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Kate Noris is a smart, sexy and patient up coming nurse from the city. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Kevin Gray, a handsome, tall man with a passion for love. Kate takes an instant disliking to Kevin and the spiteful and forgetful ways he learnt during his years in England. However, when a bad boy tries to frighten Kate, Kevin springs to the rescue. Kate notices Kevin is actually rather generous at heart. But, the pressures of Kevin's job as a doctor leave him blind to Kate's affections and Kate takes up hiking to distract herself. Finally, when a callous Painter, Zoe Torrance, threatens to come between them, Kevin has to act fast. But will they ever find the frantic love that they deserve?

Romance / Fantasy
Amy Kirby
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Katie, come down stairs please. You’re going to be late for school. Ok mom I’m coming I’m coming. She stood there for a moment and mumbled under her breath, gosh mom. I knew I was this pretty woman that all the boys craved that all the boys hoped they would get

but she was never worried about any boys she mostly focused on her starting her life and her career as a Nurse she loved helping and caring for people. She knew that doing something like this would give her a purpose in life, something that would give her meaning. Even

Though she wasn’t concerned about meeting boys or the whole boyfriend stage, it made her always wonder that what if it happened for her would she give up her dreams for that person or would it work out? She headed out that morning for her first class of nursing. She couldn’t

understand why she had been this terribly nervous, but she pushed that feeling aside because she was so proud of herself for the things that were about to change in her life. So she ran downstairs with her over shoulder bag and grabbed a quick snack for breakfast and was

out the door before her parents could even give her good luck. She ran as fast as she could to make it to the bus stop to catch to the school she ran so fast that she had tripped quite a few times she had just laughed it off but she finally made it right as the transportation had

Shown up. She had no time to catch her breath. She ran straight onto the bus and sat down in the 3rd seat to the left by an older gentleman who seemed strange, so she scooted as close as she could get to the very nasty-looking window. The ride felt like it lasted a lifetime. But about 5

minutes we made it to this very huge place it was like this old building from the 1500s but very antique but very nice looking she just stood there and all she saw was very much students not acting like college students but hey that’s the college life I guess. Just as she

walked, this very handsome man bumped into her while throwing a football with some of his buddies. He was very handsome; I have never seen someone shine when the sun beamed on them the way he did. Owe she says as she dropped her bag onto the concrete I’m so sorry

Miss. do you never watch where you are going? She said. He looks at her after helping her pick up her bag and handed it to her and says my name is Kevin and you are? My name is Katie. he shook her hand. Nice to meet you. Katie, I’m taking it your new because you look confused

and completely lost lol. Yeah, is it that obvious? Well, your expression says it all oh, she says. I have to go but I’m sure I’ll see you around as he wiped the sweat off his face and chest he ran back to where his buddies stood and she never thought she would run into him again like it

was 1 in a million right? Or that’s what she was hoping because she sensed he was very arrogant. She couldn’t explain. it he was handsome, and all but was she dying to see this? man again no she didn’t. But what Katie didn’t realize until she made it to her class was

that he was in line to become a doctor so as she made it to the class she stopped dead in her tracks as she had seen Kevin the very arrogant person she met earlier she couldn’t understand why he got under her skin. So she walked in and took a seat by this boy who

seemed very nice and his name was Jordan. He was someone she could see being friends with. He was nice; she thought. And before she knew it was, she looked up. She had noticed Kevin staring so hard at her like he was trying to make her fall for him, but she shook her head and looked

towards the front of the class. Kevin hated she wouldn’t give him the light of day. She could feel his eyes burning into her soul in that moment and it made a smile form onto her face. She couldn’t figure out why,why he was so interesting about her. An hour goes by and then

class was over and as she stood up and got her belongings and went to leave class and just as she made it to the door she tells Jordan I’ll see you in the morning. It was nice meeting you. Then out of the blue she walked out the door and turned down to the right of the hallway and

walked and before she knew it he was behind her and then beside her as he touched her lower back she slides away and he says I told you we would see each other again. Yes, you said that, and it’s nice to see you to but I have to get to my old apartment and move to my new

condo so she started walking if you won’t mind I can take you and help you move if you would like? Oh, no, that’s ok. I can manage she smiles. It’s no problem, really. Do you have help to move your things?? No, I was just going to do it all on my own because I am an independent

woman and I enjoy doing things for myself. He looks at her and laughs. You know, just because you have help doesn’t mean you’re not that independent, you know. You seem like the woman who doesn’t enjoy asking for help when it’s needed. That’s one thing we agree on. I don’t

like strangers touching my things. I thought we had already introduced our self to one another, so technically we aren’t strangers anymore. So as she leaves to catch the bus, she yells over her shoulder and says I’ll send you my address and we can just do this tomorrow.

I’m just going to go to my hotel for the night and then she was out of his sight. She left him there wondering why she had been so uptight. So he asks her. Katie, can we talk please he said? As she walks to him, he stares at her because he imagines her in slow motion, but he snapped

out of it in the blink of an eye. Yeah, what’s up? Well, I had a question don’t know how to word it any other way. Ok well go ahead. Why do you always seem so uptight? Excuse me? Just that you seem like certain people very annoyed you. Just because I don’t like certain people or

that I have my opinion on someone doesn’t mean I’m too uptight. Well, I regret that now, so I’ll let you go. Sorry I um irritated you. I’ll see you later at your apartment and he walked away. He mumbled under his breath in disbelief that he actually pissed off a woman by

calling her uptight.

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