Lady Of A Dragon's Heart

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What happens when you fall in love with someone you barely know? A secret kiss on the first meeting, and him mysteriously disappearing? What if you have a secret you want to hide, but at the same time facing something you have never dared to think about? Someone like you... But even better. Someone who is as in love with you as you are with him. Dragons, secrets, love, hope and an adventure. Who knew all that would make someone's life better than it ever was.

Romance / Fantasy
Cleo Storme
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Chapter 1

I cautiously walk forward, weary of my surroundings, blood dripping from my injured shoulder. Every second that passes draining my strength. Everything has faded, the sounds of birds, the wind in the trees, it’s just me and the blood pounding in my ears. Suddenly, something tackles me from behind, and I land painfully on my bad shoulder, letting out a scream of pure agony. The person has a leg on each side of my body, their strong arms pinning mine down, just above me, and I feel a hand taking my sheathed sword off my belt. I try to get away, but black spots dance along the edges of my vision, and I start to black out. My last memory of that night is someone’s strong arms gently carrying me somewhere. I wake up on a bed of animal pelts, probably wolf and bear, my shoulder bandaged and my head aching. I sit up, noticing that I have only a very light nightdress on and I’m rather cold. “My child, you’re awake, I’m so glad,” comes a gentle voice from the other side of the room. The person steps into the light, and I realise that it’s an old lady with white hair, an apron and a kind smile. “Was it you who saved me?” I ask, a little confused. “Goodness no, it was my son, but your head must be hurting. Drink this, my lovely, you’ll soon feel better,” she says, smiling. She passes me a cup full of some aromatic liquid, and I take a sip, finding it pleasantly cool against my tongue. “Might I inquire, what happened to your shoulder?” she asks after a moment. I remember flashing teeth and grey fur. “I believe that it was a young wolf. I managed to slay it, but it bit my shoulder,” I explain. “I’m sorry to hear that my dear. If you want to get dressed, I can lend you one of the dresses that I used to wear when I was younger. I’m sure it will fit you, you’re about my size, but for now, rest,” she tells me, then busies herself with checking my shoulder wound. “I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m slightly cold,” I whisper. “Oh, of course, silly me. I hope you don’t mind my son’s cloak, it’s very warm,” she says, draping it over my shivering shoulders. I lay down again, closing my eyes as she combs my hair gently with her fingers and I fall asleep once more.

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