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I, Never-

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“Are you going to tell me what you’ve heard about me?” He asks, casually changing the subject as he focuses on placing the bandaid perfectly over my scraped knee. My still fuzzy head and the fact that I just poured out my heartache to a complete stranger who has seen me bloodied, bruised and crying has lowered my inhibitions. Even with him crouched in front of my knee while I sit on the counter in a skirt, I know there really isn’t much left for me to feel self conscious about in this moment, so I go for it. “That you’re with a new girl every night.” I pause, watching the top of his head for a moment to see how he will react before I go on. If he has a reaction, he doesn’t show it. “That you don’t actually like any of them, you just sleep with them and move on to the next. But for some strange reason, everyone likes you.” His hands freeze in place over my knee and slowly he lifts his head. His piercing eyes stare intently into mine as a slow smirk spreads across his beautiful mouth. “Is it true?” I ask, bravely holding his stare. He rises so once again he is standing in front of me between my parted legs. “It’s not every night.” I roll my eyes at his pathetic distinction. “And I like all of them,” he adds smugly. “What’s your name?” I ask returning my eyes to his, glad to have such a normal, usual question to put in the space between us. “Never.” He says quietly.

Romance / Drama
Kat Thomas
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Sheer panic courses through the length of my body, from the top of my head as it nestles in the crook of his neck, to my bare leg that is wrapped around his. Sweat covers my skin, especially in the places where our bodies are connected. The room is filled with the echoes of our subsiding gasps and the unease that comes with knowing we’ve crossed a very hard line.

This was never supposed to happen.

My limbs are exhausted yet my heart is racing and a million different thoughts circle my brain.

His heart drums against my hand splayed across his chest. From the harsh and erratic beating, I can tell he feels it too; panic.

I remember the first time I saw him so many months ago. I wouldn’t have admitted it then, and it’s hard for me to admit even now, but something changed for me in that instant. The moment I felt him walk into the room I knew nothing would ever be the same, and it turns out I was right.

I wonder now if it was the same for him, and if it was, would he admit it?

There is only one way out of this and we both know it, but neither of us wants to make the first move, afraid and uncertain of how the other will react.

We never should have let it go this far.

His strong body shifts uncomfortably under mine, adding to the awkward air surrounding us.

I picture what we both must look like, laying here, our bodies tense and entwined. I imagine that this is a movie and that a camera pans out to reveal our naked bodies that, for all intents and purposes, should be relaxed after what we just finished, and may even appear relaxed at first. But zoom in and you’d see how rigid our arms and legs are, draped across each others in a stiff and awkward way.

If he’s not going to do anything about this, then I will. With every ounce of strength and self control I have left, I focus on one word and one word only:


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