Hooking up for the Autumn

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A Autumn Hookup is a sequel to A Summer Wedding Hookup, following Nadia Maxwell as she tries to find herself in a new city but instead of finding herself she found so much more than she expected n the form a Joshua Grant, the city's notorious playboy.

Romance / Erotica
Sabry Singh
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Chapter 1

Nadia's POV

Dressed in a suit which isn't brand name, I clutch my non-brand name handbag and walked into Maxwell Hotels located in the heart of the city, I've now made my new home for the Autumn.

It was a tearful goodbye between my mother and I after I decided to make a change with my life and use that opportunity to cut ties with the Browne sisters and my former clique.

I watch my brother now happily married to my former best friend whose, now my sister-in-law. It hurts to know I turned my back on her because I was convinced she was of a lower clique than me but what hurts even more is that I broke off my friendship with her to become friends with people who only used me for my wealth, status in society and my handsome brother.

I've decided if I'm to make genuine friends then no one should know who I am which is why I'm using my mother's last name instead of Maxwell to start my new life.

The first thing I did before coming here was dye my hair back to it's, original color, leaving some blonde highlights and according to my brother who came to see me off at the airport.

"It's good to see my beautiful sister again." Levi had said to me.

Since I wanted to be a normal employee without qualifications, Uncle Zack suggested the front desk. My family doesn't know about my name change but, they know I'll be working part-time at the hotel and deep down, I felt Pops was proud of me.

Even though I have no qualifications, I could have gotten a better position but I decided to work for whatever I achieve in life from now on and as a shareholder of Maxwell Hotels, I need to get my degree to enhance my work.

I don't have a college education so I decided to work night shifts at the Hotel and start working towards obtaining my degree in Hotel Management to start with, which is all I mentioned to my family, something my brother is happy about since he wants me on board with him at Maxwell's while he tries to coax his new wife to join him as well.

"Ms. Clarke, Mr. Maxwell will see you now." A well dress blonde in her thirties approached me, her head lifted high but if she thought I miss the way she scrutinized my dress suit with an insultive frown, then she thought wrong.

Normally I would have glared at her and maybe threaten to fire her but I held my tongue and followed her to my uncle's office.

"Ms. Clarke." The blonde woman announces me.

I'm not sure what her problem is but, I intend to find out.

Standing from behind his desk, Uncle Zack nods politely to his secretary.

"Thank you Penny." Uncle Zack says and it was only when this Penny woman walked off shutting the door behind her that Uncle Zack smiled.

"You found your way around easily?" Uncle Zack gave me an affectionate hug before returning to his desk.

Nodding, "I may not have a college degree but I do know how to follow instructions." I smirked.

The smile on my uncle's face disappeared. "Don't be so hard on yourself Nadia, you are only twenty three, it's not too late to start afresh." Uncle Zack encourages me.

"I needed a change from the rich spoiled brat I became so this is me trying to become a better version of myself, starting with becoming friends with whosoever will accept me as Nadia Clark, uneducated, working class and not Nadia Maxwell, rich heiress." I repeated the speech I gave myself when I decided this is how I wanted to start over.

Nodding, "I understand but you need to tell your father and to be honest, I am sure he will support you and if he calls the Hotel and no one knows a Nadia Clarke, it's going to be on you not me." Uncle Zack cautions me.

Chuckling, "I promise to call him every morning and every night." I lift my right hand, "scouts honor." I smirked.

Uncle Zack slid a form in front of me, "I am guessing with your new name, you won't be using your bank account, so full out this application form and" with his eyes downcast reading the forms, "this is one to open a new bank account under the name Nadia Clarke so you can collect your salary." As my uncle was explaining the process to me, I gasp loudly then started laughing.

"Oh my God, I am going to get a salary." I clapped excitedly. It felt good to hear myself say that.

Laughing with me, "that's right sweetheart, Maxwell's princess is now joining the workforce." He laughs with me. "But, I'm sure your family will continue with your allowance." Uncle Zach stated the obvious.

Yes daddy already paid my college tuition fees and Levi indicated he'll give me a bigger allowance which might be too much now, since my social life will be downgraded.

"I don't have any ID under the name Clarke." I suddenly realized.

Dropping his pen, "right," apparently my uncle and I didn't think that far ahead.

Narrowing my eyes thoughtfully, "don't you pay cash?" I asked hopefully, although I don't need a salary, it would feel good to actually get one.

In fact, I am already anxious to receive my salary.

