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Comanche (Death Reapers MC Book 2)

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Your Wife

When Comanche finally came to, he saw Jada sitting in a chair with her head lying on her arms, on his bed fast asleep. He smiled down at her and put his hand over her head and started stroking her hair. It amazed him how small she was and how his hand was bigger than half of her head. He was happy that she was there and that she actually stayed with him, a complete stranger. Ten minutes later the doctor came in again and jostled Jada awake even though Comanche had asked him not to.

Comanche had to grit his teeth so he wouldn’t hit the snot-nosed punk of a doctor. He had his reasons this time for not actually doing it; one he was in a lot of pain, two his temper was what scared off a lot of women and why he was currently without a lady.

“Hey is everything okay?”

Jada asked when she realized that the doctor was in the room talking to Comanche. She finally had a name for the mysterious biker, the man who held onto her as if she was the very air he breathed. No, maybe she was seeing things. Jada shook her head to clear the fog from it because she couldn’t believe this man may like her. Or maybe she was just sleep-deprived, no man ever looked at her like that. Even her ex-husband had nothing but terrible, horrible things to say about her.

“So, we need to do a few more x-rays and run a few more tests. While you were asleep, your wife.”

The doctor, who looked like he may be in his twenties with sandy blonde hair that was in a mess of curls all over his head. Glasses and freckles all over his face pointed towards Jada sitting next to him. Neither bothered to correct him on the fact that Jada wasn’t his wife and he hadn’t even met her before today.

“Signed the papers that allowed us to reset your broken tibia and fibula, as well as run all of the tests that you needed.”

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