I Wish I Loved you

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[Tyler’s POV]

Everyone ignored me, their attention in Ana, “Would someone please explain?!” I yelled again.

A brunette woman appeared next to me, “I’m sorry, sir, but you have to leave the room.”


“Your wife is fine, she’s in great hands with Dr. Lovett and her team. Now,” she grabbed my arm and me blindly out of the room, “you can go wait in the waiting room, I’ll come get you when I have more information.”

“Information about what?”

She stayed quiet and dropped me off I’m the waiting area of the maternal ward. I glanced around in shock, only to be met with familiar faces. Elijah, Mackenzie, Ryan, Brenda, Caesar, Mrs. Scott, my mom, and even Felicia sat in a corner. When Felicia saw me, she jumped up and ran into my legs.

“Uh, hey, Felicia,” my voice sounded foreign, emotionless.

By now everyone had noticed me and was waiting for my reaction as I approached them.

Mackenzie was the first to speak, “How are they? How’s Staci?”

“Um,” my voice felt strained, “they... are the most perfect things in the world.” My mother stood up and gave me a hug.

It was Mrs. Scott that asked, “What about Anastasia?”

“She... I - I honestly don’t know.”

Before anyone could ask me anymore question, I walked off. I didn’t even know where I was going until I stopped in front of the neonatal window. I didn’t even have to look around before I spotted my sleeping babies. Mine, that’s crazy.

You were just born and you’re already the most important things in my world.

Suddenly, a man appeared next to me, “First time?”

“Um, yeah,” I glanced at him. “Those two right there? Apparently, mine.” I pointed to them with a small smile on my face.

“Oh, dude, they’re beautiful, and they look exactly like you.”

I chuckled, ” You think? That’s what their mom said. What about you?”

“See that adorable little blonde girl right there?” he pointed to a baby in the upper right corner, “That’s Angela and she’s my fifth and looks exactly like her mother.”

“Whoa, five?” he nodded, “Does it-”

“Get any easier? Never.” We both chuckled before going into silence. “Gosh, their so beautiful those kids; trust me man, nothing gets better than this.”

“I bet. How’s your wife?”

“She’s just sleeping it off.”

“What, like a hangover?” I laughed. We talked a while longer, until the nurse that kicked me out of the room earlier called me from behind.

“Mr. Meyers, I’ve been looking everywhere for you; there’s someone in your wife’s room that wants to talk to you.”

“Okay,” quickly, I turned to the guy I was talking to, “nice talking to you...”

“Bryan, Bryan Hughes,” he finished my sentence.

“Bryan, Tyler Meyers. Thanks, man.”

“No problem, Tyler, maybe I’ll stop by your room later; we’ll compare angry, bedridden, post child birth wives.”

I nodded and followed the nurse to a private room. Anastasia laid in the hospital bed, unconscious. The nurse left me with a million questions.

She was out of the door before I could ask the most important one, “Whoa, what happened?”

I heard someone clear their throat and I whipped around. A man sitting in one of the chairs opposite of the best stood up.

“Hello, Mr. Meyers-”

“Are you here to tell me about my wife?” I asked. That’s really all I cared about.

“I’m actually from downstairs. The children need to be named.”

“I’m sure they do, but that’s not too important right now. Do you see this?” I pointed to Anastasia. “Her. My wife. She’s what’s important and if you aren’t here to explain what the heck happened then please leave.”

“Sir, I can’t enter your children into the system without names.”

“I’m not naming them without their mom!” I sighed, “A parent can legally change their kid’s name so for freaking now just... put them in as Anonymous and Unknown Meyers and leave it at that.”

He gave me a curt nod before leaving and I took a seat next to the bed.

“Mr. Meyers?”

I internally sighed and looked up, happy to finally see a doctor talking to me. Our regular doctors, Lovett and Strauss, stood next to him.

“Uh, yes sir.” I got up to shake his hand as they all came closer to the bed. “Please tell me you’re here to finally explain this.”

“I am.” He said with a side smile.

He told me that the birth had been too much for Anastasia’s body to handle. She was physically and mentally weak by the end. That caused her to slip into this, which was a technically a coma. But he explained that, in all actuality, she’d wake up in twelve hours at the most.

They left as I breathed a small sigh of relief and sat back down next to the bed.

I grabbed Ana’s hand, “Mentally drained? Did I do this- did our fight do this to you?” I knew she couldn’t hear me and even if she could then she couldn’t respond. After being quiet for a minute, I just sighed and kissed her hand. “Sign the papers, my ass... I thought I could, I really did. For you, because you’re so unhappy and for me, because I hate seeing like this. But, no.”

I should have called MacKenzie or someone else that was waiting to hear back from me. But, I didn’t want to talk to anyone right now, I just wanted to sit there with my wife until she woke up.

At some point, in between holding her hand and over thinking, I fell asleep. Later, I woke up to a half sleep looking Anastasia channel surfing. She glanced my way as I shifted in the seat.

“So, you wake up from a near coma after giving birth and immediately grab the remote?” I asked. “Talk about a television junkie.”

She chuckled softly, “It’s not my fault that my husband was asleep.”

I scooted my chair closer to her bed, “You should’ve woken me up.”

