I Wish I Loved you

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[Anastasia’s POV]

I sat down on the bed next to Tyler, “So what happened once she started singing again?”

“Oh, she was amazing, blew me and Ryan away.” I’d told him what happened with Jennifer earlier as soon as I got to his--our apartment. Goodness it was odd saying that. He and I sat watch what I believed were reruns of Saved by the Bell until I realized something. “Hey, Tyler?”

“Yeah?” He broke his gaze away from the television and looked over at me.

“We’re like twenty-eight, sitting home on a Friday night, what do we usually do around here?”

“Friday’s are a standing date night.”

“Oh, wait why do we have a date night, shouldn’t you take me out all the time?”

“Oh, I do, we just decided to make a date night for when we actually start having kids and when most couples do have kids they stop going out, stop having sex; ultimately one spouse starts cheating and worst case scenario that leads to the couple’s divorce.”

I nodded slightly, “Look at us thinking ahead, go us.” I shifted in my spot and he and I went back to watching TV, which now played a random episode of Full House.

I gathered enough courage to take a peek at him. He sat looking down at his hands and I mentally sighed, he probably really wanted to go out. I sat here with amnesia and a nearly broken ankle, I felt really inconsiderate actually. Suddenly, I got an idea and stood up slowly.

“Whoa, Ana what are you doing?” I ignored him as I picked put crutches, “Hey,” he quickly jumped up and snatched away one crutch, “don’t ignore me, speak.”

“Gimme the crutch you idiot, I’m not a dog.”

“Would you just answer the question?”

“Fine. I’m going to go change my clothes, then we’re going out and I couldn’t care less about these dumbass crutches.”

“That’s too bad because I do, we can’t go out.”

“W-well,” I crossed my arms, “what else do we do on ‘Date Nights’?”

“Is that what this is about? Listen, we don’t have to do that w--”

“Fine. Let’s stay in, but I’m not just going to sit here watching random reruns of ninety’s sitcoms. So,” I picked up the remote and turned off the TV, “you go put on some pajamas and I’ll do the same, then we’ll talk about random stuff and dig into that Disney movie pile that’s on the bookshelf even though we’re almost thirty.”

“We really don’t have to do this, Ana.”

I ignored him and grabbed my crutch back, “Why do you and I have to sit in here, let’s sit in the living room, isn’t that a pull-out couch?”

“Scoot over,” I whined. We had changed and pulled out the bed. It wasn’t until Beauty and the Beast was in the DVD player and we were settled in that I realized that the lights were still on. “Hey, Tyler you’ll turn the lights off, right?”

“Sure, once I’m the one who turned them on, but I’m pretty sure you’re the one that turned them on just now.”

I groaned childishly and paused the movie, “Well, I can’t watch movie with the lights on.”

“Tough.” I huffed. What a difficult man. I turned to him and decided to forget the movie.

“Where’d we meet?” I asked unexpectedly a bit later.


“Where. Did. We. Meet?”

“Oh, um college, freshman year.”

“Yeah, I get that, but how?”

I’d sat up and he turned his body to face mine, “Okay, uh… apparently, Mackenzie had dragged you to this frat party, you were never really the party type, but I saw you standing off to the side of the dance floor and I had my beer goggles on at the time but I know as soon as I saw you I thought: I am definitely going to fuck her tonight.”

I nearly choked on air. Not what I expected to hear. “Quite the hopeless romantic I see.”

He raised his shoulders slightly before lowering them again, “What can I say, the girls there worshipped me. How was I supposed to know you were going to be any harder to get onto bed than them?”

“So, what? You’d do them, sneak out at one in the morning, and then never call.”

“Yes.” He stated bluntly.

“You and I are going to need to clean up that story if it’s the one we plan to tell this little person in here,” I pointed to my stomach, “oh you know how it is sweetie, mommy and daddy were drunk at a party and your daddy, the Romeo he is, looked over at your mommy and thought I’m going to kiss her and never talk to her ever again.”

He nodded without taking his eyes off my stomach, “I see how you made my version more PG... I’m sorry can I--”

“Yeah,” I sat up to move my all of my hair over to one shoulder before laying back down, “it’s part yours anyways.”

