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Oh, My Idol!

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A K-Pop, supernatural gay romance! ~☆°•°☆~ Kim Chang-hoon, rapper of decently famous group Genesis finds out that he is going to be a part of a supergroup with his idol, Lee Dae-won!

Romance / Fantasy
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Track 01: Poppin' Star - Tomorrow x Together

[Kim Chang-hoon]

It was a normal day, at first. I was woken up by someone knocking on the door. "Changie!" my best friend Seo-jun cried. "It's morning. Wakey wakey." I pushed myself off of my red silk pillowcases and placed my feet into slippers waiting for me next to my bed. The knocking continued. "I'm coming!" I groaned and threw the door open. Seo-jun was standing there, impatiently staring at the clock. He was fully dressed in a blue long-sleeve shirt with a furlined black jacket and mismatched red and yellow socks. "We're wanted at the company in twenty. Everyone else but Hyun-woo is awake and ready. I suggest you do the same."

He closed the door after his spiel. "Well...what to wear..."

I pressed play on one of my favorite songs by my utmost favorite artist, Lee Dae-won. His single, Idyllic, came to life in the room, his voice ringing on the walls as the gentle piano and violin soothed the whole thing down.

Lee Dae-won is from a popular group called Cascade. They took the world by storm after becoming the first-ever musical group with each member being a different species. I had been following them since their debut and I found myself completely enamored by Lee Dae-won, the fae. My group, Genesis, had taken slight inspiration from them, mostly from me bribing the producer. I danced along as I brushed my hair and washed my face.

I pulled out a black tee, gray pants, and a plaid button-up, layering the button up over the tee and leaving it open in the front. I started messing with my hair when someone else started knocking. "Chang-hyeong! Quit messing with your hair when you know the makeup crew is going to play with it anyway!" Siwoo, the head dancer of our group whined from the door.

"Okay, okay..." I opened the door after grabbing some socks and was faced with each member of the group waiting by the door. Even Hyun-woo, who was yawning and had slight eyebags. He was watching Gaeul and Do-yun bicker over who gets to sit next to him.

One of our managers, J, whistled at them to get them to stop. "We have to go, we don't have time for this! Beom-Seok and Seung-woo will be sitting next to Hyun-woo." The couple groaned. "You think you got it bad? Imagine how it feels for everyone else in the van when you two start making out! Hyun-woo will be your anti-kiss wall."

The couple looked at each other and huffed. "Now quit arguing and get in the van." He clicked the button and I heard the faint beep of the vehicle in the basement garage. Seo-jun picked up both his and Si-woo's bags and nodded at the door. "Last one in is buying dinner for the whole group!"

There was a collective gasp and fight to get out the door. I chuckled and rolled my eyes as I ducked around them and stepped into the van, choosing a singular window seat, and pulled out my earbuds.

I stared longingly at my wallpaper, a picture of Lee Dae-won at Cascade's latest concert, one I was unfortunately unable to attend because of my schedule. I paid a manager with the best camera to go and take a picture of him for me. The way he glowed under the stage's light, slightly sweating, hair plastered to his head. He had the sweetest grin, eyes crinkled, as he made a heart above his head with his arms.

I pressed play on the playlist and let his voice coo at me and relaxed.

"Hey, guys!" Seo-jun grinned as he waved at his camera. I internally groaned and pulled out my earbuds and put my phone away. "Look everyone, we're on our way to the company!" He filmed everyone in the van.

"Hey, guys! It's nice outside, go catch some rays!" Do-yun chirped at the camera.

"But if you're a vampire, make sure you slather on some sunscreen! This is my favorite brand!" Beom-Seok pulled the medium-sized white tub from his black bag and started to ramble about it.

I anxiously waited to see the company building, drumming against my leg. Just after this turn...

The gleaming silver building stood out on the street, but it wasn't nearly as pretty or big in comparison to its neighboring buildings. Just average. Like us, not like...

I turned back on my phone and sighed at the sight of his adorable face.

Seo-jun ended the recording and put away his camera in his purple velvet bag. "Alright, we got you guys some iced coffees in there. Chang-hoon, Seung-woo, and Gaeul, I need you guys to come with me." J sighed as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Why?" Seung-woo looked worried. I gave him an assertive smile and pat his knee. J smiled so brightly it was blinding and winked at me. "You'll find out."

He walked us to the door after locking the van in the parking lot and pulled out his key card. The door dinged and slid open. "Okay, everyone else, to the practice room. Here are your coffees. The one in the bottom left slot has blood in it for Beom. All the others are the same." He handed them a beverage carrier with six slots and held another one with four slots with only three drinks in it. "These are for you guys. Please drink and walk. Seung-woo helped me divide the drinks as we walked towards a meeting room, us two taking the blood ones and Gaeul got his extra bitter coffee.

"Now, when we get in there, please don't pass out. Talking to you, Chang." The three of us exchanged confused glances as J knocked on the door.

"Please come in!" Our CEO called and beckoned us in. "We have an amazing business opportunity to talk about."

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