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Comanche (Death Reapers MC Book 2)

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“Hospital please.”

Comanche was able to get out between gritted teeth, as he rolled back and forth in agony. Jada nodded.

“Okay I’ll call you an ambulance, I have already called the police. Do you have someone you want me to call?”

Comanche shook his head, he would call his brothers later, right now he didn’t want this unknown angel to leave him.

“Don’t leave me please, stay with me. Please.”

Comanche reached out his hand to her, and it melted Jada’s heart.

“I’ll follow the ambulance to the hospital because I can’t leave my car. But, I promise to go with you.”

Comanche nodded and held out his hand, the beauty grabbed it and held it even when the police got there and took her statement. When the ambulance arrived he held her hand until the emergency medical technicians or EMTs put him in the ambulance. Then they went to help Jada get in, and she told them that she was going to follow the ambulance to the hospital, and ran back to her vehicle.

Comanche kept yelling to the EMTs to make sure that the woman was following them. They joked that he must really love her to keep asking them to make sure she was there. When they finally arrived at Mount Sinai, he wouldn’t allow them to move him until he made sure that Jada showed up by his side. He didn’t understand why he wanted her next to him so bad, she was a complete stranger. But, she was different from the other women he’d met, who wouldn’t give him the time of day much less come to the hospital with him. The Emt’s got him to a room and before he could say go, the doctor’s shot him full of some type of painkiller. All he remembered before he passed out was saying, that the woman he was holding onto, was his lady and begging her not to leave him. Just as his eyes were closing, he heard her say that her name was Jada and that she wanted to know, was he going to be alright.

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