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Life for seventeen year old Caleb Mathews was anything but the life of a normal teenager his age. Strip dancing and having sex with rich men was the only thing he knew, after all it brought in the money he needed to get himself out of the hell he'd been living with his drunkard mother. In order to cope with selling his body, he turns to drugs and alcohol , hoping for it to rid him of the disgust he feels every time some rich man touches him. Caleb has it all planned out. Make enough money to get himself out and never look back.. But what happens when Kyle Danvers, the straightest jock to ever walk the halls of Lakeveiw High, walks in the club requesting a lap dance??? AN: NOTE: THIS IS A BL BOOK! (BOY X BOY) Meaning there is intimacy between men. If you do not like it.. kindly refrain from reading.. Thank you!! TRIGGER WARNING! ⚠️ Mention of Non-Consensual sexual encounter in this book.

Romance / Drama
Hyun Ji
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Chapter 1

-This story is based on an alternate universe , meaning that whatever takes place in this story perfectly normal according to the story and characters within it.



Caleb POV

I let out a shaky breath as the man above me finally released after prolonging it for so long that I began to think I was going to pass out which would not even be the first time.

He pulled out of me and pulled off the condom and threw it in the trashcan that was placed in the corner of my VIP room, which was the room where I usually offered my 'special services'.

Although Randy, the owner of the club wasn't particularly fond of my services, he didn't stop it, considering as it brought him his wealthiest customers kept the Club at number one.

I laid on my stomach, waiting for the man to untie me and when he finally did, I rubbed my wrists, feeling my blood begin to circulate once again after being cut off for hours. I turned onto to my back and watched him zip up his pants and I tried my best not look at him with a disgusted look as he adjusted his wedding band on his finger. He placed my bills on the table before he left, not saying anything else and frankly I didn't expect him to, after all I was just someone who he fucked just to get his rocks off when his wife couldn't give it to him just like the countless others who had come in before him.

I looked at the marks on my wrists and groaned when I thought about having to cover them up with make up again, the same way I had to cover the marks on my neck, after all, Randy wanted us flawless when we strip danced on the stage and even one blemish on his dolls as he called us, and he would have my whole service shut down.

It wasn't that I actually liked having different men screw me every night, in fact if I wasn't being tied up in very painful positions then I was being spat on while they pounded me. Other times they even went as far as choking me till I passed out. I wasn't some kind of masochist who derived sexual gratification and pleasure from my own pain and humiliation, but it was those very customers that had those kinks who usually paid the highest price and if they paid for it, I was going to give it, as much as I hated it, but I needed the money.

And it wasn't like I hadn't tried anything else before. When I was younger, I had waited tables and even did newspaper deliveries. I would cut peoples' grass on the weekends and wash cars, but I soon realized that if I was going to continue that way, it would be years before I could get out and with the way things were going, I would most definitely be dead by then.

After the man had left, I got up and pulled on my skin tight golden shorts and stood in front of the mirror. I adjusted my wig and ran my hand through my now blond hair, just to make it looked less like bed hair and to calm it down a bit. I suppose I should be grateful that this one wasn't into choking because I was really in no mood to apply foundation to my skin that usually reddened within seconds. I let out a sigh before I opened my door and walked out and into the middle of the strip club.

Randy always made sure that we walked around the club in nothing but shorts that seemed like our actual skin with how tight it was.

I walked towards the bar and sat down on the stool, trying not to wince at the extreme pain in my ass and smiled at the bar tender who was always so friendly and for once I didn't have to wonder if he had any reason behind his smiles like I had to with everyone else who smiled at me, as he was happily married to Randy for the past two years. In fact, he too was once a stripper with me, but once he got married, Randy forbid him from doing it anymore.

He smiled back as he walked towards me and I wondered what it felt like to have someone who loved you so much that they wanted you all to themselves to such an extent, they didn't even want anyone else looking at you. I shook the thoughts from my head knowing it was futile to think them anyway.

"You look like shit kid." He said as he pushed a glass of what I was hoping was something strong, towards me.

"Thanks." I said as I took the glass and took a sip.

"It's on me. You looked like you needed it. The guy that came out of there was actually bragging about how he fucked Goldie's brains out." He said making me shake my head while I took another sip.

Since I always wore a blond wig as a disguise which I'm almost sure was pointless because no one really took notice of me anyway, but none the less I always played it safe, and hence , Randy had given me the nickname 'Goldie'.

"Well he's not wrong on that one, I'm probably going to be sore till tomorrow's session. Thank God he was the last one for tonight. What time is it anyway?" I asked as I drank the rest of my drink and looked at Danny as he checked his watch.

"It's heading for two thirty, I'm guessing Randy will start clearing out in fifteen minutes." He said as he wiped the counter.

I nodded at him and got off the stool. I thanked him once more before I made my way back to my room. I collected my day's cash which was a lot surprisingly and I couldn't help but smile at that as I made my way out of the club and towards the bus station where I would most definitely have to wait for another thirty minutes since the next bus was only coming around at three am. I shook my head and tried to take solace in the fact that..

I was only going to be living this shit life until senior year ended.. then I would be out. Once and for all.

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