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My Guardian

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Sarah Jones is from New York City, on a whim, she decided to go for a surprise road trip - that is after her career came to a screeching halt. Caught between happiness and worry that she is out of work, a job she hated. She forces herself to do some well needed soul searching, and job hunting; changing the scenery with a long road trip, where? Who knows. After being stuck in the constant battle of parents who could never see her accomplishments as anything good, a job she hated, and to top it all off she felt like she was some mindless drone following orders everyday. Not to mention the fact that she has a younger sister who is a hellion that wears a pretty smile - playing the devil's advocate is her favorite pastime. Sarah could never find that small something that has been missing her whole life. Is it so bad that all I want in life is to find happiness? To find what’s missing?

Romance / Action
Lillianne Young
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“Sarah, come on, it’ll be fun. We spend so much time together; why don’t we just have a small relationship for our away trips? We can’t always resist the connection we feel.”

Martin’s hands tease the exposed skin of my shoulders, my evening gown more revealing than I would like. It’s not like tonight’s gala left me with many options. A shiver dances down my spine as I step out from under his hands to turn to look him straight in the eyes. He probably only stands about an inch taller than my five-foot-seven-inch self.

“Martin, you’re married, I’m not about to sleep with a man I know is married.” I won’t become the little homewrecker secretary you always read about in those stupid cliche stories. He’s not bad looking; with his raven black hair, baby blue eyes and trim physique. I’m not about to let raging hormones ruin a marriage. While I haven’t been with a man in more than a year, I won’t use a married man to scratch an itch.

“Sarah loosen up some, Ariel has always wanted to try a threesome.” Martin offers a sly smile, his eyes dancing with lust as he steps closer, trailing his fingers up my arms seductively. No, no, no, don’t go there. I frown, hating how my core reacts to the idea of sex itself. I shake my head and force space between us. Just keep distance. I move towards the bed of my room, aiming to grab my forgotten purse.

“Martin, do you even hear yourself? To have a threesome, she would have to be here! And in case you’ve forgotten, she isn’t here! You know what Martin you have stepped too far this time! I quit; I’m not putting in my two weeks either.” Before my resolve weakens I snatch my purse and storm from the hotel room, listening to him catapult insults through the door. What on earth did I just do? My mind draws a blank as I stand in the elevator, the subtle music fills the blank space.

The weight that has settled on my chest just disappears, dissolving into nothingness. Did I really quit? Why? The question nearly has me rolling my eyes, maybe it has something to do with my subconscious growing a backbone. I really just stood up for myself. I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, scream or get drunk. Yes, because getting drunk is really the answer to everything. I sound like my mother, and that’s a scary thought.

Then I step out into the cold streets of downtown Chicago, a frigid breeze bombards my exposed skin and chills me to the bone. This wasn’t one of my brightest stick it to the man moments, not that I’ve had many. Now, I’m in the middle of downtown Chicago, mid November no less; without a coat of any kind, plan, or a job. I must have just gotten off the bus in crazy town. Because I can’t help but feel lighter and more free. I had all the stability in the world, a well paying job, a nice apartment provided by said job.

What am I even doing with my life? This isn’t what I wanted. I went to school to become a Veterinarian; I wasn’t even close to my field of study as a secretary. Not even a good one. The only reason I kept that job was because I was clueless to whatever debauchery was going on in the office. I’m tired of running errands for a man who only sits on his ass all day! It’s well past time for me to take time for myself and make my life something I’m happy with!

Determined to do something for me, I pull my phone out to call a taxi, at this hour it’d be nearly impossible to flag one down. I’m reminded of the fact that I’m coatless in a formal knee length dress as another frosty wind chills the streets. Goosebumps dance across my exposed skin as a shiver slides down my spine at the chill. Could have thought this through more. My eyes scan the street as I bite my lip, I’m only met with the hotel lobby and a sparse scattering of store fronts.

My attire isn’t exactly fall/winter attire, the dress and three inch heels aren’t very good for treading ice. No, I make enough of a spectacle of myself without adding ice to the equation. Small white flurries start to fall down, like the iconic scene in a city like snow globe, the winter wonderland aesthetic is beautiful. Just a lot prettier when I’m bundled up by a warm fire. I grumble as I move down the street in an attempt to find a warm building to take cover in.

