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Pregnant with my best friends baby

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Growing up in the slums was rough for Lizzy Johnson. With only a drunken and depressed mom, she took care of her little brother Zach Johnson. At the age of 16 Lizzy got a job and was able to afford an education for Zach and herself in which she met her best friend Damien Alexander who became inseparable with her. They did everything from sleep to party together. As close as they could become to siblings it all changed one night after 2 years of being best friends.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

As I impatiently pace back and forth I think about where I went wrong. Like what is wrong with me? I can't fuckin believe that night happened. What will he think of me.. what will Zach think?!

-flashback 2 weeks ago-

"Cmon Liz. You need to loosen up a little." Damien asked me to go to a party with him tonight and although I wanted badly to just stay home and sleep, I knew I needed to get out so reluctantly I agreed.

He went into his closet looking through the many outfits he has bought me. Ever since we became best friends he has taken so much care of me, letting my brother and I stay with his family. His parents are absolute sweethearts and his little brother Jake is the same age as Zach so they got close real quick. They are quite rich and I very much appreciate everything they have done for me I try to make sure they understand I'm not taking them for granted.

He threw me black ripped booty shorts and a red laced crop tank top. I rolled my eyes going to my things grabbing a red thong and knee high fishnets then walk into the bathroom to change.

I strip out of my pajamas and hop into the shower for a quick refresher. After drying off I slip of my Victoria secret laced black bra and my red thong. Then my shorts, shirt, and the fishnets. I dry my hair and curl it, then put on some eyeliner and mascara. My face is clear and smooth because of my daily routine so I don't use any sort of foundation or concealer. I don't really like makeup, just eyeliner.

I walk out of the bathroom to see Damien in ripped black jeans and a red t shirt that matches my outfit along with his signature leather jacket that has girls drooling over him. He tosses me a hoodie knowing well enough his parents would scold us if they saw me like this.

As we walk down the stairs we make our way to the door and see our friend Cassie with her door/rootless black jeep wrangler. I hop in the passenger seat with Damien behind me and she takes off. On the way I had already stripped of the hoodie and I heard her whistles and cheers of how I look hot and sexy.

We made it to the party and immediently I find myself at the bar ordering 2 classic margaritas for Damien and I.

-2 hours later-

I can barley feel anything. I'm certainly not myself and I'm not in control of my own body. Drunk out of my mind i strut up to Damien who is just as wasted. "Hey sexy" he says to me as I grind against him. "Heyyy" I use a seductive voice making sure to rub against his newly awaken friend. He finds his hands on my waist and pushes himself to me pressing our bodies close. I pull away leaving him to want more and walk away making sure he follows my swaying hips finding an empty room. Once entering he shuts and locks the door behind him and pushes me roughly to the wall.

I waiste no time to slip off my shorts and tug at his belt undoing it and pulling his jeans down. As I pull at his waist band and expose his member he grips onto my boobs groping them roughly but sexually and sucks on my neck making sure to leave marks. As I gently rub his member he moans against my skin and makes his way to my lips.

He takes a tight grip on my shirt and bra ripping them off revealing my now hardened nipples. By now were both completely naked and he pulls away taking me in and roughly picks me up throwing me onto the neatly made bed. I immediately spread my legs ready to take in his 7'2in cock.

He presses himself against me teasing my very wet and tight pussy. As he takes his fingers and rubs my cilt making sure to feel every fold and crevice he then makes his way to my hole entering his fingers roughly, thrusting in and out. I grip the sheets and let out a moan which he finds to his pleasure as he puts another finger in harder than before making sure to really get put in my pussy.

As I moan a few more times he takes his fingers out sucking on them as a release my first orgasm of the night. He takes his time to lean down between my thighs and licks my folds making me moan even louder and grab onto his hair pushing his face into my screaming cilt. Much to my pleasure he sucks on each and every part of my pussy, every crevice, fold and hole and makes sure to take in every single inch and sucks on it all.

