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Sensualism (Imagines)

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Sensualism... ❥ Excessive devotion to sensual pleasure or a state of subjection to sensual feelings and appetites, especially lewdness. ❥ No requests. ❥ Please Enjoy, Imagine only what you desire ♥︎. ❥ @blxckdxmondz ꕺ 2022 (These are short stories filled with romance, drama, erotica, & more)

Romance / Erotica
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That One Night

"So you're paying for my drinks tonight?" Bella asks the 5'6 man, studying his compact frame. He wore a casual but dressy fit. A black Balenciaga shirt, blue Amiri jeans, & the Yeezys 350. He was muscular just the way she liked, but not on the beefy side. He looks up at her with small, brown eyes & a look so mysterious on his face that she couldn't tell whether he'd tell her 'Pay for your own drinks bitch' or 'Here's my wallet'.

He leans in closer to make sure she can hear him over the blaring music. He smirks, "I got you... If that's what you want." She caught herself about to roll her eyes, then stopped. She hated when men said that, 'If that's what you want'. She knew that he knew that's what she wanted, so she didn't understand why he'd even say it. Men. She thought to herself.

"You know that's what I want." She says simply, studying his facial features. He truly was attractive. His mocha-filled eyes & deep brown complexion glistened ever so slightly underneath the disco lights. As the two held deep eye contact, Bella's stomach began to flutter & her mouth became a tad dry.

"What you want to drink then beautiful." He replied. His husky voice & minty breath sent chills so cold up her spine that she thrusted out her chest causing him to look down at her lacy red dress that stopped at her weirdly attractive knees. She filled the dress out in every nook & cranny. The dress hugged her hips just enough for him to see how great of an ass she had, even from the front. She had on lacy red heels to match & her toes were painted the same shade of red. He shifts his weight to the other side of his body, placing his hand over his growing member without Bella seeing. The man couldn't believe how beautiful this woman was.

"Get me a Martini. I'm not planning on being sober tonight." She smiles brightly, her eyes never leaving his even for a moment.

"Shit. Me either." He chuckles. Bella's heart began beating faster, she didn't know how his laugh could be so attractive. "Yo, bartender!" He shouts, the bartender makes her way to him.

"What can I get you handsome?" The somewhat appealing red-haired woman asks seductively, obnoxiously throwing her hair over her shoulder & batting her eyelashes at the man. Bella felt a ball of heat rising up from her stomach. She opens her mouth to speak, but gets abruptly cut off.

"Lemme get two Martini's." He answers, not paying the woman's advances any mind.

"No problem, You think I can leave you my number?" She clasps her hands behind her back, smirking at him with confidence. Bella's ears perk up once she hears the bartender, the same ball of heat coming back once more. Bella was confused as to why she was getting... jealous? Is that even a thing? To be jealous over a guy who's name you don't even know yet? She wanted desperately to say something but knowing that it wouldn't fit the script, she shut her mouth. She watched eagerly to see what he would say since he literally just ordered drinks for the both of them.

"Nah, I got a girl. Let me get my martinis please ma'am." He finally looks at her, answering passive-aggressively. A girl? Bella was annoyed that he even wasted her time talking to her to begin with.

"Keep the martinis." She says blandly, turning around to walk away.

"Nahh, hold on. Come here." He grabs her manicured hand & lightly pulls her back towards him. Her body became weak, like a rag doll getting thrown around. Why did she let him pull her back? He has a girlfriend. This was weird for Bella, she has never let no man grab her hand like this after he said he got a girlfriend & especially considering the fact that she still doesn't know his name. But for some reason Bella felt her panties become slightly wet as she heard his husky voice again.

A group of 5 people dancing, bumps into Bella just as the man pulled her towards him. Her backside flings onto the man's lap. She suddenly feels a warm, hard shaft through his jeans. She thought that it felt like an elongated beer can. She gasps & jumps up from his lap, completely forgetting that she even got pushed in the first place.

"I am SO sorry!" She immediately apologizes. She thanks the gods that there's disco lights in this club as she feels the warm sensation of her face turning red with embarrassment.

"You good? They doing too much in here man." He asks sympathetically, placing a firm hand on Bella's waist. "It's okay, don't worry about it." Bella took note of the small smirk on his face & snapped back to reality.

"What's this about a girlfriend?" She crosses her arms underneath her bosom, tapping her feet while waiting for an answer.

"Do you always assume this quickly?" The man laughs while shaking his head in disbelief.

"I'm serious. If you're gonna waste my time, I can go." Bella says getting irritated.

"My bad. But, I was just saying that so that bartender can leave me alone..." He laughs once more before stopping. "So I can get to know you."

"Here's your Martini's." Bella notices that it's a male bartender this time. Could that woman not handle rejection that much to where she got someone else to bring the customer their drink? Bella laughed to herself at the woman's idiocy.