If I had only thought this out a little more - I may have been a bit of a smarter cookie and grabbed a coat, for that matter I would’ve just grabbed my suitcase. And yet, here I am without a single thing. Let’s face it, I look like some high priced escort trying to find her first John for the night. And in a city like Chicago, it isn’t exactly the thing I want to promote. Not like I really want to portray that in any city, or place. I rub my arms as I become entranced with my breath as it swirls maddeningly around me.

I walk swiftly as I dodge large patches of ice that still litter the sidewalk - I’m not interested in busting my head open on black ice. No need to promote the whole damsel in distress thing, not the style I want to have. My eyes zone in on the coffee shop and I feel my spirits lighten. The thought of a warm cup of hot chocolate would be a little piece of heaven right now.

Granted it’s not my cup of tea… but I’ll make do. A heavy breath falls from my lips and I walk through the stream of smoke. The night environment of the city is beautiful, the lights and liveliness calls to some. I’m not a night owl, not one to be able to enjoy the nightlife of the city, which is one of the biggest draws. But, because I’m the world’s biggest pushover and just followed my mother’s order like a sheep. Hence working for Martin in what I could only call is the world’s strangest and most nonsensical business.

I can hear some kind of techno music that drifts down the fairly busy sidewalk. Although, I have no idea if it is techno, or who even writes this stuff. I’ve never been one that’s into club music, or much of anything with a heavy beat for that matter. I prefer a softer and meaningful song. Something that I can play with my guitar. The thought of my acoustic guitar has my fingers itching to feel the smooth strings as I play.

I’m happy I manage to keep from cracking my head on the pavement as I pull open the door to be met with a sweet rush of warmth and an enticing aroma of coffee and chocolate. I step inside to be greeted with a light rustic decor, white washed brick, warm hardwood floor and comfy seats. The front display is filled with various sweet treats. “Wow! Are you brave or stupid?” My eyes are turned back to see a young, high school aged girl behind the counter, I laugh softly as a blush coats my cheeks.

“Maybe a little of both, I was trying to stick it to my boss and quit, then I stormed out of my hotel room - without anything besides my purse. So yeah, you could call it whatever at this point.” She laughs as she leans forward with a grin.

“Ah I like the stick it to your boss - although a coat would’ve been smart in this weather. I’m guessing you are gonna want a coffee?” I offer her a sheepish smile as I shake out my hair, removing the small flakes of snow before they melt.

“Yeah, hindsight is twenty-twenty after all. I’ll have to try and plan better for the next one.” I ask hopeful, it’s my second favorite drink, a lot less healthy than my tea of choice, but equally filling for my sweet tooth. “Can I get a large hot chocolate with coconut milk and three pumps of caramel please?”

“Ehh, who really likes planning? It’s more fun to enjoy the ride of life and live to the fullest.” I have to smile at that and give a slow nod. I think it’s about time I give that a try because so far, this hasn’t been working for me.

“You don’t happen to know the number for a taxi service around here do you?” She offers me a youthful smile as she grabs the yellow pages phone book and drops it on the counter next to my drink.

“Happy hunting.” I peel it open and start the monotonous task of searching the vast pages. Who knew I could be so happy with one small task? It’s like the first taste of freedom.

Snake’s POV

I lean against the wooden bar top and take in the bar scene. Tables scattered about, sturdy chairs taken up by members of the MC. It’s a very simplistic design, oak furniture, concrete floors, paired with older model parts to bikes, waxed to shine and gleam in the lights, a deep red contrasts the natural material in the bar. My eyes are drawn towards Axel as he pulls Angel onto his lap. The pair has been inseparable since Angel was found. Not that I can really blame the man.

I’d be pissed if that went down with my woman, granted what happened wasn’t really her fault. But the dirty cops did bad and kidnap her. No way in hell is that going to be left in the dark. There is too large of a debt left to be settled for that to be handled. I have to smile at the sight the couple makes as Angel plants a kiss to Axel’s neck as he whispers something to her that paints a bright blush across her cheeks. Such a cute innocent soul for a woman.

For all the shit she has been through, she still has a very innocent soul. My eyes are once more drawn to her stomach as Axel’s roughened hand covers her belly and a knowing smile covers their features. Oh something is going on between the two. I can’t put too much thought into the action as my eyes are drawn to the sudden movement against my leg. A grin appears on my features as I crouch down, petting Dozer; it continues to amaze me how far he’s come. The day that we found him will forever weigh heavy in my mind. I’ll never forget how we found him.

