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Dixon (Saints MC Book 2)

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Mason cont.

“My name is Andalee, but everyone calls me Andy.”

Mason, helped Andy onto his bike.

“Well Andy, I’m Mason. Now the only thing I need you to do is keep your foot on the pegs, watch out for the pipes they burn, and lean when I lean okay?”

Andy nodded her head and they took off. Andy couldn’t believe that she was riding off with some stranger. But, at this moment she didn’t care. She wasn’t a rebel or anything, she had always been a good girl. She didn’t drink, she didn’t smoke or do drugs, and she always did what her parents told her to. Always top of her class in high school, going to the college that they wanted her to go to.

Doing the major that they wanted. But, after a while, she got tired of trying to be miss perfect and just wanted to be Andy. So, she packed up her things one day and told her parents she was moving to Maryland. They were Miami socialites, and to find out that their one and only daughter just decided to pack up and leave and not follow through with their plans for her was a shock, to say the least. They are still angry at her but Andy didn’t care she just wanted to live for herself for once, and then she would go back to being a good girl.

Mason and Andy rode and rode, she didn’t know where they were going and she didn’t care. She had just moved to Maryland, she had a couple of job interviews for a junior accountant position at three different firms next week. So, this week she could do and play how she wanted. Mason smiled when he felt Andy’s arms tighten around his waist. He kind of liked the feeling, plus, he knew that she was old lady material not a biker slut. So, Mason was a little excited that he liked having her close, he couldn’t wait to get to know her better.

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