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When love lasts

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A rich boy who has everything that goes for the girl that's shy and has nothing, will this work out? will a rich kid and a poor girl be meant to be? He could have any girl he wanted but he picked her, why?...

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1: Felicity

"Felicity, it's time for school" Mom says. I get up and check my closet for what i want to wear. It took a minute but I decided to wear my green frog hoodie with a black skirt and black boots. I turn to my mother while I brush my long black hair. "Are you excited for the new kid coming to your school, I heard he's from London" mom says. "i guess so" I say shyly. To be honest i'm not the social type, i'm very shy but i feel like today will be different. I'm in therapy for my anxiety and social skills but it hasn't helped much. "The school bus is here sweetheart" Mom says. I run outside and try to find a seat by myself. There are no empty seats and I start to get nervous and fidgety. I found a girl sitting by herself, "um may i sit here..." I mumble quietly. "Of course" she says. "My name is melody by the way" Melody says. "I'm Felicity.." I mumbled quietly. "Nice to meet you Felicity" Melody says with a smile. We arrive at school and Melody invites me to sit with her in class. When we find our seats, The teacher announces that we have a new student. "Felicity, you have the same classes as Owen, can you please show him around and make sure he's comfortable" Mr. Peters said. "okay.." I mumbled quietly. All the girls in class blush at him but i don't see what's so appealing about him. He comes up to me smiling. "So your prettiness is my tour guide today" he says with a smile. "I guess so.." I mumbled quietly. "You're shy aren't you?" Owen says. "That's cute, Maybe i can help you with your shyness" Owen says with a smile. " that would be okay I guess..." I mumbled a little louder this time.

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