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Forced Love

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Chapter 3 – Not Good

Sucking hard on my lips, I could feel the skin pulling over my cheek bones as I tried ever so hard to portray a composed expression and not laugh. A somewhat awkward silence spanning, even with a few attempted defusals on my parent’s parts, they found themselves in a precarious situation unable to separate the two or take sides. Also unable to insult either party, both men were from prominent groups. Clearly seen as key chess pieces, my parents did not want to squander them, but to move them around to their benefit. However, with the moments and animosity clearly growing, it was not long until my mother eagerly took over the conversation forcing them both into silence. Attempting to also keep both Noah and Julian at distance from each other for the remainder of the night, the feat was near impossible.

My mother so busy I could not feel her continuous gaze of expectation, I felt like for the first time in a long while, I could relax. Taking pleasure in the displeasure Noah and Julian both seemed to acquire in an instant for each other and the constant attention it pulled. Even my sister Lassa resigned herself from getting too heavily involved, that was after a few pointed looks and words from Noah. Treating her cold as ice, it was clear from her behaviour just how enthralled she was with the man, which continued to puzzle me.

Eventually turning to wine out of what I could only assume was her annoyance and embarrassment. Lassa continued to drink beginning to make a spectacle of herself as Noah appeared to treat and push her further from himself. My father at the end of his own tether eventually calling for a maid to put her to bed, Lassa was quickly pulled from view almost tripping over as she held to the maid. My interest in Noah only growing with the look of disgust on his face as he watched after my sister, I could not help but be thankful of his blocking of Julian for the entirety of the night in addition to the former. Since the first few words spoken between them, Julian seemed to have eyes for little else than Noah as he attempted unsuccessfully to win back his pride across the evening.

Finding myself in a dire state of tiredness after all the dramatics, I found myself asking for permission to be excused from my father using my obvious state as the reasoning. Much to my mother’s delight, she took the opportunity before my father even had the opportunity answer winding down the evening. Julian agreeing and walking with my mother to the foyer singing her praises for the evening, I still noticed the constant wandering of his eyes to Noah. Noah falling in step beside me, we paused by the stairs in the foyer as Julian’s voice streamed seamlessly. “Did you maybe have one too many Mr Lonte, may I offer you a lift home?”

“Oh no, Lassa and I will be staying for a few days I think... We are yet to really set a date.” Julian’s face contorting, even my brows furrowed as his expression displayed an anger and almost viciousness I honestly had never thought Julian capable of. His body turning and strolling with confidence to my own, I near flinched as he abruptly stopped right before me taking my hand and laying a kiss to the surface of my skin. Wishing me well and turning yet again leaving without so much as another word, I could not help but let my hand fall to my side wiping the area of my hand directly into my dress. Looking up to find Noah’s eyes watching the empty threshold of the door, my mother proceeded to run out following after Julian as I turned myself heading up the staircase.

Only managing a few steps, I suddenly found Noah uncommonly close as his hand pressed to my lower back when his voice sounded almost sweetly. “So do you think I could trouble you to direct me to a spare room Olivia?”

“Are you not sleeping with my sister?” My curiosity peaked once again, I did not feel disgust even in the slightest as his touch pulled back and he maintain speed beside me. His voice sounding once more, I could immediately hear the change in tone as his almost sweet words turned to that of distaste in his mouth.

“Not tonight, I have much work still to do. Though please show me where her room is so I may find my luggage in the morning.”

Remaining silent as we walked, I wanted to give Noah no more chance to excite me. I hated to admit it… But the man, he intrigued me intensely. Putting Julian in his place multiple times tonight, talking around my parents, and controlling Lassa for the most part who acted almost bewitched by him. He was a completed outlier to any man that I had met. The interest bubbling inside of me, I could not help but pay attention and feel flattered by his words and actions every time he came near. Knowing I needed to beat down the instinct, I took a deep breath to gather myself as we walked.

Stopping before a door, I spoke minimally as possible wanting to pull back for perspective before I was sucked into his black hole of handsomeness. “Here is a spare room, Lassa is just that door across the hall. There is an ensuite attached with toiletries. Turning to walk away, I found a heated grip of strength latch to my wrist as I felt myself pulled back into place before him.

“Thank you, Olivia.” Feeling Noah step into my body, my heart almost stopped beating as Noah clung to my shoulders gently before allowing his hands to slip down the sleaves of my arms stroking softly with his thumbs before latching to my wrists. “I look forward to seeing more of you in the future, sleep tight, Olivia.” His grip falling away from the point of my wrists, I found myself jabbed from all directions as swords almost ruptured my stomach from the sheer amount of panic and excitement that blossomed my blood to the surface. Noah’s body next leaning in next ever so close like he were taunting me and about to speaking again, I turned on my heels all but running for my door.

My head automatically swivelling back to take a look before I went in, I still found Noah in near the same spot watching me with interest clear in his eyes. Turning back my gaze in embarrassment I had never felt so dishevelled in my life rushing through the threshold. Holding my chest as I closed the door swiftly behind myself, this was not good. I knew this was very… not… good.

Hey guys I hope you enjoy my story. Just letting you know if you wish to read ahead and support me further, Forced Love is posted up to chapter 30 on my Patreon and is updated weekly


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