"Just in time, thank you." He slides a 50 dollar bill onto the bar counter for the bartender. He hands the other martini to Bella, who didn't even tell this man that she would still be standing here.

"So I'm just supposed to believe that that was a lie?" Bella takes a look at the martini then back at the man. They were now seated at the counter. He opens his legs slightly in his seat, staring into Bella's soul, his eyes captivating her.

"Yes, because I don't lie. Trust me." He flashes his pearly white smile once more & winks at her. Good thing Bella was sitting because her knees went weak, her heart began beating fast again, & her womanhood started throbbing. Triple-score. She wondered what this man was doing to have this effect on her without even touching her. Readjusting & sitting up straight in her seat, she truly felt like she could trust him with no questions asked.

"So what's your name?" He asks, watching her plump, round lips wrap around the tiny, black straw in her Martini. He admired her features as she downed the whole drink causing him to do the same. God, was she an eye-catcher. Her melanin tone was driving him wild, there's nothing like black love. He thought to himself. He also couldn't help but notice the way her button nose complimented her every feature. Those almond-shaped eyes that shone a golden brown, those luscious, glossy lips, her naturally arched brows, & her perfectly shaped head.

"I'm Bella, what's your name?" She asks, feeling a little tipsy since she downed her drink in less than a minute. They lock eyes once more, her glistening eyes attached to his. She felt as if there was this magnetic pull between the both of them as the air got thick & heavy.

"Adonis." He looks at her, his enchanting eyes filling with lust.

Their lips crash into each other, the both of them kissing each other hungrily & wanting even more. His hand reaches up her dress, grabbing a handful of her ass before pulling her panties down. Bella's feeling hot all over, her core was ready to burst. The lust she felt taking on a life of it's own.

While holding prolonged eye contact, she massages his member through his jeans, then unbuttoning them. He looked at her with dark, lusty eyes. She plants a soft kiss on his lips before swiftly pulling his jeans down, revealing his Tommy Hilfiger underwear. Licking her lips in anticipation, she pulls his underwear down. Her mouth laid agape & her core felt achy as she stared at it. It seemed to get larger in size right before her eyes. Looking at him as he stood there, legs braced apart... he was the most gorgeous man she'd ever seen.

"Turn around." He commanded & she followed. He stood behind her, admiring her ass. She wiggled it impatiently as she waited for him to enter her love canal. He felt blood rush straight to his head, the one down below, off just looking at her round ass. He gives it a slap, her perfect-pitched moan making him harder. Even her fruity scent was driving him over the edge, oh how much he loved strawberries now. He turns her around again to face him. He watched her as her eyes dilated with pleasure as he began rubbing her pearl while lightly gripping her neck. He brings her face closer to his, whispering in her ear.

"I'm gonna tear that ass up."

Positioning his body behind her, his rough hands ran over her smooth, strawberry scented skin before gripping her waist. Her heart began to flutter & her mind was filled with the naughty preconceptions of how this encounter would go. Before entering her soaking wet folds, she turns around gazing into his low eyes. Something was fueling deep in her chest. She caresses his face before she slowly runs her hand down his hot body. Was this love? Bella thought.

Bella bit down on the red lace fabric from her dress that Adonis placed in her mouth to keep her from screaming. She doesn't even remember when Adonis tore her dress to shreds, she was so overwhelmed with pleasure she couldn't think straight. Adonis couldn't think straight either, his engorged erection ready to bust. His rod stroked her walls with passion she never felt before. This felt like love, this sex is off the charts. Bella gathered up the strength to think before losing it again.

Adonis lifts Bella up, flipping her around & placing her legs around his waist. She sits up, her arms wrapped around his neck & his holding her up by her ass. Adonis stared at Bella as she made her love faces, he decided that in his position... he'd give it to her nice & slow. Her moans was his motivation. Continuing to thrust in & out of her making sure she felt his every inch, he felt the desire to kiss her. Grabbing her face he captures her mouth with his, kissing her throughly & with a passion he hasn't felt with any other woman before. He gently bites her bottom lip before kissing her again & shoving his tongue in her mouth, still stroking her intimate folds like no tomorrow. Adonis has never felt this good before.

Her pleasure & heart flutters only intensified. She couldn't believe how addictively he invaded all her senses. His hard rod had her nerves in a frenzy, the faint smell of his Versace cologne, his chocolate skin smooth like butter, his sexy grunts as he swam in her, & especially how fine-looking this man was.

"Cum for me... Bella." He whispers huskily in her ear between grunts, completely driving Bella over the edge.

When he felt her climax, he kept his pace feeling her water run down on him. "Adonis!" She moaned his name gracefully. He began placing kisses on her jawline & neck waiting for the both of them to finish. As Adonis stood there with Bella still in his arms & his member sitting peacefully in her love canal, he knew that Bella was the woman he needed in his life.

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