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Forced Love

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Chained to a lover at what point do you stay of your own accord? The line between prisoner and lover a thin one in Noah’s world, a woman’s choice would not come into the equation? Where does domination turn to a cry for help and misunderstanding? Love at first sight turns Noah's world upside down when the only way he knows to keep what he wants is to chain it by his side. Dominating every aspect of his life and world, he knew no other approach. What if all he wanted was love, and he did not realise the sweetest kind came when given freely. Follow Oliva down the tangled web of despair in the form of a breathtaking man that sucks and burns at your body till you think your light may be snuffed out. Or was he the whole time a candle burning in a room so dark it smothered all the light he had to share.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 – Instant Connection

New Story


My story that I am posting contains highly mature content. This can include descriptions and references to things such as highly explicit sexual content, violence and sexual violence. I recognize that some of my writing is likely to contain content which is considered by some to be triggering, however I feel that writing trigger warnings for my story will result in a large amount of spoilers for the rest of my readers, and I don’t want to decide myself which themes need a warning and which don’t.

Chapter 1

Seeing him from the stairs for the first time, I could not even explain the sensations that bled into the surface of my skin as he came into view. His eyes wandering around the entry eventually landing on me, the connection I felt was almost electric as my body locked up on my step. Eventually continuing toward my mother’s beckoning gaze, I could feel the pump of my heart in my chest as she spoke. “Olivia, meet Mr Lonte.” Walking obediently forward till I was standing in front of this tall chocolate haired European man, I could not bring myself to break his eye contact as mother continued to speak. “This is Lassa’s boyfriend.”

The man’s hand extending toward me, I almost blushed as he caught my own bringing it too his lips pecking softly at the skin on the back of my hand. My skin immediately itching, it made my insides squirm in the best of ways. “Noah please, it’s lovely to meet you, Olivia.”

“Noah.” His name rolling off my tongue, his smiled knocked the breath right out of me as I spoke his name aloud. The situation suddenly hitting me, it was in that moment that I realised what my mother had said. His smile brightening his face and making me want to return the pleasure, I pulled my hand from him abruptly as I hardened my shell preparing for Lassa’s presence.

Reforming my words sharply, I needed to make my escape and respect father’s wishes. “It’s nice to meet you Mr Lonte, I hope we can get along in the future.” Turning and heading for the lounge, I moved as fast as I could not delighted in the slightest that Lassa had returned home. Returned home with the most handsome man I had ever seen in my life. Never finding common ground with Lassa, we were never close. In fact, we could never even stand to be near each other. Father asking much of me, he made it clear a few days ago that Lassa’s newest plaything offered an advancement in opportunity business wise. In his exact words he said, ‘play nice.’

Always one to bring men home and show them off, it always astounded me as to how much she could command a person. All well trained, most were loyal dogs unaware of the chain she had securely around their neck. Though my father making my role clear for the first time in words, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to stay right out of this situation.

Lassa and Noah entering the lounge only moments after I, I watched from the corner of my eye as my older sister ran to my father like a child throwing her arms around him. My father clearly startled by her odd behaviour, he still did as he had told me. Holding her for but a few seconds, I could already see the state of disarray she left him in before he plucked her off and to the side welcoming Noah forward with a handshake. Lassa’s hand gripping to Noah’s arm with the suction of an octopus, I could not understand how the hell they had even met. Noah’s eyes roaming to my own a few times, I sat quietly on the edge of the couch careful not to wrinkle my clothing catching the eye of my mother interpreting her warning.

Turning away to watching something moving in the doorway, I inwardly sighed as my mother stood escorted Julian in by the arm. “Oh Julian, I did not even hear the door, my apologies for not coming to greet you.” My mother’s sickly sweet voice growing in volume, I inwardly cringed utterly unimpressed with the consistent push of me into his open and expectant arms. A smile and eyes that sent expectation my way, I stood upright as my lips moved dutifully.

“Mr Denton, how lovely to see you again so soon. It seems that you are fast becoming a permanent member of the family.” My words forced, I attempted to smile as Julian’s voice chuckled out in response.

“Please Olivia, call me Julian. I had hoped with us seeing so much of each other, you could feel more comfortable in my presence. Like you said, I intend for us to be family.”

Other voices sounding around us, I could not help but fall into my own little world as I found myself sitting on the edge of the sofa once more. Lassa’s claws digging into every person seeking attention as usual, I welcomed her distraction wanting to avoid this tedious dinner. A hand before me waking me from my blank stare, I looked up to find Noah standing before me. His hand extended to take my own, a sense of shock ran through me as I turned my head to search for Lassa.

Hey guys I hope you enjoy the chapter and my new story. Just letting you know if you wish to read ahead and support me further, Forced Love is posted chapters ahead on my Patreon and update


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-Vanessa Larson

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