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Reed (Death Reapers MC Book 1)

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They were trying to kill him and they almost succeeded, until she came along. She saved his life and in turn, he put hers in danger. This is the first installment of the Death Reapers Motorcycle Club Romance. All the books in the series can be read alone or in sequence. I don't own the rights to the picture Any references to people, places, and things are purely coincidental. This work is purely a work of fiction by the author.

Allison Kayne
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Dead Guy

She ran to the window and looked out, she saw a man running through the trees towards her house, he was bleeding and holding his side. As she reached the window he collapsed onto her porch. Cheyanne moved closer to the window, the man was just lying there not moving. It scared her that he might be dead, she cracked open her door but didn’t grab the man right away, scared that whoever hurt this guy would see her and come after her. After about ten minutes, which seemed like ten years Cheyanne opened her door and grabbed the man dragging him inside. Then she grabbed multiple buckets of water and threw it all over her porch washing away any indication that he came to her home

Reed woke up and immediately grabbed his side, it burned like fire as a matter of fact his whole body hurt. He felt like he went a round or two with Tyson Fury and of course, Tyson Fury won. When he was finally able to breathe through the pain, he looked around and realized that he was on a bed not laid out in the woods somewhere bleeding to death. He started to take inventory of his body starting with his side. His side was stitched up with neat and tiny stitches, he knew he had two broken ribs. And, a myriad of other injuries Reed needed to figure out what else was wrong with him so he could get back to the Reapers.

Reed quickly looked around, thanking God for sending whoever helped him. The room he was in was just a plain white bedroom, tv on top of a dresser that faced the bed he was on. Nightstands next to the bed, he saw a glass of water and aspirin sitting on the nightstand but no note, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to take them. He sat up and winced when his stitches pulled a little, he tried to stand up but his leg gave out from underneath him, he could tell that it was broken something else to add to the injury list. It was going to be difficult to walk, and he needed to get out of here. Whoever helped him was in danger and he needed to keep them safe, even if he couldn’t walk

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