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Sum of Kira

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Kira stumbles into the line of the werewolf pack after fleeing from her captors. She is found by the packs Alpha Miran a stout, rugged man who cares for the entire pack. Desperate to acquire safety, she sticks to Miran like glue attempting to wriggle her way into his life.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

"It isn't like you to be so stoic," a young man said gently from behind the giant man."Is what I would say...but it is isn't it?"

His eyes were settled on the landscape, his jaw clenched, hands folded behind his back.

The smaller man came up behind him, standing at his side. He craned his neck upwards, to catch a glimpse of the fierce man.

"They're encroaching from all sides sir. Aren't you worried?"

The man blinked. "We'll hold the line. Keep the nest tight. But as for war...there's no need to engage in anything like that."

His companion frowned. "You can't avoid it forever. They all see us monsters. Less than. They attack us every day. And you...would you have us keep dropping like flies—like the dogs in the street?"

The man was silent for a moment. "There is a contempt, Lucian. Because of differences. Humans find vampires disgusting, because they're natural prey. Vampires find us contemptible because we're able to attain strength and yet still walk in the light."

He inhaled deeply, turning around with a small smile. "Peace cannot be attained by war. These methods will only lead to more of the same on all sides."

Lucian shook his head. "Those are ideals you're upholding...on the backs of our corpses, sir. And you are able to have those ideals because although you are one of us, you do not possess the weakness that is caring about others."

Lucian turned away, leaving the man to his vices. He paused by the door.

"When you have something you love, Miran...I wonder if those ideals may shake."

Miran did not contest his sentiments or his departure. Perhaps he was right. His ideals were forged without bonds. But it would never change.

No one would love him. That was a fact. He wasn't particularly sad about it, it was just a fact of life.

He was unable to reconcile the thought of something like a loved one. It was unthinkable for him. What he did have, was people to protect. To care for.

That was his duty.

He glanced back at the piano that stayed untouched. Dust had begun collecting along the keys.

"There's someone at the border. A woman." Lucian called.

Miran tore his eyes from the landscape. "Species?"

"She appears to be human."

Miran opened the window, jumping down from the second story onto the ground. He stalked toward the border.

A human woman. No doubt trouble. He'd have to send her back to where she came. Nothing good ever came of humans sniffing where they do not belong.

His large form dwarfed the human woman, as he stood tall in front of her. "This is not a territory you are welcome in, human." He gruffs.

The woman looked at him, silently shaking. "I-oh."

He raised his brow. "Go back where you belong." He turned around, stalking sway.

"I'm not sure where that is. I...I just want to–I can clean and cook. But I can't walk anymore. I just need to—"

Her eyes closed, as she suddenly fell forward. He caught her in his hand with a frown.

"What will you do with her?" Lucian asked from behind her.

He brought her to his nose. She didn't smell like a wolf. He pulled her lips up. No fangs. And yet...human didn't seem to be a good descriptor either.

"She's an adult at least. It doesn't seem like she's borne children by her hips. Perhaps no one will come looking for her," Lucian remarked. "Still, we run the risk of her just being an infiltrator."

Miran pursed his lips. "Take her to the guest room. I will see to her myself. I'll let her stay a week tops. Then send her back where she came."

Lucian threw her over his shoulder.

"Be careful with her. She's fragile."

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