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Carrier [Mxm] (UNEDITED)

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Theodore has always had the short end of the stick in life. Born into a life of poverty and then orphaned and abandoned at birth. Theodore has no prospect of what it means to be truly happy. Living each say as it comes , relying on his survival instincts and hoping to one day live a life better than the one he was always known. A life that seemed to be filled with difficultly upon difficulty. Little did he know that his life would forever change the day he walked out of the hospital one fateful morning. Hand clasped tightly on his belly, hoping that it had worked, for it was his only chance at a better life. A life that he hoped was not filled with hardship and continuous trials and tribulations. A life that had been offered to him by the great billionaire, Vincent De Larouè on the condition that Theordore would carry his heir. NOTE: This story contains a homosexual storyline as well as Male Pregnancy, if that is something that you find uncomfortable, kindly do not read this.

Romance / Other
Hyun Ji
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Chapter 1

He let out a shaky breath as he closed his eyes tightly, the tingly sensation of something cold moving along his stomach causing an uneasy feeling to arise as he opened his eyes and turned to look at the doctor who had fixed his gaze on the monitor in front of him. The doctor looked at the monitor with concentration all over his face.

"You've been taking the prescribed medications as instructed?" The doctor asked, his attention on the monitor.

Theodore nodded not trusting his voice enough to answer for he feared the knot in his throat would break free and spill forth the tears he hated so much, the very tears he had been trying to keep back. Nothing was more disgraceful to him than crying. It never solved any of his problems before, if anything it made him feel even weaker and always left him with a feeling that felt as though his head would burst. His delicate eyes were always swollen and reddened making him look all the more pathetic.

He remained silent as Gerald, his doctor moved the transducer around his flat stomach, looking for the one thing that would change his life forever.

Theodore was one of the males born with what was called the 'MP Gene.' A gene so rare that there hadn't been a medical name established for it as yet. MP meaning "male pregnancy". This very gene came into being through a chemical imbalance in the hormones within the body which caused the mergence of two cells into one forming an entirely new one. Because of the imbalance, the body formed parts in the individual that were not normally formed in others. In Theodore's case, his body had formed a womb unknown to him until it had been discovered purely through an accident. He had fainted at work due to extreme exhaustion and had been rushed to the hospital. Dr. Gerald, who had tended to him had run the test on him, elated at the results that showed him positive for the gene he had been searching for, a plan then forming within his mind.

He had known his dear friend and great billionaire Vincent De Laroù had been looking for someone to carry his heir. Since he and his husband of six years had been trying for years to conceive unsuccessfully despite his husband testing positive for the gene as well. Vincent had been looking for a male to carry his heir for what he termed as personal reasons.

At first, Theodore had been perturbed and greatly uncomfortable when the proposal that had been offered to him by Dr. Gerald. The initial shock of having the gene, coupled with proposal of having to carry an heir for a billionaire had been too much for him to take in all at once. Dr. Gerald had informed him that procedure would be done through an insemination and no intimate interaction between him and Vincent would take place. In addition to that, Vincent would also take care of everything Theodore would need during the pregnancy as well greatly compensate him for his part in giving him an heir to his empire. The idea itself seemed wrong to Theodore somehow and yet he could not help the gasp that escaped his throat when he looked at the digits on the check that had been written out for him, a number that he could not even read. Theodore knew that if he accepted the proposal he would never have to worry about a single thing in his life after that. He knew that all the hardships he had been undergoing until then would all vanish with one check.

Theodore waited as he laid on his back, the cold feeling of the gel on his stomach had now turned warm as Dr. Gerald moved the transducer around, his eyes fixed on the monitor squinting as his eyes travelled the screen. A short while later, the sound of a heartbeat emanated off the monitor and filled the room.

"There it is. I was quite worried when we couldn't hear it earlier." He commented as he moved the device around Theodore's stomach trying to get a closer angle.

"Have you been feeling anything else besides the Nausea?" Dr Gerald asked, his eyes turning to Theodore for a second before he turned them back to the monitor.

"Just tired." Theodore answered quietly. He was not accustomed to speaking so much.

He had never been a person of much words, in fact he only said what was necessary and nothing more or nothing less. A part of that was due to the concept of speaking when spoken to that had been instilled into him at a very young age by the women who took care of him at the orphanage where he had been left as an infant. The other part was that he just disliked talking. It involved interactive action with other people and that was something he was not fond of.

He looked down at his stomach which was completely flat as it always had been, thinking of how a little life was growing and forming inside him. At that very moment there was a new life inside of him.

Would the child look like him? He hoped not, for the child's sake.

He put a stop to his thoughts before they ran off to places he knew were dangerous. Places that would scare off anyone who ventured near them. Nothing good ever came from being a parent for he knew nothing of it. He had been left at a doorstep of an orphanage days after his birth according to the women who had found him. He had grown up never knowing his parents or why they hadn't wanted him. Nor had he ever had a parental figure in all his life. He stayed at the orphanage until he was eighteen and then moved into the world. During his stay at the orphanage he would often wonder one thing.

Was there something wrong with him?

He had watched all the other children he grew up with, get adopted into loving homes smiling and laughing the day they left and yet he sat on the window sill of the room he used to share with three other boys and watched everything. Before long the room became his alone as the boys all got adopted leaving him by himself to watch as everyone found loving homes. Each parent who came had looked at him and moved onto the next child leaving Theodore with the thought of wondering just what was wrong with him. What did the other children have that he didn't?

Was it his extremely pale skin? Or his white hair? Was it the fact that his blue eyes sometimes looked red? Or that he had looked more like a girl than a boy when numerous people had come looking for sons?

"Take two of these a day and try to stay off your feet" Dr. Gerald uttered as he wrote down a prescription and placed it on the table while he pulled the machine away and packed away all the equipment. Theodore sat up and wiped away the gel on his stomach, his eyes still glued on the screen that showed the tiny little being growing inside him captured at an angle that made every detail visible.

"Vincent insisted on a picture. Numerous ones" Dr Gerald said as he chuckled and printed out a few pictures, placing them in an envelope.

All the while, Theodore hadn't looked away from the monitor wondering what it felt like to have a parent. He had never had parents himself and couldn't ever think of putting someone through what he went through, and yet here he was doing the exact same thing.

But it wasn't the same was it?

The child within him would grow up in a loving home, loved by parents who would make sure they never felt short of anything. The child would never know what hunger felt like, or what was despair and hopelessness felt like. What it felt like to stay awake at night wondering why you were so different , or out of the fear getting beat up by other kids. Moreover, child would never know what it felt like to be unwanted.

And that was enough for him..

He reached out and placed his index finger on the glass of the monitor for a second before he withdrew his finger and turned his gaze away, looking at Dr. Gerald who had written all his prescriptions and smiled at him.

"Vincent and Nigel would like to schedule a meeting with you. To meet the person carrying their child."

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