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When Love Happens

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A gripping story of two different people and their cultures. (A romance that literally sparks). After Alexandra Johnson got admission into Hanyang University, all she imagined it would be isn’t exactly how it was. There is a lot more to the college than she thought...Her life changed when she met Baek Ha Joon (an antisocial senior) “He is a devil” His old roommate had reported before he left. “I heard he had a rough childhood, that is the reason for his cold behavior... he doesn’t talk to anyone” =========== It all started when he made a weird proposal to her, to be his fake girlfriend for a while, to avoid all the attention he gets from girls. Alexandra didn’t want to be used so she decided she would help him only if he accept to do one thing that seemed impossible for him. “I want you to be nice to people,” said Alexandra. Will the mean senior that is so desperate to stop the attention he gets, accept her proposal? Will his mentality change when the outgoing foreigner (Alexandra) enters his life. Will he be able to tear down his walls and make his heart come alive again? Follow me on this journey as Ha Joon discover the hidden truth about his family, the unexpected love, jealousy, hatred, romance, and racism. Will he always be around when life throws obstacles at her?

Romance / Erotica
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The Beginning

She made a soft moan and even heard her name faintly across the room, the lady chewed her mouth and groaned as the voice calling her name kept getting close.

"Let me sleep..." She said softly still closing her eyes firmly.

"ALEXANDRA!" That voice forced her to stand up sharply and angrily.

"MOM!" Alexandra yelled, hair looking rough and her mom could see how unkept the lady's room was.

"Your flight leaves in an hour!" Her mom yelled back.

"Oh my!" Alexandra jumped up as she raced into her bathroom.

"Why didn't you wake me up!?" The young lady yelled as she opened the shower.

Ms. Johnson is a middle-aged woman, she takes both her job and children seriously, ever since Mr. Johnson (Alexandra's dad) left them to be with another woman, she has been trying her best to provide a good life for the family.

Ms. Johnson helped Alex pack her headphones and other things she would need in her backpack.

"Did you even get some sleep? I told you light out by 11 so you can get good sleep and wake up early." Ms. Johnson questioned, she could see Alex running out of the shower.

"I think so," Alexandra answered, trying to put on her new skinny jeans that the young lady had kept separately in her wardrobe.

"Oh, my lord! Just hurry up." Her mom said pulling out Alex's bags.

With excitement and eagerness, Alex hurried out of her room and joined her mom in the car.

"The important school files?" Ms. Johnson asked for the sake of not forgetting anything.

"All in the bag, ready!" Alexandra answered, half smiling as she checked her wristwatch.

"20 more minutes, hurry up mom!" Alex said as her heart beat faster.

The young lady thought about how she was going to leave her only best friend (Justina) and life in Houston.

A sigh was forced out as her mom drove off, began packing her blonde hair up, and almost looked like her mom, but she always says that Alex got her dad's nose.

"The month is gonna be so exciting to me." She had thought, the little lady had gotten admission into her dream university (Hanyang University) and her 21st birthday was coming up soon as well.

They arrived at the airport and right after, Alex took out the bags and hurried out of the car, making their way into the airport.

"We are right on time." Ms. Johnson sighed, they could see people going in already.

"Be a good girl there and I'm gonna tell Kate you are on your way to Seoul already." Ms. Johnson said, wanting to assure that everything will run smoothly.

Kate is Ms. Johnson's first child, she was 8 when the dad of the family left home.

Alex was 4 so she didn't really know her dad, Kate had left for South Korea when she was 19 for college, the lady finished college 2 years ago and already found a job in Seoul.

"Mom! I'm gonna be fine! I have to go." Alexandra assured, hugged her mom right after, and uttered. "I love you"

"Awe my baby! I love you too." Ms. Johnson repeated, trying to control her tears from dropping. The thought of her two children living away from her was truly heavy.

Alexandra sat down inside the plane and gave out a deep sigh, missing her mom was definitely the inevitable, and the thought of seeing her one more time arose.

"What are you doing Alex? You're a big girl, you're gonna be fine." Alex muttered to herself as she looked out the window.

"I'm not gonna be fine." The young lady said once more with a followed groan projecting frustration. She had never been away from her mom till that day.

"Get hold of yourself cry baby, you will be fine," Alex added, tried to calm herself down as well, and noticed an old woman sitting next to her, staring.

Alex looked away shyly and realized she had been talking out loud all along.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Incheon International Airport, the local time is 10:20 pm and the temperature is 16 degrees C".

Alexandra took her bag and walked out of the plane, she could see the airport, a very big beautiful airport.

A smile arose as she reached out for her phone, and aimed to dial her sister's number.

When suddenly someone jumped out, startling her, Alexandra almost tripped and her phone fell as her sister gave out a hug.

"Oh my! Kate! Kate, it is you!" She hugged her sister tightly.

Kate stopped hugging her and looked at the little lady with a big smile on her face. Kate looked more like Alex but with long black hair just like her dad.

"You are as tall as me now! I didn't know it was you at first." Kate said half panting.

"It is me!" Alex said happily as she jumped at Kate again. "I missed you so much".

They hugged for a while.

"Come on let's go," Kate said helping Alexandra with her bags.

They headed out of the airport, Alexandra could not believe she was in Korea, she had cried when Kate was leaving and had also wanted to come to Korea, but her mom had told the little lady that she would also be going to Korea for college.

"Finally! After so many years." Alex spoke out happily, and her smile increased too.

"I know right!" Kate smiled excitedly, and they both got to the car.

"Is this your car?" Alex asked, checking the car out.

"A Toyota Corolla?" Alexandra pointed out once more as Kate helped her put the bags into the car.

"Yes of course." She laughed softly.

"Awe my sister is a big girl now." Alexandra gave out a loud chuckle.

"Ewww! I'm not a girl, I'm a pretty young lady!" Kate said sharply as they got in the car.

"No doubt," Alex replied, Kate drove away and Alexandra wouldn't stop asking questions about everything, bustling in excitement and wanting to hear more things about Korea.

They both laughed as Kate drove into her garage. "Here we are," Kate said pulling out her car keys, Alex got down looking around.

"Everything is different and beautiful," Alex said out excitedly, she could see a man and his son in the next apartment also coming out of their car.

"Anyoung!" Alexandra said smiling, the man smiled back, (meaning "hello" in English.)

"Geos-eun naega dangsin-i mi gugeoseoogo issdago malhan nae dongsaeng ibnida." Kate said to the man, (which translates to "This is my sister I told you was coming from the states.")

"Oh! Hello, welcome to Korea." The man said looking at Alex who looked at Kate surprisingly.

"What did you tell him, oh my! That was lit, I want to learn too." Alexandra said excitedly, her curiosity piqued.

"Yes I am happy to be here," Alex replied, smiling at the man.

"Yeppeun agassiege insa." The man said to his little son, (which translates to "say hello to the pretty lady.")

"Hello." The boy waved at Alexandra who waved back at him.

"So cute." She said as they both went in, Alexandra kept asking what she told the man in Korean.

"I said you are my sister from the states," Kate replied as she put on the lights.

"JESUS CHRIST! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Kate yelled out shockingly.
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