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From Darkness To Lightness

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Mayara Y never felt this way before like she feels for Xing Li but not until Nylan comes and steals her heart and she fall in love for him she finds the true meaning of LOVE.

Romance / Adventure
Emmaly Camanity
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Mayara meets Xing Li

I am Mayara and I have two best friends Leny she is 18 and her Brother kyram he is 21 and I am 19 we treat each other , like brother an sister and we have known each other for like a long time .

They were born in Canada and growed up here in Usa I am from Mexico but also came here .

I meet Xing Li at a party that i got invited he is 22 years old and from South Korea .

He was so cute and handsome he had muscles and was strong one day we were together and he asked me " Will you be my girlfriend ?" So i said " Yes of coarse you make me happy" we started dating on months and on he treated me so well .

And One day he was touching my long hair and holding my face and kissed me he said i was so pretty , and he was touching me in a way i felt uncomfortable so i said " sorry i have never done that before" I guess he couldn't tell i have never dated anyone before only him .

We went to Disneyland here in America and enjoyed we stayed at a restaurant he payed form everything even hotel he could afford it .

When i usualy went to his house he would cook for me and we would watch k-drama and movies together eating chocolate and popcorn .

Until one day he expected a lot from me so sometimes I couldn't take it that is why it didnt worked out wr gave sometime , and i meet Nylan he actually texted me with his frien Helloid they are actually best friends .

They were trying to help my sis Leny because she had dealed with the wrong guy and she needed to get away fron him she got pregnant from another guy , but Hellois stayed with her . Soon my bro Kyrin started dating a girl called Zhavali she wasn't the best for him but made him happy .

So we (me and Nylan ) got closer even more he was 20 years old from Nigeria and he accepted me the way i am and didnt forced me to do nothing even when i asked for some time he gave me space to think .

So i feel in love with him and we stayed together ...

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