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The Sparks In-between

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Katelynn Moore never really thought much of herself. She was always the introvert type of girl. Never went out with friends and family, cause she was insecure about her looks. Which was weird because she had the athletic type of body, long sun kissed hair, angelic blue eyes that shone like diamonds in the sunlight. With a gentle, irresistible smile that only came out when she thought of him.

Ashwin Scheepers
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Chapter 1

Katelynn Moore never really thought much of herself. She was always the introvert type of girl. Never went out with friends and family, cause she was insecure about her looks. Which was weird because she had the athletic type of body, long sun kissed hair, angelic blue eyes that shone like diamonds in the sunlight. With a gentle, irresistible smile that only came out when she thought of him. Who is he? His name is Jordan Knight. Katelynn had a crush on him since they were in fifth grade. It's not hard to see why. Jordan was one of the popular kids in high school. Played quarterback for the school's football team, chocolate brown hair, hazel colored eyes that looks like crystals. Katelynn was head over heels with him ever since she first saw him in. That first glance he gave her, made her feel like it was love at first sight. It wasn't after 4 months that she realized he didn't look at her the same way she looked at him. Jordan only saw her as friend, nothing more. Little did they know that, in the near future everything was gonna change between them.

It was first of school and Katelynn was doing her last year. She got up out of her bed, walked towards to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror for two minutes straight and then gave one big sigh.
"This year is gonna be the best one yet, I can feel it," she told herself to give her strength for the day. She brushed her cleaned her face, brushed her teeth and put on a pair of spotted jeans and a oversized shirt. She got a pair of shoes out of her cupboard, took her about a minute to decide between her twelve pair of shoes, then eventually she picked the pair of black Vans.
"Honey, hurry up, we're going to be late!" Her mom yelled from downstairs.
"I'm on my way mom." She rushed downstairs passed kitchen table and just grabbed a piece of toast and an apple.
"Is that all you're going to eat?" Katy asked.
"Yeah mom, I'm not that hungry actually," she replied.
"Okay, let's gets going then, today is a big day."
On their way to school, Katelynn looked out of the window with a big smile on her face.
"Let me guess, you're thinking of him again, aren't you?" Katy asked.
"No, why would I be thinking of him?" She replied with a slight smile on her face. "Just because I smile doesn't mean that I'm thinking of him." Katy just laughed and she laughed back.
As they pulled at up school, Katy pulled Katelynn back and said, "just remember, you don't need to be in everyone's life, be happy you are in some peoples life. The important thing is that you make the best of it."
Katelynn had a confused look on her face. "Okay I don't know when mom became a lecturer, but thanks for the advice. Love you mom, see you tonight. I'm going to Emily's after school."

The first day of school was never easy for Katelynn. It's a day that something goes wrong and then it sticks to her the whole schoolyear through. For some reason this day was just different. She met up with Emily and the gang. Sophia, Julia and Alice were the rest of the gang. Katelynn, Emily, Sophia and Julia has been the best of friends ever since first grade. Alice came in when she joined the school back in the junior year. They went to go sit at their usual spot, on the pavilion just to watch the guys play around against each other. That's their favorite part of the school day.
"So you gonna tell Jordan how you feel about him this year?" Julia asked Katelynn before they even got time to greet other properly. The girls all laughed then looked at her while waiting for a response.
"What would it matter? He doesn't even look my way any more. It's like I never existed in his eyes." Katelynn replied looking around to see if she can spot Jordan anywhere near. He was nowhere to be found. "Is he even at school today?"
The rest of the girls also started to look around to see if they spotted him.
Halfway trough the first period Jordan arrived in class. Out of breath. A huge smile crossed the smile of Katelynn. One so big it was hard to miss. She couldn't hide that smile of hers. After all, it was Jordan. The moment he made eye contact with her, she flipped from the inside out. Instantly her cheeks turned red. She couldn't believe that Jordan was actually looking at her. He looked around for a place to sit and what do you know? The only open spot there was, was next to Katelynn. As he made his way to the desk, she flipped even more. It's one thing that she had a crush on him and now he is sitting next to him in class. Everything just felt so unreal to her.
The whole period through she couldn't focus on what Mr. Henry was saying because her attention was with Jordan. Every now and then she would look at him and whenever he looks back she'd turn her head faster than a meerkat does when it's in danger. It was after a few minutes that he realized what was going on. He just giggled to himself, then he started writing on a piece of paper. When he was done he handed it to Katelynn. Once again she had that confused look on her face. Alice, who sat behind her tapped her on the back and told her to take it. She wanted to do it but didn't want to seem desperate. Jordan winked at her and that totally caught her. She decide to take the paper. Looked at him in a temping way then opened it.
"At lunch meet me behind the cafeteria. Only if you want to."
The moment she read that, her mind went blank. She thought to herself, why would Jordan want her behind the cafeteria? As confusing it sounded to her, she couldn't resist. So she wrote something back and gave it to him.
"Temping but what's in it for me?"
Jordan smiled at the piece of paper then looked at her. He just nodded his head back and forth. For a while he sat with the pen in his hand then he decided to write something down.
"You're just going to have to wait and see for yourself."
Without thinking twice she licked her lips. Jordan saw that and gave a little giggle. Katelynn realized that he saw that and instantly felt embarrassed. The one thought she had been avoiding all those years came back after one letter. Could this be the day Jordan confesses his feelings towards her?
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