knew me.. where there would be no drama.. where I could have a clean slate and hopefully fall in love...

"Okay class.. everyone take your seats.." .. I looked up and saw a middle aged woman standing in the front of the class..

She must be the new teacher.. seriously.. what in the world made her want to teach high school kids.. that was like a death sentence..

" My name Mary Daniels, and I'll be your new English and homeroom teacher for this year.. why don't we start by introducing ourselves huh? Who wants to go first?"

Did she think we were pre schoolers??

"Lady.. we all know each other already.." Carter said , making everyone laugh , to which I just rolled my eyes.

"Mrs. Daniels.. and secondly, I don't know any of you do I? So why don't we start with you.." she said smirking.. I watched as Carter rolled his eyes and stood up, introducing himself.

One by one, everyone did the same, till it came to me.. I sighed and stood up about to introduce myself, when Carter screamed over my voice..

"Faggot.." .. everybody burst into laughter , but I just stood there , already used to whatever they would say..

Seriously, they've got to come up with new names already...

" Do you have a problem with gay people Mr. Smith?" she asked, causing everyone to frown at her.. I suppose people generally thought that all elderly people wouldn't support being gay..

Utter bulllshit..

Carter just shrugged and remained silent.. she nodded and smiled at me, gesturing for me to continue.. I was grateful for what she did.. not many teachers in my school cared to stand up for those of us who were gay..

They all turned a blind eye to the bullying that took place in front of their very eyes and chose not to do anything about it.. I smiled back at her and told her my name.

"Noah.. it's a beautiful name.." .. she smiled and turned around to the board and wrote out the title we'd be reading this year. Just as the bell rang

Romeo and Juliet..

I grabbed my things and made my way out before she called me to her desk to give me the I'm-here-if- you-need-to-talk speech.. it wasn't that I didn't like her or anything.. I just didn't want the extra attention that would ultimately result in more taunting..

I walked through the halls and entered my next class which was chemistry.. I loved chemistry for some reason, well basically anything and everything that had to do with science intrigued me. It was one of the few classes that I actually paid attention in.

I sat at my usual seat and glanced at Mr. Gilbert who was busy writing down some formulas on the board and what we would be covering this year. He rarely spoke aside from when he was teaching. I suppose he was one of those teachers that just came to teach and if you paid attention or not, that was your own problem.

He turned to us when we all took our seats and dusted his hands.

"Okay.. I'll be changing your lab partners this year.. so pass the page along and see who is your partner, and no you cannot change your partner. You'll be stuck with him or her for rest of the year. Note I have written your student numbers so you cannot cheat.." he said as he gave the page to the person in front of him.

I saw the page being passed around , hearing some people sigh while others smiled widely.. I just secretly prayed that I wouldn't be paired up with an asshole. When the paper finally reached me.. I braced myself and read the name.

Mathew Summers.

The name rang a bell somewhere, though I couldn't put a face to it. I knew he was part of Carter's football squad, since I heard him calling for a Mathew before, but then again it could have been anyone . I didn't even know there was a Mathew in my class, though in the same breathe, I didn't pay attention to anyone in this school..

I looked up from the page when I heard someone say something along the lines of "he's the fag over there".. I guess he didn't know who I was either. I glanced in his direction and was met with a pair of curious blue eyes.

I was right.. he was on the football team with Carter, given the football jacket he was wearing, though I don't think they were actually friends.. He made his way towards me and I took this opportunity to quickly scan him.. not in a perverted way though.. I might me gay, but that didn't mean I wanted to jump anything that had a dick!

He was relatively tall, maybe about 6.4 and quite muscular.. there was no denying that he had a six pack maybe even an eight pack underneath that shirt of his. It made sense for him to be so muscular since he was on the football team.

He had a dark shade of blond hair, almost light brown and light blue eyes. His complexion was slightly tanned , which complemented his pouty lips and high cheek bones. He was actually kind of handsome, if it wasn't for the fact that he was probably just as much of an asshole as the rest of male population of this school.

He reached my desk and sat down next to me, not saying a word , and waiting for the chaos of everyone changing places to sit next to their respective partners, to finally die down.

I guess he too didn't want the "gay boy" as partner..

I shook it off and looked ahead.. that was his problem.. I wasn't going to let anyone's comments get to me like they did in the past.. I just had this year and I would be out..

I just had to wait it out...

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