I Wish I Loved you

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[Tyler’s POV]

“Oh, that’s ok, I will wait.” My mother’s heavy Italian accent poured through the phone, after thirty years in America she still acted like she lived in Italy. I looked at Anastasia.

“You’ll wait.” I repeated. She looked at me like she was going to kill me and turned around suddenly. Just as I was about to ask what she was doing she fell to her knees and retched before passing out.

“Hey, Ma, I gotta go we’ll call you later,” I hung up the phone and rushed over to Ana, “Anastasia! Ana, come on I can’t carry, you’re laying in vomit.”

She moaned in response and I sighed. She was fine, but now I had to carry her because I’d be stupid to call 911. I picked her up bridal style and walked her to the car.

The things I do for this woman.

I drove to the maternal ER considering she was pregnant, throwing up, and randomly passed out; I had no idea what to do. Once there, I passed my wife off to the nurses and went to the apartment. I guess she won’t want to go to home in horrible smelling clothes when she wakes up.

By the time, I changed, got her clothes, and got back to the ER the nurse was ready to lead me back to Ana’s room. In the room, she sat up listening to Dr. Strauss.

“...you’ll defiantly be fine, but like I said-”

“Hey, Dr. Strauss, long time no see.”

“Ah, Mr. Meyers, I was wondering where you ran off to.”

“Just home to change.”

“And clean the car out I hope,” Anastasia commented.

“Oh no, you’re doing that yourself.”

“Have a seat Tyler, I was just about to tell your wife here my diagnosis,” I took the seat next to the hospital bed, once I was settled he continued, “Mrs. Scott-Meyers, I believe you have a condition known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

“Hyperemesis gravidarum is an uncommon disorder in which extreme, persistent nausea and vomiting occur during pregnancy. Many women pass it off as simple morning sickness, but vomiting more once or twice a day can cause dehydration and be very harmful to the baby and yourself.”

“Well, exactly how bad is this? And why do I have it?” Anastasia asked him. I looked over to see a concerned look on her face. I sensed her growing love for our baby and that made me smile inwardly.

“Hyperemesis gravidarum is usually presented if you had it during a previous pregnancy.”

“This is my first time being pregnant from what I remember.” I nodded.

“It’s also present in the pregnancies of first-time mothers.”

“Do you have any idea why I have it?”

“It can be caused by the presence of trophoblastic disease, which involves the abnormal growth of cells inside a woman’s uterus, but since you don’t seem to show any indication of that disease there could only be one other reason. You are having a multiple pregnancy.”

“Wait- what?” I interluded, “It took me four years to get her pregnant, how is she suddenly so fertile?”

“I’m not positive that this is the problem so I ordered some lab tests, I’ll just have the results sent to your obstetrician for by your first appointment. How far along are you?”

She glanced to me as she answered, “Five weeks?” She nodded, reassuring herself.

“Then you’ll know in three weeks.”

[Anastasia’s POV]

“Come on babe.” Tyler rushed me.

“What did I tell you about calling me that?” I asked him as I got out of the car; he ignored me and closed the door behind me.

“Your appointment is at 10:15 and it’s 10 o’clock.”

“Maybe if someone didn’t schedule our appointment so fucking early...”

“Oh, I’m so sorry that I have to work and wanted to be at the first OB appointment of my first kid.”

I rolled my eyes. He and I had been at each other’s throats for the past few weeks; the news of my condition kind of freaked us out. The hyper-thingy had just gotten worse and I slept with a bucket next to the bed, just in case. A multiple pregnancy seemed almost impossible for me, but the possibility scared me to death.

Tyler and I walked into the building and waited until he and I were taken back to an exam room.

“You remember who the doctor is, right?” He asked after he had taken a seat in the chair next to me.

“Of course, I remember who the fucking doctor is, Tyler.” I replied sternly. My attitude must have shut him up because no one else said anything until the doctor came in.

“Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Meyers.” Dr. Lovett greeted us.

“Please don’t call me that.” I deadpanned.

“Would you just get the hell over people calling you Mrs. Meyers, it’s on all of your paperwork. You legally changed your last name to Scott hyphen Meyers.”

“I don’t fucking want people to call me that.” I retorted.

“Okay,” the obstetrician interrupted our arguing, “let’s get started.”

She stood up and turned on the ultrasound machine, “We’re just going to skip introduction and jump right in with a sonogram.”

“Wait, Dr. Lovett, a few weeks ago, I had to see Dr. Strauss after passing out and he said that he’d send you the test results of a test he ordered.”

“Oh yes,” she paused for a moment and grabbed my folder, “says here that you’re positive for Hyperemesis Gravidarum, but there’s pretty much only one reason.”

“And what’s that?”

“This ultrasound might give us that answer.”

“Really?” She nodded; I adjusted my body and lifted my shirt up. After putting the gel on my midsection, she moved what looked like a handheld checkout scanner around before coming to a stop.

She pointed to a small circle that lit on the screen, “Yep, see this is your baby,” she moved over to another spot on the screen, “and that’s your other baby. Congratulations, it’s a multiple pregnancy.”

“What? Oh, my goodness,” I looked over at Tyler, “we’re having twins!”

“Holy shit, we are.” By this time the doctor had wiped away the gel and I’d put my shirt down. I sat up and hugged him tightly as he did the same to me.

“Listen, second kid I didn’t know I had,” he directed to my stomach, “I’m sorry for ignoring you, I just didn’t know you existed.”

“You know they can’t hear you, right? They haven’t developed ears yet.”

“Yes, I read the books you forced on me.”

Dr. Lovett smiled as she sat on a stool on the other side of the room, “I’m sure you two might have some questions.”

“Yeah.” Tyler agreed.

“We’ll start with the most frequently asked ones. You guys can have sex the entire pregnancy,” I felt my face flush a little bit as she continued, “um, you can eat anything really, just make sure raw foods and foods with high amounts of mercury are eaten in moderation. Most exercise is fine and with your body type you should only gain about twenty-five to thirty-five pounds during. Any other personal questions?”

Tyler looked to me, “No, I don’t think so.”

“Then let me just brief you on somethings.”

“Oh, my goodness, I’m having twins... I have to call Mackenzie.” I exclaimed; Tyler and I walked through the parking lot. As I reached for my phone he grabbed my hand.

“Hold up a second there, angel, we just found out, maybe we should just take a moment to... I don’t know, let it sink in.”

He held the car door open and I climbed in before he walked over to the other side and started the car.

“Listen, I’m happy, but we just found out we are having twins. That’s more than one person.”

“I know that.” I agreed, “And I think we should tell our families. About the accident and the baby... ies.”


“No, not maybe. Yes.” I commanded sternly.

“Sorry, it sounded like a suggestion that was up for debate, but if it’s a demand...”

“Yes, it is.” He nodded without taking his eyes off the road. “Well, it looks like I’m meeting your parents... again.”

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