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The beauty of love by hezel Nyathi

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Prologue " I had a dream but people always downgraded me because of my family background and status. Life was hard to an extent that I almost gave up my life. My mother was a maid and also a single mother raising 3 kids since my father left her for another woman. My inspiration, role model the woman who made me to be who I am. She used to say that people may have everything, money, fame, power but without love you can never be happy. I was never ashamed that we were poor because I had 4 important people in my life who were always with me nomatter what the circumstances were. I won't lie and say that life was good...I learnt to hustle at a young age and I did some things that I am not proud of but as they say patience pays. Today as I stand in front of everyone in this graduation day I am proud to say that mom I made it... Thank you everyone." Everyone clapped hands and cheered as I went to sit down after I received my law certificate. I am Anthea Williams a proud law graduate, a sister and a daughter...this is my story. They say love is the greatest weapon in the world but is it true for these three girls Anthea, Lisa and Rebecca. Ride with them this journey as they portray the beauty of love alongside their families.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

*Chapter 1*


Location: Riverside California...

“Anthea blossy Williams if you don’t come out right now I will beat you,” mom yelled whilst I was getting dressed for school. I am 18 years old and I am still in high school which is called Riverside STEM Academy through a scholarship. “Sorry Mom I woke up late today because I had to revise for a test we are writing today,” I said sitting down at the dining table for breakfast. I have 2 siblings called Ashley who is 15 years old in middle school and Allan who is 10. My dad well it seems like he left us and is now married to another woman.

“Ok kids time for you to go to school you don’t want to miss the bus and be late for school.”

“Bye Mom love you,” we said getting out the house.

At school I have 2 bestfriends Lisa and Rebecca...they are always there for me through thick and thin we have been friends since we started high school. Well Lisa is the the loudest, intelligent and crazy one in our group, Rebecca is quiet and calm and I am smart, intelligent and calm.

“Hey bestfriend!” Lisa shouted running when I got to the gate. I hugged them both then we went inside school talking.

“So guys do you know Travis is hosting a party on Friday,” Lisa said. I just kept quiet and walked along them talking about the party. “Anthea you are such a bore, I know that your mom don’t like these kind of things but you should just live a little gal”

“Just leave me alone I don’t do parties I am already late for class bye.” I ran to class and I bumped into Leila the slay queen of the school.

“Isn’t it our little poor student from the lower class learning at a reputed school.”

" I am in no mood for you today we are writing our final year so I need to read and concentrate. You have money and I don’t my mom is a maid and I am not ashamed of that so if you may excuse me I have a lot to do...your highness,” I said sarcastically walking inside the class.

It was now after school and I had to go to work. I worked at a restaurant everyday to help Mom with expenses even though she did not approve of it. I worked and went home at 9pm . I found mom watching TV.

“Hey Mom I am home and exhausted.” “Blossy you don’t listen,now you are balancing school and work when you are about to write.”

“Mom I promise I can handle it and just a few months left and I will be done.”

“Ok baby your food is in the microwave eat and go to sleep goodnight.”

*6 months later*

Today was my last paper and I am really tired. We were going out with my friends to celebrate being done with high school.

“On a serious note best friend what are you going to do since you are done with high school?” Lisa asked.

“Well I applied for bursary and I will be working in the restaurant again.”

“I wish I could help you.”

“Don’t worry girlfriend I know you always think about me but I will leave everything to God.” Rebecca stood up took her bag and said,” well girlfriends I have somewhere to be now will call you love you all.” She left and we had a great day with lisa. When I arrived home I got a call from the manager of the restaurant I work in and he told me to come quickly. I changed into my jeans and t-shirt and went to the restaurant. I went to the manager’ s office I knocked and he instructed me to come in.

“Good afternoon Mr Jones.”

“Ms Williams thanks for agreeing to meet at such short notice.”

“No worries why am I here.”

“Well Ms Williams I am sorry but I have to terminate your contract.”

“What,how...I mean I worked with determination,hardwork I did nothing wrong so why?”

