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Boss Turned Husband

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What happens when the secretary of a renowned music producer gets a proposition by her boss to pretend to be his wife. The relationship may be fake, but the chemistry between them is real. With people trying to sabotage their love story, can the two fall in love? *** "Adam, I know you're in there! I won't leave until you come out and take responsibility for your actions!" She yelled, shaking her fists angrily. "My husband isn't home. Now, please leave before I call the cops!" "That's what you'd like, huh?" She scoffed with contempt. "I'm not leaving till Adam knows what he did to me." "What he DID to you?" I ask, perplexed. "He didn't tell you about that night, did he?" She smirked wickedly. "Well, tough luck, sweetheart. I'm pregnant and he's the father." She's . . . Pregnant? But I'm pregnant for him, too. . . © Copyright 2022 Hillary ® All Rights Reserved

Romance / Drama
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Sneak peek

Sneak peek

Of course I have to work the night some rich producer orders seventy five pizzas. I muttered to myself.

I hope this guy's a good tipper.

I'm about to knock on the door when suddenly, the door swings open with such force that it almost knocked me out of balance!

"Watch out!" I yelled.

The woman who just rushed out doesn't hear me; instead, she turns towards the man whose office she just left. "You're such a jerk, Adam!"

She looks agitated, while he looks almost . . . bored.

"You're the worst person I've ever met in my life. I pity the people who work for you," she spat.

I took a close look at her. Her hair which was styled in a donut form was scattered, she had on a long overall coat over black with white striped work pants, a white shirt which wasn't tucked in, and a back tie to top it all.

"YOU work for me, Tiffany," Adam argued.

"Not anymore. I quit!" She screamed and rushed out while he looks after her in amusement.

Oh, wow! It looks like I'm not the only one having a bad night.

I turn to the man, and give him a flashy smile. "Excuse me. You're Adam Owens, right?" I questioned.

"That's me," he affirmed, "what do you want?"

"I wear a hat that says, "Pizza Is Art," what do you think?" I sassed.

He sighs, and starts rubbing his temples. "Right, the pizzas. I forgot about those," he muttered.

"No worries. Sometimes I order seventy five pizzas too and forget about it," I piped, trying to crack a joke. There's a short pause during which he just stares at me. "Sorry, I was just trying to make a joke," I grimaced.

Adam smiles at me and I can't help but notice how handsome he looks.

Payton, focus!

"My new assistant just quit . . . I have a really tight schedule, and she was supposed to get an exclusive new record for me. Now, I have to go through five blocks myself, even with all the guests I have to attend to here," he relayed.

I nonchalantly shrug and give a suggestion. "I'm going there for a delivery. I can get it for you, if you want."

He chuckles and shakes his head. "You're sweet. Have a great night."

"No seriously, it wouldn't be a problem," I argued.

Adam raised a brow in question. "Really? You'd just do me a favor like that? You don't even know me," he supplied, a small frown etched on his face.

"I believe in good karma," I reiterated and he smirks.

"Alright, if you're sure. That would really help out a lot," he said, releasing a deep breath I felt he'd been holding for long.

"Of course, don't worry about it." I take the address and turn to leave.

"Wait, don't I have to pay you for the pizzas?"

I turn back to him. "You already paid through the app," I reminded.

"Oh, right." He extends his hand out to me, and I take it. We shake hands, and before he lets go, he leaves something in my hand.

"Have a good night . . ." He glances at my name tag, "Payton." He closes the door behind him and I open my palm to see a hundred dollars bill.

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