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Caeus is a twenty-four year old fine arts student, hard-working and dedicated in his second last semester. He hates nothing more than pretentious bastards who indulge themselves in raw lust at cost of other people. Azriel, twenty-eight years old, artist and guest professor at Caeus’s university is exactly that type.

Romance / Drama
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Standing outside his workplace, Caeus took a drag on his cigarette and smiled at one of the regulars, an elderly lady. His shift was over and he was about to drag his body to the university. He still had to finish an assignment for one of his classes. He leaned on a billboard at the bus stop, checking the arrival/departure schedules for the next bus. Working at the outskirts of the city had its perks but also some disadvantages, like when it came to public transportation.

He pulled out his phone and checked the time; eight more minutes until it arrived. He changed his position and sat himself down on one of the benches, his backpack digging into his back, but he couldn’t bother removing it. Tipping his head back, he leaned against the glass separating the bus stop and the street and straightened out his legs, the action easing any lingering tension.

He let another trail of smoke rise up and out of his lungs, thinking about his assignment. There wasn’t much time left before the deadline and he still had a bunch of literature to read. He was too focused on his latest ideas for his final exhibition, which resulted in him neglecting his lecture “duties”. He couldn’t help but bury himself in his work, inspiration blindly guiding him, and he didn’t feel too bad neglecting that one specific lecture. A shiver crawled down his spine only thinking about it. Cigarette dangling between his lips, Caeus fumbled with his backpack and took his headphones out.

He searched for his phone, carefully hidden in his coat, and plugged them in. Soon enough, he found his favorite playlist and selected it, the songs playing randomly. The soft sound of Chet Baker’s trumpet resonating in his ears was enough to lull him even just the slightest. Looking at the grey sky and savoring his cigarette, the student watched the smoke around him while moving his feet to the rhythm of “There’s a Small Hotel”.

As the following song was starting, the bus finally arrived and its doors opened, but Caeus didn’t make an effort to get up, still engrossed in the music. The bus driver stuck his head out and whistled.

“Oi, Caeus, I assume you wanna take this bus, since this is my last tour of the day and you don’t wanna make this walk in that damned cold? Or do you wanna drive with Nathair, eh?”

Caeus smiled lazily and got up. No way in history would he drive with Nathair again. He would rather forget the last time he did so; just the thought made him shudder. He wouldn’t ever drive with that snake another time. It had its advantages, working at the outskirts of the city; he knew at least half the bus drivers by name and this was also the first station for this line and not a lot of people used the bus at this time of day there. After taking a last drag of his cigarette, Caeus disposed it on the ashtray and got on the bus of his favorite driver.

“Where you heading to?”

“Library,” Caeus mumbled and chose the seat at the entrance door, that way he still could talk to Desmond.

“Son, don’t overwork yourself, you don’t get any younger,” Desmond chided him.

Caeus smiled at the endearment.

“Well, it’s my last two semesters and I have that upcoming exhibition,” Caeus leaned forward and propped himself on the handrails, pulling down his headphones. “You coming?”

“Sure, my wife is excited to meet you,” a deep, sonorous laugh vibrated in Caeus’s ears.

Stopping at a red light, Desmond turned around to look at the student’s direction and noticed his worn out state. It wasn’t uncommon but he did sound more exhausted than usual, which alarmed him. His eye bags were more prominent and his skin was pale. It even looked like the skin was stretching more over his cheekbones.

Concerned, he asked, “Caeus, you look tired, is everything okay?”

“Hm, the preparation is taking up so much time, but I’m okay.”

“Caeus, I know you for some time now and I know it isn’t okay. Do me a favor, you should go straight home after you get out, okay? Get some rest now, I‘ll wake you up when we reach your station.”

“Thanks Des, you’re the best,” Caeus smiled at Desmond, his eyelids already dropping as he settled back into his seat, almost instantly dozing off.

Some time later, Caeus arrived at the university and dragged his tired body to the library. He stood outside the doors and lit a cigarette. He pulled the scarf high, but low enough so he could still smoke, tipping his head back and wrapping it around a few times. A loud yawn broke free as he held the cigarette stub between his fingers and covered his mouth. Desmond was right; he should have gone home and gotten some sleep. He was depriving his body of it too often lately and the aftereffects were only getting worse.

But he hated doing things last minute and that’s why he was at the library. Putting the cigarette out in an ashtray close by and mentally encouraging himself to do the assignment, he entered. He greeted the librarian and chose a desk near the windows. Some students were buzzing around the library and the occasional mutter could be heard.

It smelled like books and fresh copies, and from somewhere around, a whiff of tea soothed Caeus’s nostrils. He pulled out his laptop and his sketchbook from his backpack, his headphones sliding out of it onto the ground. Bending down, he picked them up. Standing behind his chair, he stared outside the window and his thoughts drifted away to his upcoming exhibition which made him space out for some time, his vision getting unfocused.

The young man heard an abrupt stop of footsteps behind him but did not fully register them. Shaking his head and snapping out of it, he turned around, went to the shelves and browsed them. He pulled out a few books and flipped through them, opening a random page in one of them: “[...] The impression verged on embarrassment, even repulsiveness, and the evocation of such contradictory emotions was intended by mannerism.”

He cracked a smile. He liked this book, it had a light tone while giving a sheer amount of information to the reader, but it wasn’t the book he needed, unfortunately. With the other books that would help him complete his assignment in hand, he went back to his desk. Sitting down, he let out a long yawn and stretched his limbs, letting his laptop boot.

“Alright, let’s get through with it, three days should be enough to work on the assignment,” he mumbled to himself while plugging his headphones in and scrolling through his playlist.

He debated whether he should listen to Jazz or classic. In the end, he settled on a beat tape. Lowering the volume, he put the earbuds in and let the smooth beats play in the background. He stifled a yawn once again, but his yawning just gave him teary eyes and a runny nose.

“For fuck’s sake,” he said, rubbing his eyes and yawning once again.

It was going to be a long afternoon. Distracted, he looked around the university’s library once again.. Somehow he managed to zone out again, his body moving unconsciously to the sound of the music, but he quickly caught himself, regained his focus and made up his mind to finally concentrate on his task.

“Alright, which page was it? Ma… Ma… Mar..., Mar..., Marcoussis, Marées, Marin? Ah, dammit, the R is after the G. Ah, there he is, Magritte,” Caeus flipped through the register until he found the name he was looking for.

Searching the internet would have been easier, but Caeus liked the atmosphere in the library, the calmness as well as the quietness around this hour and he liked to put in the extra effort into his assignments for the “Introduction to the Art of the Early 1900s in Belgium”. The professor was an elderly lady in her fifties and the seminar only had around thirty participants. The following night would be a stressful and sleepless one again. As he tried to stretch the drowsiness away once more, an exhausted sigh escaped his lips.

He started writing down the information he needed and typing them into a document on his laptop. Half an hour later, he decided to take a little break, propping his head on his hand and staring outside the window once again. The music was lulling him into a false sense of security and his eyes started getting heavier and heavier until they closed shut and eventually his head slid down onto his arm. His breathing pattern evened out even more. From his slightly opened lips escaped a soft sigh, sleep taking over his senses.

“Tsk, slacking off again,” a scoff was heard and a person leaned closely over Caeus’s sleeping figure.

The loose strands of his long hair were hiding his face partially, the hair tie already loose, his hair just messy and his natural, slightly curly hair coming through. But one could see his fluttering eyelashes as well as a deep crease forming on his forehead. In an instant, his whole body changed into a state of uncomfortableness and he shrank in himself away from the person, as if his body was unconsciously feeling the curious eyes intently staring at him.

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