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Fergus Mckenzie was cursed and turned into a statue, then he was kept by the Mckenzie Clan. Years and decades passed the statue became an interest to the government so they slowly collected information about the Mckenzie Warrior and it's statue in the Mckenzie's Mansion so they pushed the National Museum of Edinburgh to retrieve the statue but the Clan always refuses them until Bethany and her colleague Rachelle tried their luck to convince the Mckenzie Clan to give it to the National Museum. They offered the clan to share the story of Scotland's Greatest Warrior, Fergus Mckenzie to the whole country so that he would be part of the history of Scotland. They are the only employees from the National Museum of Edinburgh who showed sincere interest in the story behind the warrior which made the clan agree. It was a success, but little did they know that the statue could be so magical.

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Chapter 1 (The Printed Article)

I know I had a great life in New York especially since I had a stable job there but I have to be with my mom. I used to live in Connecticut where I grew up with my parents, then when I graduated from College I tried my luck in the New York City Museum and got the job. It’s been my dream to work in the Museum since I was a kid. I am very much interested in our history, arts, artifacts, well all in all I am curious with everything, curious about the story behind all of these things and it’s very satisfying to know how it was way back then, it excites me.

My parents never pressured me into what I want to do with my life. They encourage me to push myself to be involved in the things that make me happy, they are very supportive in everything I do and they always make me feel that whatever happened I got their back, that’s why I love them so much. I am the only daughter they have so as much as possible I will make them proud and happy in every success I could do. Unfortunately, my dad passed away earlier this year because of a heart disease.

We were so sad to the point my mom had depression, except me she only had my dad and they love each other so much as cringe as it sounds but it’s real love between them. It was really painful for her but knowing mom, she’s a very strong woman but despite that personality, I still check on her. Months later she finally overcame the depression and slowly recovered from it but one day she just decided to move to Edinburgh where she grew up. Of course I don’t want her to live in some place that is far from where I stay so I tried to stop her at first but since she was really determined and I couldn’t change her mind, I just agreed.

Yeah, it’s for the better and maybe she could recover more if she will live in her hometown but, I’m just really worried for her and I always overthink things so I am not sure if I can survive worrying about her, she’s the only one I have. Months after she moved to Edinburgh, I also decided to move there because I just couldn’t take it knowing mom is living in Edinburgh alone so I sacrificed my career in New York. It was such a hard decision for me, I’ve been working in the National Museum of New York for five years and I love my job there but I have to let it go for the peace of my mind. Well, I can use my experience to look for a job in the Museums of Scotland but it will not be easy.

I was busy working in the National Museum of Scotland, making sure everything is in place, everything’s settled, everything’s ready for tomorrow’s event. There will be students from Portbello Highschool who will visit here for an exploration. I am excited and nervous at the same time because this will be my first event with the National Museum of Scotland. I mean I already worked as a Museum Conservator in the National Museum of New York so I shouldn’t be worried on how I would handle my job but the environment is still new to me and I am still adjusting.

I sighed, feeling the exhaustion.

“You did a great job here, Ms. Bethany.” I turned around to see one of the Curators Mr. Graham walking in my direction. I composed myself immediately and smiled.

“Oh, thank you Mr. Graham.” I said politely.

He looked around the Museum hall and nodded slightly as if approving the scenery. His gray eyes averted to mine then his slightly wrinkled upper cheeks moved to the corner of his gray eyes as he smiled back.

“I know it’s been a long day for us but we still didn’t use all our working hours for today so since it looks like everything is well I decided, we will have our early log out to prepare our energy for tomorrow’s event, aye?” He said in a cheerful and fatherly voice.

I smiled and nodded.

“Thank you Mr. Graham but I’m okay, I can still finish my working hours here.” I suggested.

He shook his head and chuckled.

Nae, everyone is an excuse for today because tomorrow will also be a long day for us.” He shrugged.

I laughed in defeat.

“Okay okay sir, will do it.” I said.

With that, he nodded and walked to the other area of the museum to check the other employees.

I smiled as I was looking at his direction while talking to the other employees, he’s like a father to us but he’s also strict with work. For a month working here, everyone is good and friendly it’s just that I have to work on their language I mean yes they’re talking English but it’s different because they use some words that I really don’t know, but I’m lucky to them because they help me whenever there are conversations that I couldn’t catch up.

“Halo.” A female voice greeted cheerfully beside me.

I turned to the sound of the voice beside me and it was Rachelle.

Rachelle also started her job here last month as an assistant curator. She is super hyper, happy and loud that’s why I felt comfortable hanging with her and we immediately clicked in. When you look at her physical features, it reflects her personality like her red hair partnered with her cheerful beautiful green eyes with a little freckles on her white cheeks.

I smiled at her.

“Hey Rachelle, what’s up.” I greeted her with an enthusiastic vibe.

