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The Poem Of Spring

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A tale about an Emperor and the Dragon that loves him.

Romance / Poetry
Jolene Hall
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Long ago, before everything had turned to buildings and concrete roads, beasts walked and flew among us.

Where humans tread and walk, a beast before time has already crawled on these lands.

Uncharted waters have been swam by the Maidens of the Water. Their scales reflecting like diamonds as the sun shines down on their scales as they swim beneath the crystal-like waters.

Meadows have been touched by the Villagers of the Flowers. Their little wings fluttering as they fly to and fro, as they tend to daisies, roses, and if lucky enough, these kind Villagers may play you a song by their flutes as they dance among the petals and blossoms.
They tell tales of the great wonders beyond, yet to be known by man.

Hard working little men made out of clay, wood, and stone live in the forest. The Workers of the Forests work day and night like grasshoppers and crickets, as they make the best of metal.
They mine the most beautiful of earthly minerals, and make beautiful weapons and jewelry out of them.

The Snakes of the Skies whip their tails as they fly by. Their roars can shake down any mountain, and some can breathe the most beautiful of blue and purple fires.
Their giant clawed hands scar the skies, as they play among the clouds. Their scales, shinier than any diamond.
Their feathers softer and beautiful than any silk you’ve ever touched.
The magnificent crown of horns that proudly lay above their heads would always be in gold, or a soft, calming blue. The beautiful music they make cannot ever be described. As they plucked the strings of their instruments, it would feel like hearing a melody in the rain, or hearing a song in the thunder.

The Tricksters by the Waterfalls play tricks and laugh at jokes they make. Their thousands of beautiful, cloud-like tails flow behind them as they shift into any other kind of beast, and play a joke on a poor victim. These Tricksters would sometimes fly up to the clouds to play with the Snakes of the Skies, and would roll around the clouds as thunder would rumble and shake the earth.

Ah, how can we ever forget about the Dancers of the Evening Light? Many mistake them to tiny...flies that carry fire.
Don’t be fooled, these dancers will take on the forms of beautiful human men and women and dance in the Evening Forest, with lanterns and fire in their hands.

The trees that man have passed by to get home have been seen by the Spirits of the Trees. These lonely wisps whisper stories in the wind, a sad story. A love story. A story that is still yet to be known. If you listen carefully, you might get to hear what they say.

Long ago, before man had been swallowed by greed. There was an Emperor.

Long ago, before man had been destroyed by this cruel world, There was a Dragon.

And Long Ago, There was love like no other.

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