After a few minutes of pleasure he pulls back and by then I've released my second orgasm. Now comes the fun part. He pulls my legs apart and hovers directly over me staring deeply into my eyes. I wrap my legs around his waist pushing him down, moaning as he perfectly slides into my extremely wet pussy, pounding deep inside me as I let out screams and crys for more. "Oh your so good baby." He praises into my mouth as he kisses me restlessly thrusting in and out of my pussy. He then grips my left boob and sucks on my right making sure to leave my nipples swollen by morning.

"D-amien.. h-harder.." I moan out as he pushes deeply into me but this time I'm on my knees, ass in the air, faced away from him. As he pounds Unforgivingly into my hole he grips my ass giving him more control over his thrusts. I finally reach my climax clenching my walls around his cock waiting for his permission and to my guess, he also reached. "Hold it Lizzy."

"I.. cant.." I moan out whimpering. "Yes you can." I do as he says and hold it in letting out a scream followed by moans as he continues to thrust into my tight pussy. "Fuck. U can release now." Without another second I release around his cock and feel his warm liquid pour into my pounding pussy. Again I moan and my arms buckle falling onto my elbows. "Shit that was so good." I heard him say.

-in the morning-

I wake up with an obnoxious amount of pain in my head and between my legs. As I struggle to open my eyes I feel around and notice a bodie next to me.

Oh shit.

My eyes immediately shoot open to see my best friend naked beside me in a random room. When I look down at my self I notice I too am naked..


Immediently but quietly I spring up and grab my clothes changing quickly and rush out of the house making my way down the street. I dial cassies number, its only 5am so normally she's up going on a run. When she awnsers the phone I start telling her to pick me up and where I am.

In less than 5, she found me and I climb into her jeep and tell her to drive.

What do I do?! Hes gonna hate me! Even worse.. kick me out!

I start panicking and Cassie seems to notice.

"Gurl whats up. You look like you just witnessed a murder." She grabs my hand like she does when I need to be comforted and I just sit their.

"I had sex with damien." I blurt out. And im almost met by the windshield as she slams on her breaks and looks at me.

"WHAT?!" I look at her and she gave me a worried expression. See Cassie is my girl best friend, she my fight or flight and when I found out she was dating a girl, I threw her an entire party to celebrate. She knew my situation and how this could go badly.

As she embraces me for a hug I feel my tears start to come out of my eyes. "I don't know what to do. What if he remembers? What if he hates me? What if I get kicked out? What if-" she cuts me off and tells me it'll be alright.

"Well get through this together. Now I need details. Did u use protection?" I shake my head no in embarrassment knowing very well the consequences. "We were bat shit drunk."

She kept asking me questions to make sure I was in no way harmed and it wasn't him forcing himself on me. Which it wasn't. After a bit of talking she drives me back home to get changed and clean up which I greatfully do. This may be my last shower here.

I wave by to her and make my way to my room. Well our room. The Alexander house is very big but there's only so many rooms. 3 bedrooms + a bathroom and walk in closet in each, 2 offices, the master kitchen, the living room, game/movie room and the indoor gym.

I share a room with Damien which I don't mind at all, and Zach shares with Jake.

I go into the bathroom stripping of my clothes and take a nice hot shower. Feeling the burn on my back. Its a good thing this isn't a see thru shower since I heard Damien come in.

"OMG LIZ! I had the best fuckin night last night. I don't even know who she was but it was soooooo good. Althought she left before i woke up." Damien ways comes in and just starts rambling while I'm showering, sometimes I wondered if he was gay.

"Sounds like you had a great night." I reply in a bit of a sadder voice than I intended.

"Ye. Are you okay? Did u not get layed?" He jokes knowing very well I'm a Virgin. Well... was.

"Nahh I just went home." He walks out not long after. And I sigh debating whether or not I should tell him. Afterall I cant lie to my best friend forever.

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