I Wish I Loved you

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[Anastasia’s POV]

How I let either of those idiots talk me into this was beyond me. Soon after Tyler let me go he was back in the living room with Mac, putting up decorations that needed to be hung higher than she could reach.

Apparently, this wasn’t spur of the moment like many things in her life. Mackenzie had meticulously planned this little get together for months, without me knowing – another surprise. She was always known as one to have a hard time keeping secrets. Itching to tell, letting you know she had one, giving hints even. Yet, loyal enough to the secret - haver that she wasn’t telling anyone anything solid.

“Um, what do I do?” I’d asked after sitting on the couch and watching them work for a while. Well... more like watching Tyler work.

Tyler instantly stopped, “Crap, I forgot to make breakfast. You’re hungry, aren’t you?”

I chuckled, “Calm down, it isn’t that serious. We weren’t even thinking about food,” I said, referring to myself and the babies. As if to prove me wrong, my stomach growled, “... At least, not until you said something.”

A smile tugged at the end of his lips as he got down from the step stool he’d pulled out.

Walking to the kitchen, he asked, “What do you want?” I shrugged, “What about you, Mackenzie, you already eat?”

Without taking her eyes away from what she was doing she nodded, adding, “Uh – yeah, I had something.”

“Great.” He opened the refrigerator as I stood and moved to the island, watching him. When he turned back to me he held a bag with three avocados in it. “What’s this?”

“Ooh,” I held my hands to take them and he passed me the bag. “I got these to show you how big the babies are.”

I held the bag on my stomach for a moment, glancing over at Mackenzie. She still hadn’t looked this way. No, I hadn’t told her or anyone else about the extra extra addition to our soon-to-be family. I suppose the baby shower would be as good a time as any to tell everyone.

“Really? I thought they’d be bigger by now.”

“They would be if there were less. The more babies, the smaller they’ll be and sooner they’ll be born.”

“Yeah,” he whispered, “well, I’m kinda glad they’ll be here sooner.” He peeked over my shoulder at Mac, who I guess still hadn’t looked over because he placed a had on my stomach. I held it there with my hands for a while. “I can’t wait to see them.”

I smiled as he pulled away and started breakfast. “You reading your books?”

“You know, there was a point in time when parents just figured it out and the human race miraculously survived.”

“And back then pregnancy complications happened way more frequently and people hated their emotionally out of touch fathers. Needless to say, society has moved on, and should continue to do so.”

Tyler just rolled his eyes before answering the original question, “Yes, I’ve been reading my books.”

“Good,” he quietly went back to cooking and I turned to Mackenzie. “Hey, Mickey, need help?”

The living room was already decked out, I couldn’t possibly imagine what was left to do. Yet, the whole time she’d been taping away on her phone and giving different people directions to the apartment.

“Not really, I do need you to get dressed sometime soon though. The guest of honor can’t be wearing PJ’s when people show up.”

“They can if it’s a slumber party.”

“But it isn’t, so go change into a dress. Preferably one that hugs your bump.”

I nodded and hopped off of the stool, “Hey, Ty, think my food’ll be ready by the time I’m done?”

“Your food will absolutely be ready.”

I nodded again, even though his back was turned to me, walking off towards the room. Once in my room I got my things out to take a shower and took one before coming back into the room with a towel wrapped around me and one on my head.

I studied my feet, deciding whether to wear heels or flats, as I made my way to the closet without having to look up.

Flats, I told myself.

“Silly me, I thought I was getting a show.”

I gasped, and my hand immediately flew to my heart, as I whirled around and found Tyler sitting on the bed. He was smirked at my reaction.

“What are you doing in here? You can’t just sneak up on someone like that!”

Ignoring me, he said, “Food’s ready.”

“Oh, alright... Isn’t Mac here?”

He shook his head, “Went out to pick something up; said she’ll be back before the party, but if any delivery men come up then I should sign for whatever it is.”

“Even if it’s dismembered limbs?” I asked, calming down.

Tyler noticed my mood change and came closer, “I assume she wouldn’t send limbs to our house.”

“You can never be too sure,” I hit him, softly, with the hairbrush I’d picked up.

He placed his hand to his chest in mock pain, “Shit, that hurt, might be some internal bleeding. You gotta make it better.”

I rolled my eyes, knowing where this was going. “You want me to kiss it better?” I asked as if I was speaking to a baby.

“Yeah, but even though you hit my chest, the pain is more like... here.” He pointed to his lips, which were still in a slight smirk.

“I’m not a doctor, but...” I balanced on my toes and gave him a quick kiss before trying to go back to finding a dress. Just as I started to move he grabbed my wrists, just as gently as ever.

“What kind of medicine is that? Did I start to take half of an Advil for the pain? I need real help.”

“Well then that’s just too bad because I’ve got three other patients to attend to and to that I’ve got to get dressed.”

