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Cold-Hearted Devil For A Partner

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Joshua Taylor. Whenever people hear that name, they would shake with fear. Why? Because that name belongs to the school's bad boy. He was mysterious, rude, cold hearted and is always getting in trouble. He was a cold hearted player who didn't care about anyone. Most people fear him and even though he treats them like a used washcloth most girls would give anything just to date him. They'll even throw themselves at him hoping he'll care for them. Alexandra Miller wasn't one of those girls though. She is a regular girl who always gets good grades and would rather sit in her room reading a book all day than go out. She tries to avoid drama and didn't care much for guys like Joshua Taylor. What would happen when all of that changes? What would happen when Alexandra has a run-in with Joshua? Would he make her life a living hell? Maybe... One thing is for sure, Alexandra wishes that she didn't have anything to do with the bad boy. Also, she wishes she hadn't built a chemistry with him because with his reputation it could only lead to heartbreak.

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A Devastating Beginning

Thump thump thump!!

"Lexie, wake up. You're going to be late for school!" I heard my big brother shouted outside my door. I jumped out of bed with a start and groaned as I almost fell off the bed. I heard the knocking once more and I sighed.

"Okay, okay! I hear you. Keep your panties on!" I shouted back and got out of bed. I looked at the clock and gasp aloud. It was 7:15 am. I only have 45 more minutes before the bell goes for my first class.

I had a quick shower. Then, I put on a grey sweat shirt, jeans and my sneakers. I pulled my long chestnut hair into a pony tail and went downstairs.

When I got downstairs, everyone was already there. My mother was making pancakes and eggs. She smiled when she saw me.

"Good morning honey! Ready for your first day of senior year?" My mom asked.

"Yes Mom." I said walking over to her and giving her a side hug.

My mom was very pretty with the same brown hair like mine but darker. She has brown eyes like mine also. People would always tell me that I look like her.

My dad and two brothers were at the table. My dad looked up from the paper he was reading and smiled at me. Dad had blonde hair and his eyes were brown. My little brother Jason, who was five had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes, while my older brother Andrew, who is twenty and just started college, had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

I sat at the table and my mom brought me a plate of pancakes and eggs. While I was still eating, Andrew said "Come on Lexie, hurry up. I can't be late for class."

"Alright, alright, I'm finished." I said rolling my eyes at him. I got up and gave my parents a quick kiss goodbye.

"Bye Pumpkin, have a good day at school." Dad said.

"I will. Love you." I called back as I left the dining room and head to the front door.

Jason and I went into Andrew's car, where he is going to drive us to school. Jason was dropped off first at Kindergarten. Finally, we reach my school five minutes before class began. I got out of the car, waved to my brother and headed for the school's entrance.

I went inside to my locker, where I put my bag and took out my maths book for first period. After getting my books, I closed my locker and bumped into something solid and my books fell to the floor.

"Why can't you look where you are going, nerd?" I heard a voice sneer.

I looked up at the person and my eyes widen.

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!

I was staring into the face of none other than Joshua Taylor, the bad boy of Bayville High School.

I swallowed. "I - I - I'm s-sorry." I stuttered.

"You should be." He snickered, looking at me with his deep blue eyes. I was stood frozen for a while before he added. "Next time watch where you are going." He then shoved the remaining books from my hands and walked away.

His friends, who were behind him just looked at me and walk away with him. I bend to take up my books and looked up to see my best friend Stacy Collins walking towards me.

Stacy had dark hair that reaches her shoulders. Her eyes were grey. We have been best friends since freshman year. She is a very strong person and will always smile even when she wanted to cry. I admire her for that.

"Did I just see what I thought I saw?" Stacy asked and I groaned.

"He is like the bad boy in school, which everyone is afraid of. He is trouble. You are so dead!" Stacy continued.

"Thanks a lot for pointing that out, Stacy." I said sarcastically as we head to Maths class, which we have together.

When we reached the door, we were pushed aside by Erica Green, the Queen Bee of the school.

"Ladies before Losers." Erica said and flipped her blonde hair. She snickered and stepped inside the classroom.

"Ughh, I hate that girl. She thinks she is better than everybody." Stacy said, sounding irritated.

I nodded my head in agreement "She makes me so mad. My first day and I run into two troubles. Can my day get any worst?" I said as we headed into the classroom.

This is going to be one hell of a year!

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