“I wanted to, but you look so cute and comfortable when you sleep. You know I can’t disturb that.” It was my turn to chuckle.

We drifted into a comfortable silence before she decided to scoot over in her bed, and pat the empty space she had just made.

I laid there beside her before she could change her mind. She grabbed my hand, “I was pretty delusional when I held them. Are they as adorable as I remember?”

“Beautiful, just like I knew they’d be.”

She sighed, tears in her eyes, “Ignore the tears, it’s normal. Just hormones... Like always.” We were quiet again for a while.

“We can’t do this to them.”

“I don’t want to sign the papers.”

We spoke at the same time. I nodded in agreement to her words. “We can’t rip apart our kid’s world before their lives even begin,” I said. “And as much as I shouldn’t be admitting this, I love you.”

She rolled her eyes, “Tyler...”

“No, I’m serious, Anastasia. You’re addictive, like a drug, I just can’t stop being in love with you.”

She laughed, “I feel like there’s a song like that somewhere.”

“I’m sure there are many. It’s true though, I love you. I wish that I could stop loving your crazy ass, but, I can’t. And I don’t want to sign those stupid divorce papers, I want to make this work. You and me. Okay?”

She nodded, “Alright, we’ll try.”

“Alright.” I moved in to kiss her, but she stopped me.

“Oh, no, Mr. Meyers. This isn’t a stupid college fight about you leaving the toilet seat up. You don’t get to just kiss and make it better. We need help, I want like... therapy and crap.”

“Therapy and crap,” I joked, “that’s real sure and specific.”

“Hey, don’t judge me. I don’t know what we need, it’s been all happy until now.”

Ignoring her word prior, I kissed her, but played it safe and laid it on her cheek. “And I’m glad it has.”

She smiled and turned back to the TV, her eyes grew bug when she saw what was on. I turned and saw it was the Plain White Tee’s playing a live version of their song Hey There, Delilah.


She gave me wide eyes, ”What, is that this is our song, idiot!”

“I thought that I Write Sins Not Tragedies was our song.”

She let out a frustrated sigh, “Why do I have to explain this every time? IWSNT is the song that was playing when we met because who plays love songs at a party where you’re trying to get laid?

“Then - remember that day - I was like, should a song about adultery really be our song? We said we’d talk about it, but then we got into a fight and to apologize you sang - in your terrible voice- this song.”

“No, now this is the argument we have every time. I sang, in my beautiful voice, the song Wonder wall. Hey There Delilah wasn’t even out.”

“You always say that, yeah it was! I remember it was junior year and -”

“You what?”

“I remember it was -” she stopped herself and looked at me with surprised eyes, “I- I - I remember... I remember. Oh, my goodness!”

“I gotta get Dr. Strauss,” I rushed out as I stood up. Before I left, I grabbed the sides of her planted a kiss directly on Ana’s lips. “I love you.”

“As much as I shouldn’t admit it, I love you too, Tyler.”

She didn’t say it often, but when she did...

I kissed her again, and walked off. I wasn’t out of the door yet when she called me. “Wait, Tyler.” I turned to her, “You remember our deal, right? Is that still in play?”

I smirked at the memory of our deal from all those years ago. “Of course, I’ll never need it though.”

“You said that last time, but you almost used it yesterday.”

"I didn’t almost do anything... that was all you.”

“Whatever, just go get the doctor.”

Now, I full-on smiled, “Yes, ma’am.”

I tore my eyes from the movie and glanced at Ann. I knew that she didn’t like horror films, but this was the only way to get her to forget about everything and focus on practically jumping into my arms. I had to check on her though, just to make sure she wasn’t too scared.

I did a double take when I realized that she wasn’t even paying attention.

I paused the movie and she snapped out if her daze, “Why’d you pause?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she lied.

“What’s wrong?” I sat up more and turned the light on. “Seriously, I want to know.”

She sighed and buried her face in my chest. She took a deep breath, “I just... we’re happy.”

“Well, that’s what happens when you stop being the crazy girlfriend and get proposed to. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Too happy. I just don’t want this love to lose its... spark.”

“I’d assume that was the mission in every marriage.”

She looked up at me, “I’m serious... You know those couples that stay together even though they’re both unhappy?” I nodded. “I don’t want us to be those people. So, we have to promise each other that is we ever want out that all we have to do is say it. No hard feelings.”

“I’m never gonna ‘want out’, and no hard feelings? My feelings are going to be very hard if you-”

“Tyler,” she whined.

“Anastasia,” I mocked. She gave me a stern look and I sighed, “Fine. Are we swearing?”

She nodded and sat up with a smile. I sighed again as we locked pinkie fingers. “I swear that, even though it’ll never happen, if you fall out of love or become unhappy in our relationship that you can bow out.” She raised an eyebrow and I groaned. Under my breath, I said, “No hard feelings.”

She said the same thing (with less sarcasm of course) and we each kissed our own balled up hands to seal the deal. I planted a few kisses all over her face, making her laugh and fall backwards onto the bed.

“Ugh, you annoy me, Tyler Meyers.”

She didn’t say it often, but when she did...

“... I love you too, Anastasia Scott.”

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