“Please?” He stuck out his bottom lip.

I paused, “You know what, just leave; I almost gave in, you’re so charming and distracting.” I went over and opened the door, “Out.”

“What did I do?” He asked with a chuckle, coming closer. As soon as he was close enough, I began pushing him out the door.

“Out, Mr. Meyers.”

“Give me another chance, I swear I’ll sit there quietly.”

“Swearing is bad... and bargaining, really? Why not just skip the first four steps and start with acceptance?”

“Fine,” he grabbed my hand, “but, let me just get one more...” he kissed me again, making it last a few seconds, before pulling away. He tried it again, but not before I pushed him away.


“Okay, okay, I’m going!”

There were so many people at this shower I didn’t know. Well, that I didn’t remember. Sometimes I even felt bad about it, they’d be so happy to see me and I’d introduce myself like I was at a job interview. Eventually, I just started to play along.

Other than that, I was having a blast. Food, games, lighthearted jokes (at my expense) who could ask for anything better? Thankfully, Mackenzie had invited my family and Ryan so I was sane.

“Alright!” Mackenzie called, the baby shower had started about an hour ago. Everyone gave her their attention, “I’ve got a little guessing slash gambling type game.” To me she asked, “You know the sex of the twins, right?”

“Uh, yeah. We just watched the video a few days ago.”

At the last doctor’s appointment, shortly after my freak out, we continued and were given the opportunity to learn the gender of all three. Even though we said no she gave us the video, it was a good thing too. The other night we cracked and popped it in my laptop to watch.

“Perfect. Ry, will you pass these out?” She handed him a stack of index cards, a box of paper clips, and a box of pens. “When you get a card, write down your guess for the gender of the twins.”

“Triplets,” I heard Tyler say to himself, next to me on the couch. I glanced over at him and got a smile in return. He was right, I should tell them.

“There’s like a thirty-three percent chance, it’ll be what you guess.” Mackenzie said without thinking about it. She was so smart, I never understood why she wasted that on Ryan and me.

“Once you’ve written your guesses attach as much money as you want with the paper clip. I want everyone to attach something though, even if it’s just a few bucks, then place them in the jar on the coffee table. When the babies are born, if you got it wrong Ty and Ana keep the money. If you’re right, the money will be sent back to you.” People began to write.

After getting another reassuring look from Tyler, I said, “Hey, um,” everyone looked up at me, causing a sudden rush of stage fright. “You need to write three guesses on the card. One for each baby.”

“Three?” my mom asked, “I thought they were twins.”

“Triplets, actually, we just found out and didn’t really know when to tell everyone...” their silence was frightening, “sorry?”

It came out sounding more like a question than an apology, but it was enough to make Mac say something. “Your womb is like a clown car.”

This made everyone laugh, including Tyler and myself. “That’s what Anastasia said,” he told her.

“Oh, Rosa,” Tia, my mother–in–law, cried suddenly, “our babies are having three babies!”

“I know!” after a pause she added, with less enthusiasm, “I refuse to babysit, and I don’t change diapers. Those days are over for me.”

“Of course you won’t, Ma,” Tyler said to her, “Deb and Caesar are top of the list for babysitters...” After seeing their disapproving faces, he added, “Only when we absolutely need you and that won’t be much since you live way upstate.”

(Quick A/N: For all the people binge reading or that just retain information really well, I know in Chapter 9 I said their family lived in Ohio, but no. It’s upstate NY.)

Everyone rejoiced a bit more, even the people I’m sure my memory lapse made uncomfortable. But, soon – too soon – the party was over and all those people began to head home.

After the last if the people left– our mothers, after a million kisses and hugs – Mackenzie began to pack up. I watched her pick up straggling trash for a moment before helping.

“This was great, Mackenzie, really beautiful.”

“I try. I’m happy you liked it.”

Just then, Tyler came of the room with a bag slung over his shoulder, in clothes that made him look ready for a night on the town. “Alright, babe, I’m going out.”

I waved a hand, playfully saying, “Don’t call me that you dork... Now go find your friends before I change my mind about your leaving.”

“Wait,” my friend looked up, “where are you going?”

“Well, Ana told me you guys were hanging out so I didn’t want to impose. Plus, in no time, her doctors’ appointments will be every week and she’ll be put on house arrest by Dr. Lovett; causing me to have to take my maternity leave. So, other than that dinner for NYU, this is my last chance to go out.”

“What dinner?”

He looked at me, “What happened? I asked you to tell her.”

“I forgot?”

He came over and kissed my forehead causing my eyes to flutter shut for a moment. “You’re excuses no longer work on me.” He went and opened the door, saying his shoulder, “Tell her, promise?”

“’Kay, promise,” I sang as the door closed behind him.

Mackenzie turned to me, “So, we’re hanging out tonight?”

Weakly, I sang, “... Surprise.”

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