“Well good but I’m kinda pressured with this.” She said showing compiled papers with articles printed on it.

I raised my right eyebrow as if questioning her.

She sighed.

“It’s the McKenzie Statue, the not so famous but the best warrior of Scotland. The government pushes the National Museum to get the statue from the McKenzie Historical Mansion but it looks like the McKenzie Clan doesn’t want to surrender it.” Rachelle explained.

And that made me curious. To be honest, I still don’t know a lot of things about Scotland. I mean yes I studied some that are involved here in the Museum and the known facts about Scotland but I know there’s more to it in our history so I can really say that I am still not that knowledgeable about their history.

I took the article from her hand and looked at it.

There was a big picture of the statue that Rachelle was saying on the printed article. I checked it curiously.

To say, if he was a real man he would be very handsome with strong features. He only wore a kilt with his exposed slightly bulgy upper body indicating he is an experienced warrior. His stance looks like he is in attack mode, his right arm is slightly raised holding his sword directed in my direction and his left arm is in defense.

Wow, the sculptor did a great job here indeed, the statue is so detailed that it gives me goosebumps because he looks like a powerful warrior that is feared by everyone. I stared at his eyes and all I could see was nothing, emotionless, ruthless, then his hair was shoulder length size.

“Hmm okay.” I said as I gave her back the printed article.

“So I am saying, he’s the best warrior in the history of Scotland but you know he made him kinda low-key for unknown reason that’s why not everyone knew him or some people just assumed that this warrior didn’t exist because well to think it is really impossible to have a person like him who was very brutal and cruel as what I have read in this article.” She said, raising the printed articles on her hand.

And again my curiosity hit me. It’s like I want to know more about this McKenzie Warrior.

I looked back on the article that Rachelle is holding now and stared at the picture of the statue. As I stared at the eyes of the statue again and in that moment, I suddenly felt like I was hypnotized by those eyes.

That’s why it wasn’t showing any hint of emotion.

“And now I think the government wants to get the statue because they got interested in it, well if they’ll introduce him to the country that’ll be good he still deserves to be part of our history but anyway, it will be good if we can bring the statue here before the event tomorrow.” She said while looking at the article.

“But we don’t have time, I mean don’t you want to just rest for tomorrow?” I said suggestively.

But deep down, I really want to see this McKenzie Statue in person and know his story.

Rachelle shrugged again.

“Well, I just want to try. This one is a very hard task of mine since a lot of past curators tried their best to retrieve the statue in the McKenzie Mansion but they all failed.” She said looking at the printed article.

I was about to say that I’ll consider helping her with that statue but someone called me.

“Hey Beth, can you help me with this?” A man’s voice called from behind.

I turned around to see Chris, the Exhibit Designer.

He showed me a picture on a tablet of a specific area in the Museum where the paintings were neatly and artistically placed.

I smiled.

“Yeah, that’s awesome!! Thank you Chris for doing that.” I complimented him with a pat on his shoulder.

I’ve known Chris since I started my job here, actually he was the first colleague that I noticed since he’s kinda cute or I could say handsome too but he seems like an introvert person but you can still hang out with him you would just feel his reserved vibe.

To describe him, he was tall like 6 flat, had a slight curly dark brown hair that ran just above the back of his neck. He is also very neat when it comes to his clothing.

He smiled back showing his pearl white teeth.

“Thanks, then I guess it’s a wrap?” He said jokingly.

We both chuckled and waved as he walked away in the opposite direction.

“He’s cute.” Rachelle said beside me hugging the printed papers.

“Yeah, agree.” I looked at her and grinned.

Rachelle pushed me teasingly.

“You know, you have to flirt sometimes. You’ve been single forever.” She suggested.

I shook my head smiling.

Yeah, I’ve been single since birth, being in relationship is my least priority. I met different men who I got interested with way back in college but nada, I still prioritized my studies until I graduated from my degree. When I had my first job, I tried to you know see men on dating app but still I was not able to be in a relationship. I guess I’ll be single forever.

I shrugged. “Well, I don’t close the door. We’ll see.”

I still consider having a boyfriend someday.

“Anyway, so are you up?” Rachelle asked, still holding the printed papers.

I looked at those papers again, I sighed in defeat. Yeah I definitely love knowing the story behind that McKenzie Statue.

“Alright, I’ll go with you today but we will just try to convince the McKenzie Clan. If they still refuse us, then we will not push them anymore okay?” I committed, giving the possibilities.

She grinned and pushed me again on my shoulder.

Well let’s meet this McKenzie Warrior.



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All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, events is intended or should be inferred.


Hello everyone, so this will be my first book here. I tried to create other stories here way back then but I decided to delete it and make another one.

I hope you all support and enjoy my latest story.

Thank You.


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