“We have to let go some of our employees. You will still get your three months advance salary I am sorry.” I went out disappointed but what I did not realize is that my life would change a lot after that day.

*Lisa Smith*

I am Lisa Rihanna Smith I am the daughter of Sam and Phoebe Smith. I have 3 siblings all boys, my older brother Jason is 21 then the twins who are 15...Mike and Miles we are a rich family. I have 2 bestfriends whom I love with all my heart. Today I organised a girls day out because we have quite distant these days. I went downstairs wearing my bum short n croptop. I found my brother Jase just sitting on the couch,“big brother you are not at work you forget that you are the CEO of the company and you will be the MD soon.” He sighed,“I know that it’s just that I am tired juggling between 2 companies is not a child’ s play.” Well my brother has his own company and has a huge mansion where he stays with his girlfriend.

“Is it that or it’s your girl who drained your energy...”

“F**k you Lisa...where are you going anyway.”

“Meeting up with my friends brother,”

“When am I meeting your friends you know everything about me and my friends but I have no clue about yours.”

“Well brother if you want to meet my friends then organize my birthday.”

“Anything for you baby sister.”

I hugged him,went out took my car and drove to the salted pig restaurant, I found them already sitting,“hey girls sorry for being late.”

“It’s ok hun we just got here,” Anthea said.

“So what are we ordering?” I asked the waiter came to take our orders. Rebecca said, we will have smash Burgers and st Francis Chardonnay thanks.” Our food came after sometime and we ate. The day just got bad when Leila and her friends walked in,” oh the girls how are you darlings long time,“we kept quiet and she chuckled,“Lisa why are you with these poor things well not Rebecca she is better but Anthea the daughter of our ex maid.” They laughed and Lisa said,“who I become friends with does not concern you if you may excuse us,”

“Toodles...let’s go girls.” They went and Lisa said,” anyways don’t mind her. As you know next week is my birthday my brother will be hosting it for me so please ask for permission from your families for a sleepover from Friday to Sunday we going to have lots of fun. Mabye you will get boyfriends from my brother’s friends who knows.”

“Ohh wow I can’t wait,” Rebecca said and we laughed. Our day was nice and I had missed my girlfriends.


My name is Rebecca Johnson I was born in an average family not poor. My mom is a nurse and dad is an accountant. I have 2 siblings who are girls, Sharon who is 16 and Taylor who is 15. Today is Friday and I am going to Lisa’s birthday party I am so excited mabye I will get a hunk for myself. I am in my room with my sisters picking clothes. I was wearing a short jumpsuit.” So sis you say you are looking for a hunk what about that loser you call a boyfriend,” Sharon asked,“well I am looking for a real man not boys I dumped him.”

“But what did the poor boy do he loved you sis,” my righteous sister Taylor said

“Well he was not rich,not manly, not attractive and not suitable for Rebecca,” Sharon said rolling her eyes.

“Girls I have to go see you on Sunday.”

“Bye,” they said as they hugged me. I got into a cab and went to the address Lisa sent me. I knocked and a maid opened the door,“good evening,” she greeted as I walked in,“hey...is Lisa in.”

“She is in the lounge,” I went inside and wow I was blown away the house is so huge and marvellous. “Hey Rebs!” Lisa screamed as I walked inside the lounge. “Hey babes how are you,”

“I am good have a seat you look great by the way.”

“Thanks darling,”

“Do you want anything to drink?”

“Juice please if you have,”

“Rita may you please get us 3 glasses of juice Anthea just texted me she is by the gate.” We started drinking juice talking then Anthea walked inside wearing a jumpsuit too.” Not fair girls why was I not told that we are wearing jumpsuits,” Lisa complained. “It’s a nice coincidence because we did not tell each other,” I said laughing. Whilst we were talking a hunk appeared out of nowhere I was awestruck I had never seen someone so handsome with a body to die for. “Jase you are here ,” Lisa said hugging him,“girls this is my older brother Jason and the owner of this house,""Nice to meet you Jase I am Rebecca and this is Anthea,""likewise," he said. I smiled seems like I have found my hunk already.

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