Tapping his pen, "you will only be working four nights a week, so I can arrange cash payments," Uncle Zack the problem solver, shrugged.

Leaning forward, "also what's with that Penny woman and the way she sized me and my outfit up?" The bitch in me couldn't help whispering to uncle Matt.

Chuckling, uncle Zack leaned back against his executive chair.

"The thing is that I don't normally handle interviews for front desk workers, so she must be wondering who you are and why I am interviewing you personally and not HR and why you will be staying in the Maxwell suite." He shrugs.

"Maybe she thinks you're my sugar daddy," I smirked, laughing at my uncle's expression.

Shaking his head, "now Nadia, that's a remark from Nadia Maxwell but remember, you're the docile Nadia Clarke." He nods as he spoke prompting me to agree with him.

Folding my arms, "well I don't care if she mashes my toes but if she digs her heel in my foot, I will kick back." I promise.

Uncle Zack laughed out, "I can already see that this new you will be having a lot of fun." Uncle Zack, slid the application form to me.

"Now full this out and I will have Penny send this to HR. I am hiring you on a trial basis, this is what I will be forwarding to them. I will explain you have no working experience and will be attending college here so we will be paying you cash on a weekly basis for your expenses." Uncle Zack the businessman starts laying down the rules and explaining what HR will know about me and that's who I am to become if I desire to go through with this charade.

"Because you will be going to school during the day, you will be working nights Fridays, Saturdays and two week nights which will be determined when you get your class roster." Uncle Zach continues.

Shrugging, "I don't mind working weeknights." I offered.

Shaking his head, "I can't have you falling asleep during your classes which is more important than a job you don't need." Uncle Zack reminds me.

Opening his draw, "this is the keycard to the Maxwell suite but remember, my home is your home." He went on. "I've already informed the hotel staff you will be occupying the Maxwell suite while you work here." He adds.

Taking the key card for my family suite, "you're enjoying this aren't you?" I smirked.

Chuckling, "yes," Uncle Zack admitted. "Your aunt and I are anxious to see how all of this unfolds and like I said, it's going to be fun." He chuckles.

I spent the next twenty five minutes filling out the form with Uncle Zack, trying to be as truthful as possible, excited for this new adventure.

"Penny will escort you to HR and when you're done, Debbie is waiting to take you shopping." Uncle Zack laughs when I screw up my face.

"All your brand name clothes won't sell the new you." He reminds me.

Pouting, "I know but I will keep my jeans and I am not shopping in thrift shops." I warned him.

I was given a copy of all the rules workers need to adhere to, in the hospitality industry where the clients always come first.

I have two days off before I start my first night shift on Friday so Aunty Debbie and I went shopping and it was so different than shopping in Paris during fashion week.

Back at my uncle's home, I packed some of the clothes I will not be using but instead of shipping it back home for my parents to question me, I had Aunty Debbie send them to the Maxwell suite, where according to Uncle Zack, it will be less hassle for me.

All I have to do is not bring attention to myself and I am sure I can pull this off.

Shopping with aunt Debbie wasn't much of a hassle with me purchasing jackets to use over my designers tops, so I realize this is really going to work and I can still use my regular clothes.

My first shift was busy because I was training under a college student whose is in his third year at UCW, the same university I am signed up in.

Daryl was helpful and patient with me, especially when I told him I've never worked before and then, I shared the story Uncle Zack wanted me to sell, that my father works at Maxwell's in California and since I am going to be studying here, the CEO recommended me for this part-time job and offered me one of their rooms for the time being.

So far so good, he bought it.

It feels good to not be me the girl I was in California.

Now all I have to do is make my daily calls to mom who is extremely worried about me moving so far away from her and my brother who totally supports me but is worried with me moving so far away.

It's not like I intend to live here forever because when I start working full time at Maxwell's I'll be working at our home office.

I may not even finish university here but the main thing was, starting.

My second work night flew by with me attending to the guests and ensuring their rooms and bookings were in order and assisting with whatever questions or problems that may arise.

I was glad all I had to do was take a elevator up to my room after my first shift with a breakfast and lunch aunty Debbie sent that first morning.

Since it's Sunday morning, I decided to get myself a full breakfast before settling down for a good day's rest, especially with college starting tomorrow, something I am nervously excited about.

There weren't much places open close by so after a quick change, I settled for a coffee shop.

"Maybe you should step aside before falling asleep over the menu." A deep husky voice mutters behind me.

Hungry and sleepy, I clench my fist ready to explore!

"Not this morning...."
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