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Even though she had just met Kevin, he got under her skin so badly and she didn’t understand why. So that evening she messaged Kevin and gave him her address of where her old place was. She kind of felt a little weird having someone she barely knew coming to her place and see

her things it kind of creeped her out. How do I know if he’s a murderer or a psychopath? Just the thought made her giggle. So as she had made it to her place, and she had been packing her things, Kevin had shown up knocked on her door. So where do you need me? Well, how

about you finish packing my kitchen things I’m going to go upstairs and finish packing my bedroom when you’re finished you can pack the things in the living room but please be careful because I have sacramental things in there and I just don’t want certain things

broken so I’m going up thank you for helping me. You’re very welcome he says as he smiles. she heads around the corner where he can’t see eye her anymore. He says under his breath, someday I’m gonna have that woman watch what I tell you. Just as he was about finished with

the kitchen, she walked back down, stares to where he was packing. I forgot how much shit I had in my room lol. Is it that bad,? Yeah, I’m not even there, so I had to get a glass of iced tea? Would you like a cup while I’m at it? Sure, I’m pretty thirsty too, from all this. Well, thank

you for helping me now. I can get it done a lot quicker. Yeah, that’s true, so other than this big day of moving, what do you like to do in your spare time? Well, to be honest, I don’t really do much. I’m more of a home person. I mean, I occasionally go out to the movies, but mostly it’s home

for me. Have you always done this? Yeah, for about as long as I can remember. So you don’t date then? Well, how did I not suspect that to be asked? Well, I’m just curious. Is that such a bad thing? No, but I’m just not into the dating scene or anything. Well, it’s not like I’m

asking you out, just a question. Yeah, I guess that’s true. So what do you do in your spare time? She asks. Well, I like to hang out with friends and visit family, going to the beach movies, etc. That sounds nice. I can’t remember the last time I had been to the beach. I can’t get over how

beautiful you are. She stares up at him. What you were smoking? Lol, nothing. Just thought I would put that out there. Well, thank you for the compliment. You are welcome. Just didn’t expect you to say something like that, that all. So as they say at the counter bar top they

just talked and talked about his life and what he had been through and you would think that someone of his character would be this traumatic, but I guess nothing is greater than the eye. She even explained her life and the traumas she had been through, even when she was about

13 when she had lost her grandma, who I had been so close to. Then she said it got so bad at 13 that she had got so depressed and out of control that she got into addiction with drugs and alcohol and it had almost destroyed her. Until the day she had overdosed on some prescription

medication, she told him it made her open her eyes to get help and she been clean and sober for the past 10years and now I’m here. Wow, he said, that’s some kind of childhood you had. Yeah, it was. It definitely wasn’t the greatest, but I got through it. That’s the only thing any

of us can do and not let things like what you went through take over our life’s and I’m proud you did what you did. So, after a moment of complete silence, I guess we should get back to packing. I’m going to get back upstairs and finish packing, and then I’ll be down to help. Ok

well, let’s get this done before it gets too late. So she heads upstairs, and he leans on her kitchen counter and couldn’t believe that he was with this woman he had never met before until a few days ago at school he was just fascinated with her but he just couldn’t shake the fact that he

felt she didn’t like him that way. As he raised up off the counter, Katie had come back downstairs for some boxes that were on her kitchen table. Almost done she said as she looked at. Him then she was out of sight again, just like the winter night in fall. He was pretty sure he

had packed everything she had wanted, so he walked upstairs to let her know and to see what else she needed help with. So as he walked upstairs, he heard her crying on her bedroom floor. He hesitated at first, ongoing in, but he didn’t want to intrude, but he did to console her. As

he walked in he stopped at her door and asked is everything ok? Yeah just got emotional because I have so many memories in this place that is hard to forget but that’s partially why I’m moving I can’t take any more of all the nights I stayed up at night crying and it’s just becoming

too much for me to handle. He looks at her not knowing how to respond but without hesitation he walked over to her bedside on her floor and sat beside her and said I know little of what you have been through but from the looks of what you’re going through it’s surprising that you

haven’t broken down until now and this might be the best move you can make for yourself. I know it’s just I have been through so much in my life that it’s emotionally draining me. I know, sweetie, but you can’t let that define who you are inside. As he placed his hand over her heart.

Thank you for the talk. You’re so welcome. I have been in similar situations, but I don’t let it break me down. Try to be the best version of yourself. Ok we need to finish this so I can hurry and get out of this place. I was actually coming up here to let you know I’m pretty sure I got

everything boxed with the names on them. Ok so can you help me in this room? There is so much. As he stood up was the first time he had realized what she had been talking about. Oh, my gosh Katie. Lol I know I know. So they began packing, and he went to her bedside on the right side

to get everything out of her drawer and he looked down and there had been a pair of red laced panties on the floor he cleared his throat and says Katie ah as she looked at him as he pointed to the floor as she came around the corner and looked down and realized what he had

seen. She hurried and grabbed them off the floor. She smiled at him and says I’m so sorry. It’s ok just didn’t know how to react. Lol have you not seen any girl’s panties before? Well, not from someone I’m not intimate with. So he grabbed some of her boxes and headed downstairs to get

them ready for the movers before she knew he was gone and out of sight. She was relieved that he had left so she could have a little breakdown. She was embarrassed and a little shy that this guy had seen her personal things.

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