I Wish I Loved you

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[Anastasia’s POV]

“What do you think?” I asked upon coming out of the dressing room.

“I think that you look awesome and that we’ve all been here for an hour,” Ryan said tiredly.

“I think the same,” Tyler added.

“Oh yeah,” Mackenzie turned to them, “well I think that I told you that you’re here for moral support, not to verbally be assholes and complain every time she comes out of the dressing room.”

“Can we please leave? I never wanted to be dragged here in the first place.”

“No. Okay, listen, do either of you remember the last time we all hung out together?” They stayed quiet. “Exactly. I know Ana doesn’t remember, so you guys are going to stay here and then we are going to eat.” They both groaned but didn’t respond, with that Mac turned to me, “I don’t like it.”

“Me neither.” I shook my head and re-entered the dressing room to try something else on.

My goodness, maternity clothes were so comfortable. I sat in a booth next to Tyler and across from Mackenzie. The cravings had already begun to heavily set in, so we were eating Mexican.

“Wait,” Mac said, “so you pulled a scene from 10 Things I Hate About You?”

“Yeah, I hate talking about it because I’m terrified of heights.”

I looked over at Tyler, “I didn’t know you’re scared of heights... is that why you wouldn’t take the elevator in the mall? Because it was see through and you could see how high you were?”

“No, that is because of my fear of elevators.”

“Multiple fears, boy can I sure pick ’em.” I joked.

He laughed before facing Mac and Ryan again, “Anyways, I had to prove myself to Ana so many times that I had to get original. My beautiful wife here was going through a phase where all she did was stay in my apartment and watch sappy movies.” I smiled at the words ‘beautiful wife’ “So all she did was cry and make references to crap like Clueless, Pretty In Pink, When Harry Met Sally-”

“‘When Harry Met Sally’ is not crap!” I defended as Mac yelled. “Those are great movies!”

A quiet Ryan looked up, “My girlfriend Amanda all but forced me to watch a lot a few movies like that. I enjoyed ‘When Harry Met Sally’ though, and ’Sleepless in Seattle.”

“So, what you’re saying is that think Meg Ryan is hot?” Mackenzie asked.

Ryan nodded, “Pretty much.”

“Man, she’s like fifty.”

“She’s 53 and I’d still hit it if she was seventy.”

She rolled her eyes, “How I ever slept with you, I will never know.”

“Well, you were drunk...” he began to explain but Kenz cut him off.

“Shut it, Harris.” She looked at me, “I told you about me and him, right?” I nodded.

Lately, everyone had been trying to clue me in on as much as possible, so that there hopefully wouldn’t be any more big surprises. I’d learned a lot, about my past and my friends. Everyone went back to talking and I sat, just playing with my food.

After a while Tyler leaned over and whispered to me, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” I whispered back, happy that he at least noticed my behavior, “I’m just done.”

He glanced at my plate, “You’ve barely eaten anything.”

“I know, but if I eat it all I won’t be able to hold any of it down.” He nodded in an understanding fashion. “Want it?”

“I’ll take one for the team,” he joked.

I teased, “I’ll just give it to Ry-”

“No, I said I’d take one for the team.” Tyler took the plate away from my side and began to eat it.

“I need to pee,” Mackenzie suddenly stated, “pregnant lady come with me, I’m sure those babies are pressing against your bladder.” I got up as swiftly was a pregnant hippo could and followed her to the bathroom.

As soon as we entered the bathroom and she didn’t go into a stall I knew this was either a gossip session or an interrogation. Please not the latter.


Then again wishes didn’t always come true.


“What’s going on between you and Tyler?”

“Nothing,” I said truthfully.

“Well then what’s going on with you?”

“I just said nothing,” I quickly shot.

“I know you hit your head pretty hard, but not hard enough to forget that I’ve known you since like kindergarten and can tell when you’re lying.” I sighed and she gently hit my shoulder with hers, “You like him, don’t you?”

“What? No!” I lied.

“Oh, my goodness, this is just like college,” she exclaimed, “like super déjà vu. So, let me fill you in on how this goes. We’re at this club, Tyler shows up and you guys kinda do like this weird flirting-but-not-flirting thing, I drag you to the bathroom. In the bathroom, I ask if you like him, you go ‘No, never, he’s such an ass!’, but I work very diligently to get the truth and the truth is that you totally do!” I turned a little red, “And I’m so right!”

“Shut up, Mickey.” I shushed her.

She giggled hysterically, “Sorry, okay,” she took a deep breath, “I’ll be cool. Are you gonna tell him?”

“No, why would I do that?”

“Because I assume being in love with someone and not feeling like you’re getting anything back must suck.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Of course, I am, now let’s go before they think we’re secretly lovers.”

“Do we need to talk?”

“About my perverted thoughts? No, I’m sure my therapist has it covered.”

“I will make you dinner.”

“You do that every night and no.”

“Bake you a cake?”

“Can you even bake?”

“I know. I’ll let you drive.”

“Well, since you put it that way... no, and I know you’re lying.”

“Oh, come on, Ana,” Tyler pleaded. He laid on the bed, looking up at me.

“No, Ty,” I said his nickname mockingly; “I’m not letting you kiss my stomach.”

“But why? My babies crave their father’s kiss.”

“That sounded super creepy.”

“I realize that now.”

I shifted on the bed to grab the TV remote and started flicking through channels as we sat in a comfortable silence. Something that seemed to happening more often and Tyler noticed.

“You seem so much more comfortable around me these days,” he broke through the silence unexpectedly, “why’s that?”

I shrugged, “I guess you’ve grown on me.”

He smiled, “Finally, I can start with my plan.”

“And what plan might that be?” I chuckled and looked at him curiosity.

“My plan is to court you... again.”

“Why go through all that again? I was a horrible girlfriend.”

“Yeah, but now I’m courting you as my wife. Sub-consciously you already know you have me tied down or else we wouldn’t be married, so it’ll be different.”

I nodded, “It’ll be like that show Married at First Sight, “the name spurred memories of the most recent season, Sean and Davina were my OTP,” how we start?”

“There’s no ‘we’,” he shook his head, “I’m the man so it’s all me.”

“Okay... how do you start?”

“Like this.” He sat up in the bed and took my hands.” Anastasia Scott, will you go on a date with me?”

Instead of immediately saying yes, I decided to tease him, “Meh, I’ll think about it. I have a husband you know.”

“You could just not tell him about us,” he played along.

“In that case... when?”

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