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The Bond That Liberates

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It's an account of a marriage between two people written from the perspective of one- the man . The pages with the red background are images from the womans mind- in dreams and flashes from waking life. The chapters are written as collections of memories that are arranged according to the promises made at the wedding. Has the marriage been successful is the question that he is trying to answer for himself while his wife has gone.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

1. The Ground

In the Drogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, the Ground is the primordial state. It is said to have three essentil qualities- ” essence” or emptiness, ” nature” or lucidity and ” power” the universal compassionate energy. It has both static potential and dynamic unfolding.


1. The ceremony will be out of the earnings of the both of us. No material gifts will be accepted. All cash that is received will be divided by two and passed on to the causes of our choices.

2. This marriage will birth and rebirth itself. There will not be any progeny in flesh from this union.

3. We will not kill, beat, humiliate any sentient being knowingly . If you eat living beings for food, you will respect it as such and cook and clean after yourself.

4. We will actively take part in putting end to oppressive practices in our families to break the transmission of violence yet we will take care to not speak ill about our lineages.

5. Since you are my Vajra partner, my whole and complete enlightenment is under your protection and I am yours. I need you to promise me to protect my silence and I promise to do yours.

6. Since our time on this Earth is short and precious, You will enable me to complete my worldly and spiritual tasks by taking ownership of the work of cooking, cleaning ,feeding and earning with joy. I promise to show up for my share of work and protect your time.

7. Since pleasure is blessed and leads to liberation from the Samsara , I will protect, respect and take pleasure in your body and ask the same. Our pleasure will not bond but free. I promise honesty and kindness in exchange of the trust you have placed on me by offering your body and its capacity to give pleasure.

8. Since everything is imperpmanent, so is our togetherness. When either of us recognise the end, we will inform the other , trying to cause minimal pain. I promise to support or help you find support through the pain inevitably caused and ask that you check on me. End withoutbitterness warrants that the life of the relationship be lived dutifully throughout its course. We will work towards a beautiful end right from the begining.



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