It was odd to me that I already knew what he was trying to say, but I pushed the thought away as he took a deep breath. Then, slowly but surely, he lifted his hand and rested his palm on my flat midsection.

“Eh,” he shrugged jokingly.

I slapped his forearm, “Hey, I did a good job.”

“Without me there’d be no kid.”

“Without me this kid would be in a sock on the bathroom floor with a bunch of it’s brothers and sisters.”

“Point taken...” we sat in silence for a moment before he spoke again, “just think, in a few months you’re going to be huge.”

“Oh, great thanks, now I feel really great about myself, almost as awesome as I’ll feel when I’m ′huge’" I retorted sarcastically.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.”

“What did you mean it like, was that supposed be a compliment or something? In what way could I take that as a compliment?”

“I don’t know... don’t be mad.”

“Whatever, we’re off topic, what’d you do after you first saw me?”

He wasted no time answering my question, “I was drunk and you weren’t, you also didn’t really like me, but of course I didn’t know that so I walked over to you and said, ‘What is it about drunken idiots that make them think they’re good dancers?’ and in reply you said, ‘What is it about me that make you think you’re going to get on my pants?’ I didn’t show it but I was definitely...”

“--I think the word you’re looking for is stunned.”

He chortled, “Yeah, I think so. After that night, I pursued you and integrated myself into your life; I ‘bumped’ into you all the time, I was extremely protective and possessive, and I stopped sleeping with other girls for a while.”

“Really,” I gasped playfully, “that must’ve been so hard for you.”

“For someone who hadn’t hit a dry streak since high school, yeah it was. I was so busy trying to sleep with you that I didn’t see all the other potential.”

“That so... sweet? I think.”

“My version of it back then I guess.”

[Tyler’s POV]

“Do I scream Jenga?” Anastasia asked me as she pulled a block away from the tower steadily.

“No, I don’t think you ever say that.” It was my turn to remove a Jenga piece.

“Why’d we buy this game again, I mean we are twenty-eight, right?”

“We buy what kids twenty years younger than us would buy if given the chance: all the disney movies and all board games.”

“Do we get board easily?”

“Yeah and exhausted, trying to start a family is hard.”

“Oh, is it? I wouldn’t remember,” she commented. I laughed at her joke even though it came out sounding serious, she was really trying not to lose this game. I thought for a second before deciding have a little fun on the account that I know my beautiful wife was an impatient woman that hated losing.

“You know what I should do?” I asked as she finally decided on a block to move.


“Walk you through all of the big moments in our relationship like our first date, the first time we slept together, when we moved in together, and most importantly when I proposed.”

I didn’t take my eyes from the tower to back it seem as if I was concentrating. In all actuality, I made no plans to move a block at all.

“Yeah, definitely,” she agreed. I looked up from the tower.

“Okay. First date, I finally got you to say yes and I cooked dinner for you at my place.” Her eyes darted to the blocks and then back to me.

“Please tell me I didn’t play hard to get then give it up on the first date.” I looked back at the Jenga tower.

“No, I wanted you to that was the whole point of bringing you to my house, but after we finished dinner you told me we should do it again, kissed my cheek, and left.” I glanced up for a second and noticed her looking at the tower, I smirked. “Yep, you didn’t give it up until I told you I loved you. You woke up next to me at my house a few months after that party incident,” the thought of that alone made my blood boil, I moved my hand as if I’d decided on a piece to move then retracted it, “I just looked at you for a second, you were just staring like ‘what?’ and finally I just said it and--”

“Hey, I love this whole memory journey you’re taking me on, but would you just shut the hell up for one second and move a piece? Please?”

I smirked internally and moved a piece I’d already had my eye on. I started to speak again and she tried focusing again, but she couldn’t and just removed a random block. The Jenga pieces came tumbling down in all directions.

“Jenga!” I shouted.

“What happened to never saying that?”

“I don’t know,” I teased with a smile, “just felt right, you know?”

She rolled her eyes and stood up, “Yeah, asshole? Well I hope it ‘just feels right’ when you’re picking up all the damn pieces off the floor by yourself.”

“Aw, Anastasia,” I chuckled and tried grabbing her arm as she walked off, but she snatched away, “don’t be like that,” she ignored me and slammed the bedroom door shut.

Yep, that’s my girl. Still as sensitive as ever.

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