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Sum of Kira

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Kira opened her eyes, looking around. Had she made it.

"Is this the place?" She whispered to herself, sitting up. "Where everyone can coexist?"

"There isn't a place like that," a steady, deep voice called from the corner of the room.

The man in the corner of the room had shaggy, long black hair, and dark eyes. He was tall, huge, rugged. Muscular and scarred.

He leaned forward on his haunches. "There isn't a place like that in this world. Where do you come from?"

She looked around. "I'm not sure. But I can't go back."

He leaned back. "You can't stay here, either. What was your name?"


He nodded. "Kira. This is werewolf pack. You are not a werewolf. The next human establishment is miles from here. I can personally carry you to the border."

She shivered. He looked scary, but his manner was kind and protective.

"Please let me stay here." She begged, her fingers curling desperately against the covers.

"You cannot," He said firmly.

She screwed her eyes closed. "I'll do whatever you ask. Cooking, cleaning, housework."

"I do not require any of that. Even your request is rooted in human customs. I cannot allow your stay here. You may recover, but then you must depart."

Kira sniffled, looking away. "If I go back where I came from....I'll die."

His brow knitted. "Your safety is not my concern. Though I wish for your continued life and health, I am not responsible for you. I am responsible for my pack."

She slipped out of the bed, stumbling over herself softly. He stood, catching her.

She clenched his clothing. "Sir, please..."

He sighed with a frown, looking over her crumpled form. She was pitiful, and his heart twinged in pain at the expression on his face.

It was wired into him to care for those who weaker and protect those who needed protection. More than ideal, or even his duty, it was coded in his biological imperative.

She needed him.

"For a bit. Just...until you get on your feet. But we will go to the human village together when you are recovered and find you a place there."

She let out a short breath, her curls framing her face, brown eyes wide, and shiny with tears.

"Thank you sir!" She threw her hands around his neck. His hands hovered over her in shock a soft grunt.

"Alright, alright." He patted her back carefully.

Kira leaned against him.

"You're the Alpha of this pack, aren't you?" She asked gently.

He looked ahead. "Human understanding of the structure of wolf society is very weak."

"I see. Then you're not?"

He sighed. "Wolf society follows a family structure. Rather than brute force, those who are oldest, and strongest care for the younger weaker members of the pack. Like elder brothers and sisters."

She smiled. "Family. That's beautiful."

He said nothing.

"Then What are you?"

Miran was quiet for a moment more. "I am Miran. And I am eldest to all, and strongest of all."

He picked her up, laying her back in the bed. "Rest now. You must recover, soon—"

She pulled him back, her hand smaller, fancier less scarred than his own.

"I'm sorry would you stay with me?" she looked away. "As you can tell...I'm quite soft. I'm afraid...of being alone."

Miran sighed, sitting back in his chair, letting their hands unravel.

"Very well."

He closed his eyes. She was a beautiful woman. He didn't sense that she was dangerous. Just a lost young woman, most likely hurt in more ways than one. It wouldn't do any harm then, to help her a while longer.

"Are you asleep?"

He peeked one eye open. "No."

Kira couldn't sleep. She needed to embed herself here. With him. She had to make sure she became close to him. Her eyes river the room, the piano in the corner.

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