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Love to Alcohol to Smoke

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Jamily Tâmara meets Avrim Richard and they love each other but it’s crazy and little does she know that from the love he would show her what is smoking and drinking .

Romance / Action
Emmaly Camanity
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Jamily meets Avrim

I am Jamily Tamara and i was 13 when i meet Avrim at a party he was 17 .

I was at my friends party and actually maybe it was me but i think a guy bumped into me my bag fell down in the floor he picked up .

Later on i couldnt take my eyes of him and the same as him so we talked my best friend Valmira she is 14 introduced me to him her brother Omir he is 16 and Avrim and friends .

So we talked for months than one day he said " You are the most beautiful girl i ever meet be mine ?" So than i had to say " yes of coarse you handsome" .

We were so happy he took me to fancy , interesting expensive places and I always told my friends Query the youngest and Naelami the oldest . And obviously Valmira i tell her everything i trust her a lot .

I was born in Spain but growed up here in Uk and he was born in France but growed up here in England .

We dated he always spended a lot of money for me i dont know why i liked but it was too much uts like he liked to show of .

We went to the disco , club and pub and started drinking and he said its good also smoking even though it wasn't my age yet . He said lets have some fun .

I soon meet his friends Theo , Juan and Markus a guy from Brazil wich it was Avrim's best friend .

We went to his prived swimming pool and started to swim and also watched a movie on his cinema room his house was big i even meet his parents and they liked me so i guess it was fine , but someday Avrim started talking about the way i dress, talk , act like it's different and too revealing .

I had to change for him even tough i didnt had to but I Loved Him so I think I have to do everything he tells me to do .

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