I Wish I Loved you

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[Tyler’s POV]

I beamed, “Really?”

“I said when?” Anastasia replied with a giggle.

“Oh um, I hadn’t really planned on getting this far yet.”

“Why not?”

“The first time I did this you shot me down the first few tries.”

“More like every try.” I furrowed my eyebrows, “I’ve had a few memories come to me in dreams.”

“Like what?”

“I can’t really remember right now.” I could tell she was lying, but let it go.

“It doesn’t matter anyway, we could go out tonight.”

She shook her head, “Can’t. It’s our first date as far as I’m concerned, I have to tell Mackenzie, find something to wear that won’t make me look like an elephant on steroids, and get ready. That’s a full day process.”

I chuckled at her, “Fine, what about tomorrow?”

“We have a few bands coming out tomorrow, but I think I can do it.”

“Alight, then.” I awkwardly lay back down.

“If you want to freak out, the bathroom is accessible.”

“Thanks for that.” I said with small chuckle.

“No problem.”

“Buddy, great job!” Ryan patted me on the back.

“Yeah, man,” my friend Elijah commented from across the table. Maybe I should re-introduce Eli to Ana, he could make a better impression on her this time.

“No, dude, listen. If you just meet her, I swear you’ll love her.” I raved about my girlfriend to my best friend.

“No, I won’t, she took you away from me.”

“And how’d she do that if I’m right here?”

“You’re here,” he pointed to the ground, “but you aren’t here,” he pointed to my head.


He cut me off, “You’re always texting her or around her and the split seconds you aren’t you’re thinking about texting her or being around her. And an added bonus, you won’t be my wingman anymore because you’re scared that your clingy-”




“Controlling, fun-sucking-”

“Fucking Elijah!”

He looked up at me, “What?!”

“No, it’s okay babe,” a female voice said from behind Elijah, Anastasia came closer, “continue, Elijah, you stopped at fun-sucking.”

I groaned, “Hey, Ann.”

“Hey, Ty...” she shot a death glare his way but greeted him anyways, “Hello, Elijah.”

“How’s it been, Anastasia?”

“Absolutely peachy,” she retorted dryly then looked at me, “I was coming to sleep over, but you guys are having a guy’s night and a rant session, I guess I’ll just go home.”

Not following her was a mistake. She ignored me for almost a month after that.

“The date’s tonight, right?” Elijah asked.


“Maybe, I don’t know, you could let her meet me again. This time I swear I won’t be such an asshole and she’ll like me for once.” This statement made me realize why he had been my best friend since the fifth grade. We were always on the same wavelength, like brothers or something.

“Oh course, man.”

[Anastasia’s POV]

I watched my best friend freak out over my news.

“I totally called it!” she yelled, “Ryan owes me like twenty bucks.”

“You guys betted, on what?”

“How long it would take you guys to kiss or at least go on a date, I said at most three months and Ryan said at least six.”

“At least I really know who my friend is,” I joked, “... six months, really?”

“At least, so technically he thought it would take even longer. I know my sister though, it took you a month to fall in love with that man and a year to confess.”

“Did I tell you I loved him?”

“Tell me, no, you barely realized it yourself. Nobody knew you as well as I did, not even you.”

“Then how’d you know I loved him?”

“Around the two-week mark all you did was think about him and pretty much stayed in his apartment all day, then you got really possessive. You usually only got possessive and paranoid when you really liked a guy, and because if he left or cheated on you, you knew you’d be completely and utterly heartbroken.”

We sat in silence for a second before I asked, “Want to help me go dress shopping?”

“You still don’t have a dress?” I shook my head, “I guess I’ll close up shop then... the crap I do for your love life.”

“You love me.”

“Mackenzie!” I called.

“Yeah?” She appeared from around the corner with a stack of dresses in her arms.

“I like this one-”

“No,” she cut me off before I could say anymore, “this is why we shop together.”

“What’s wrong with it?” I held up the red fabric to myself.

“The dress is way too fancy for the date, plus you are not a pregnant escort which is what it makes you look like.”

I gasped, “You’re a lot meaner than I remember.”

“I’ve gotten my heart broken a few times,” she replied nonchalantly.

“We really need to talk about you more. Let’s have a girl’s night some time.”

“Sure, but right now,” she said, “we’re focused on you.”

“You keep deflecting.”

“And you keep picking up hooker dresses, you’re a mommy now, you can’t dress like that anymore.”

“You bitch, I have never dressed like hooker.”

“Let me remind you of the nightmare of Jeremy Castle.”

“You shut your face.”

[Tyler’s POV]

Babe: I’ll see you tonight

I know she told me to change her name in my phone to Anastasia, but I just couldn’t, it hurt just clicking ‘Edit Contact’.

Me: Definitely

I took a few seconds to think before I typed, ‘Want to meet a friend of mine?’

Babe: You have friends?

I could tell she was joking and imagined her giggling to her phone, Mackenzie looking at her suspiciously.

Me: I sure do thank you very much

It only took a second for her to respond, ′Well my bad, I’d love to meet him. Tonight?′

Me: Yeah, at dinner

Babe: So you’re taking me to dinner

Fuck, I always slipped up and ruined every surprise I’ve ever tried to plan for Anastasia. The only way I could keep my plan to propose a secret was practically ignoring her, she almost thought we needed couples therapy. I couldn’t lie my way out of this one.

Me: That’s one part

After she didn’t respond I set my phone down and started to get dressed, I had to pick her up in thirty minutes. I picked out just a pair of dark wash jeans, black and white Converse, and a white t-shirt along with unbuttoned flannel. Once I was done getting dressed and with my hair, I headed out.

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