As I scratch his head I hear his groan of pleasure, or as Angel calls it, his song of happiness. I have to chuckle at the throatiness of it, this dog has become one of the biggest marshmallows ever. Definitely a contrast to his appearance. He loves attention, especially from the kids, they don’t make him work and just feed him treats and entertain him. “Hey Snake!” Angel calls out, drawing my attention to her. “I want to talk to you about something, can you come here?”

With a smile and a nod I make sure to grab my beer before I head for the partially secluded table. Dozer trails after me with his nub of a tail wagging happily. I wonder if their honeymoon stage will be bad? I drag the chair out and turn it around before I drop into it and rest my arms on the back of the chair. “What’s up? What’d I do now?” Angel rolls her eyes with a smile as she shifts around in Axel’s lap to face me more.

“Nothing that I know of, give it time, I’m sure I’ll find something.” She shakes her head amused with a small smile. “I wanted to talk to you about Dozer; I think he needs a bond with someone. I think that you would be the perfect person for him. I already have two dogs, my time is about to lessen even more - I think he needs one person, his person.” She glanced at Dozer as he drools all over my knee with the adoration only a dog could have.

My mind processes her words as a grin covers my face. Wait a minute… I can’t help it as my eyes fall to their hands and I leap up, shouting at the top of my lungs. “ARE YOU PREGNANT!?” Axel busts out laughing even as she winces with a slight smile. Immediately the open space falls silent - well I know what I did now. I offer her a sheepish grin as she shakes her head.

“Thank you Snake, I didn’t have to give her a kick in the ass to drop the bomb, you handled the dirty work.” Axel continues to chuckle as Angel delivers a smack to the back of his head, only making him laugh harder. Loud cheers reverberate around the space, once more filling the room vibrantly. Oh the old ladies are going to be spreading this news like wildfire.

“You’re welcome, I didn’t want to stress the mother to be.” It only earns a look from her before she gives in to a smile and a slight chuckle.

“You’re such a kiss up Snake.” I laugh and give her a wink.

“It’s the best I can do to try and steal you away from caveman over here.” I tease back earning the finger from Axel and a glare.

“Oh hush up.” She shook her head with a smile. “I’m serious about Dozer. I think it’s time you take him home, give him his forever home.” I don’t want to get my hopes up as I watch her.

“Are you sure?” I ask quietly, ever since Angel came into the picture I can’t help but think about settling down myself, to find my own woman. Although thrill seekers and sweet butts go a long way to fill my bed, they don’t fill the emptiness.

“That’s a dumb question, of course I’m sure, Snake, he loves you - you rescued him. He’s looking for a bond, when the baby comes I won’t have the time for that type of bond. Besides, I think it’ll be good for you.” My ears burn slightly as I sip my beer. I guess I haven’t been as nonchalant as I wanted to be. Dozer drops his head on my knee, he’s seeking all of the attention, having heard his name multiple times. Maybe this will be a good thing after all.

Oh I wonder how much shit we can get into together. I grin thinking of all the mischief we could create. “We’re fucked, he’s got that shit eating grin - he’s about to be raising some kind of hell.” Axel grunts and I give him a cheeky smile and a wink.

“I’d never, I’m insulted you’d think such.” Angel scoffs at that and rolls her eyes. “Someone has to keep this old man on his toes, I don’t want him getting too complacent.” I give her a wink.

“Old man eh? Don’t forget that this old man can kick your ass from one side of this joint to the other without breaking a sweat.” He grins in return and shakes his head amused as Angel rolls her eyes at our antics, having heard this routine one or twice at least this week.

“Oh don’t rough him up too bad Snake, I’d hate to see his ego bruised too badly. I’d have to do a lot of kissing to make it better.” I burst out laughing as I watch Axel’s eyes widen and a similar shit eating grin appears on his features.

“Well if you’re gonna be doing a lot of kissing we might want to get a head start.” Axel wiggles his eyebrows and stands with her in his arms. A roaring laughter rings out amongst the patrons as he moves out of the bar into the bunk rooms - probably heading back to his old room for some good ole’ fashion medicine. The thought of those two together makes me smile even as I stroke Dozer’s head. Will I ever find a girl of my own?

I wonder what it would be like to have an old lady of my own - hell I’m thirty, it’s not like I’m getting any younger. Who knows, maybe a dog is all I need - gently pulling on Dozer’s ear in a teasing manner. I hear the playful growl as he jumps back his front end down as his tail wags a mile a minute. I chuckle and jump up, bouncing watching as he bounces back ready for some rough housing. This is my kind of dog, dodging to the left of the table I watch as he jumps to the other side, we bounce back and forth.

He’ll always be my little buddy.

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